Divine Numbers for Passing Exams

M. Govindakumar

I was appearing for a competitive exam that consisted of multiple answer choice questions. The exam is known to be tough and is prone to offer misleading answer choices to confuse gullible students.

This 3 hour test really tests the mental endurance of the test taker. The test taker needs to be on his toes and cannot afford to get struck on any question since the time available for a question is less than 2 minutes.

I had prepared well for the exam but wanted to take the help of Balakumar to improve my chances of success in the exam. Balakumar asked me to chant 398 a day before the exam and to chant the numbers mentioned below, as appropriate, during the exam.

Since it may be difficult to chant these numbers during the exam, Balakumar asked me to make concentric circles as follows before the exam:


The technique of concentric circles can be extended to Bach flowers also i.e. writing the names of the Bach flowers in concentric circles. Parents can use this technique by writing the name of their children and divine numbers in concentric circles.

398 – For accessing Wisdom from the higher self, since this exam involved multiple-choice questions, students can get confused by tricky questions and by misleading answer choices. Many times, students doubt the answer choice chosen and even go to the extent of changing the answer choice. The number 398 can be hung in front of the studying student. The eye contact with the number will activate the higher self.

330 – For self-confidence

40 – For fatigue, since it was a 3-hour exam, there was every chance that I could have felt tired towards the end of the exam.

323 – For being in the present. Students normally make the mistake of worrying about the results even while writing the exam. It is important to focus on the current question at hand and to give one’s best than worrying about the outcome.

I successfully cleared the exam. I profusely thank Naran S. Balakumar and the divine numbers for divine and timely help.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. It is great to know that numbers have powers. These numbers which you have written in this blog do not appear in your angel numbers section . Are there more Angel numbers ?

    I have chanted some of the numbers. However, I did not see any visible effect. Probably this was on account of a Karmic effect. How do we balance Angel Numbers vis a vis a “Karmic Effect”. Can Angel numbers mitigate the Karmic effect ?

  2. naranbalakumar

    Everybody has a karmic effect. All of us are affected by previous karma. Let us not think that we have done something bad which is affecting the healing. This also should be released by tapping. What is Karma ? karma means Doing. let us not attribute any Bad element to it. We do not know what karma we did? But when the problems come the mind has a tendency to think whether we have done anything wrong in the previous birth. Making you think like this is the trick of the mind to fall into its grip. Analyze why we think like this. It is a Belief transferred to us. When so many talk like this, we are conditioned like this.
    Always have this in Mind. “I am not my mind. When my mind tricks me into any belief which hinders my progress, i awaken myself and detach myself from the mind releasing all the thoughts produced by it. When i am awake, Mind will be quite. Try any healing method with the openness. Let not your beliefs and opinions deter from using the healing techniques. All healing techniques are the gift of God. God wants us to improve further and further (more and more) spiritually, going farther and farther away from the mind.
    Awaken Rise yourself from the slumbers of the Mind. Let your soul guide you.

    You have commented that these numbers are not working. All the healing techniques are dealing with energy. Mind is nothing but a field of bio-magnetic energy. When one technique can work for all, there will be only one technique for all healing. We should understand that one technique may work for so many but may not for some. If one technique is not working for us, we have to find some other alternate healing technique and find out which is working for us. You may be fascinated by one technique and still wanting to use that which failed you. Thinking that the technique is not working for me is Resistance and we have to heal this resistance. For overcoming any resistance, one should use tapping. Even though, numbers are not working for me, i accept myself and choose them helaing me (or working for me) you can also form another statement, Even though numbers are working for others and not for me i accept myself totally. By this tapping one can release the Resistance to any healing method. Resistance is nothing but the expression of the mind. Tapping only can release the resistance of this type. Once your attitude changes, the same technique will work for you. Resistance is formed by these thoughts only, and release each and every thought through tapping. Tapping is a good mental exercise to dwell deeper into one’s own mind. It loosens the grip of mind over us.
    Best of luck. Naran.

  3. Thanks a lot for your beautifully putting across the tricks of the mind vis a vis “Karma”. The Key I guess is in killing the mind which is the biggest challenge we all face.
    I have found that the Tapping in particular has been extremely effective in releasing the conditioned mind and let the mind ‘BE AS IT IS “. So is the case with some of the Flower Remedies I have chanced to experiment with.
    Probably, the mind in the instant case was conditioned to an expectation of the result in a shorter period of time between between Chanting of the Angel number and expectation of the result which resulted in its forming an opinion of the remedy being in-effective.
    Shall certainly working on releasing the resistance of the mind in a healing technique.
    Thank You,Ramesh

  4. yes as you put it rightly, there is always a war going on between the soul and the mind. For people like us, mind is the winner. let us try till last and this perseverance to understand the mind itself is a spiritual journey. It is only a journey without the destination in sight. Only god know it. Everyday let us surrender to God to keep us awake. HARI is the one nama of naranyana, which can burn karmic effects on our life. – Again this is to mention that it will help us make sharper in observing the mind. Everyday morning, when you wake say “HARI” SEVEN TIMES. similarly in the night say HARI seven times.
    just chanting this nama can lead us to peace.

    • Tapping really helps one to get out of a particular pain or emotion immediately. One should to do it to really experience the freedom from a pain or unwanted emotion. This helps even when we want to get our work done or wish fulfilled.

  5. Sairam…

    can the angel nos. mentioned here can be chanted by me and my fly members. If yes…is there any specific method to follow.

    i just saw the angel nos. and chose what is reqd. for me and started chanting. Need ur guidance.


  6. you can do. there is no specific rule for that.

    • Hello sir .I given exam in this march April fr railway and patwari post …wt should u I do for select in Marit list n select in interview got job.thx…reply soon plz

  7. Its a wonderful god sent site.

  8. Sir,i want to get my husbands affection .his mother has seperated us .nw i am alone at my moms house.due to his mom he is nt caring our 8 mnths baby also.i am nt happy at al for past 1 yr.my inlaws are demons sir.i am in distress.could you please help me out.

  9. Vidya
    Do the forgiving exercise for your husband and m.i.l.
    I vidya forgive you ……(insert your husband’s name)
    You please forgive me . say this 200 times daily.
    for you mil too.
    write in a piece of paper Waterviolet jelly fish willow walnut and see this paper often and keep it under your pillow while sleeping.
    chant HAM YAM RAM VAM LAM daily while sleeping. chant this continuously till you sleep.
    pour all your complaints, emotions in a sheet of paper and without reading it burn it once you complete one full A4 page.
    The second day pour again your feelings thoughts about mil eltc. and burn it. Do this till you feel that there is no more to write.
    come back after 10 days. and tell what happened.

  10. One more request sir.my inlaws shd be taught a lesson sir.for dat my husband shd listen to me only.becoz dat much i have been killed by them every secd from d day of my marraige sir.kindly say a remedy for dis sir.

    • do that first. then i will tell you some technique by which you can change your thinking. vengeful thoughts and actions will never help us. Instead we will attract same type of people.

  11. I m nt having any vengence sir.my mil is such a person sir.first my parents n relatives dint agree dat she is a cunning lady.later they all saw her .dats y sir.i want my husband to be my side.dats y sir.

  12. Hello NAmashkar!
    NAranji which are the Numbers for fullfilling our good wishes comes True.With switchwords DIVINE-ORDER which number is to be applied to make things done..and how many times ?Kindly reply.Thanks

  13. divine order itself will make things done. Unless you specify what you want i am not in a position to help you

    • Hello NAmashkar !NAranji i Am asking this for my Sister’s son who was dyslexique he couldnot finished his 10th standard.But he is Antuestic to do Mödling Acting He wants to come As A Model but not getting any chances.. His Parents wants him to get some job but he wants to become a Successful Model- actor as he has good physique.Hence i wanted to know What Is the DIVINE number and Switchword for fullfilling All good-wishes come true . .
      Kindly reply.
      Thank FTRRS

  14. CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE REACH DIVINE MODEL Ask him to chant this around 1000 times. whenever he finds times he can do

  15. Dear Sir NAranji NAmshkar!
    Sir My Sister has asked if she can chat these words behalf of her Son…..As she is concerned for him …In case her son doesnot chant she likes to behalf of Him .And Sir where after wish word to Add His NAme In Switchword you have given.CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE REACH DIVINE MODEL …Sorry sir of lack of knowledge in SW.Help me Sir. Son’s NAme is PAritosh

  16. ftrrs
    mentaly keep the person in your left palm. keep the right palm about 18″ to 20″ away from the left hand. Go on chanting the switch words, bring the right hand slowly steadily towards the right hand and finally when it touches the left palm. end the chanting. Thank the person and say,”please go back to your place”. Thank the switchwords.

  17. Thank you sir. Sir again one more question regarding Angel number…One of the queries reply you have suggested Number 520 for marriage..miracles happens and have suggested to give colors to number 520 5-green,2 orange and 0.in black colors is it for for every reason or just for marrige. and regarding every numbers suggested by you in Angels Number what are the colors for each numbers accordingly? Kindly throw some DIVINE-LIGHT on it sir.
    I find this very helpful.Thanks a lot in advance.

  18. ftrrs
    Thank you. i will present this in a separate article. The colour suggested is for 5 2 and 0 – universal.
    But here green colour will initiate communication. Orange is for joy and enthusiasm.

  19. Sir,
    I’m appearing on 2nd of nov. In c.a exams.sir I have not been able to clear this exam before n is giving again……I really want to pass this time.sir I’m very desperate pls suggest some remedy or chants as u hv helped others

  20. . Anjali,
    write this number 398 as in the blog and keep it with you

  21. Naranji namashkar

    Sir what are more divine numbers with colors…. And for making children listen n obey their parents……!!!!!!! My friends son’s haresses. Their parents kindly help.

    Kindly reply

  22. ftrrs

    ask them to chant HOLD DIVINE

  23. Anjali

  24. Hello Sir Naranji
    Is there any more angle numbers other then you have in your blogs.
    and what are they from where do you get all this numbers, informations.I am just intrested to know no other reasons.
    I thought this subject very intresting.hence asking .
    I find your site very much helpful….I get good result by chanting ,Reach,Divine On.etc How fast does your guided Switchwords,numbers, bach flowers,Animal spirit wisdom ,gems etc etc Works..
    If a man has Knee pain Left Knee what is the remedy if you combine with All your work effectivelyDoes it give fast results from person to person or everyone gets same type of results.If anybody is in belif with her/his religion what are the Other MAntras other then Hindu MAntras
    Christain would pray His /her mantra, Muslim would pray His/her If anybody is that religious can he use your guidence with English MAntras?i;e; Switchwords,bachflowers,animal,colors,gems AllAnd How to do it if doing for oneself and for others.?Kindly reply sir.Thanking you Lot.

  25. SNM
    visit other pages of the blog and you will come to know about it. Visit mantra pages and know your answers. visit switch words pages and you will know.

  26. Hello Sir Naranji
    Are there any more Angel Numbers ?In your site there are only few specific Angel numbers .What are the Angel Numbers to get right direction in our life.If suppose anybody goes in wrong path what Number Switchwords would be applied for such person.Many time we also dont know between right and wrong so for such cases what DIVINE number should be chanted.
    kindly reply i am intrested to learn more on this subjects.

  27. SNM,
    for not going in the wrong path switch words can be used.

  28. Hi,

    Right now I am working with one good reputed e-commerce company since 4.5 years,from the inception of the company. Putting much efforts and skills. Wanted to have good earnings. How to increase income and position in the company? Please help me to achieve good results.

  29. take the flower remedies waterviolet oak gentian three pills of each three times a day. these are bach flower remedies available in all homeopathy shops.

  30. ruchirpandya
    these flower names are switch words only. chant them or write them

  31. Thanks a lot Naran. I will definitely chant this

    Great help you are doing to people.
    Would like to know more on this which can help me in achieving this

    Ruchir Pandya

  32. Dear Naran Sir

    I happy to read this blog and got many information which i can share with others who need them. Thank you for this blog.
    Sir, my twins sister going through exactly the same problem as Madam Vidya, can i suggest the same forgiving exercise and the rest what you wrote to my twins. Furthermore she is 6 months pregnant. What she can chant for this baby.

    Thank you sir.

  33. Chadra Jobai
    during pregnancy she can listen to BACH FLOWER CD.
    ask her to write LALITHAM LAMBODHARAM

  34. Hello Sir,

    398 great number with the circle techniques. For my son, it has helped. He had done his exams great he says. Earlier he used to feel lazy to work on his studies. But no bounds at all. He is all the tiem happy to complete his studies. Waiting fo rthe results and I am pretty sure, he wud have got good results. Also given to 2 other students in SSLC n PUC students with the Ambika mantras. Once they get there results, I will share the results here.

    Thank you sir again.


  35. Dear Naran Sir

    I am chanting for my son Ambika Mantra and did the circle for him for the exam. Exam results are great. Good score 7As for all the subjects.Hope he will score for the Final government exam in October the same.
    Did for daughter the same score average as i can see she didn’t prepare with 100% . She feel restless and laziness. What should i do for her to do more better for Mid term exam which will be more tougher. Always complain lazy to go to school.

    Thank you so much

  36. write 398 and keep it under her pillow.

  37. Dear Sir,

    I am Kamakshi. Married before 7 years. Till date no happiness in married life. Child has not born. Facing many problems in life. Not only in married life earlier also. Getting everything after many struggles and hardwork. Please suggest some remedies for giving birth to child and getting happiness in married life and all my genuine dreams and ambitions to get fulfilled.

    Thanks in Advance.


    take the following bach flower remedies one by one. Dont mix.
    Olive to get easily.
    Mimulus for a friendly atmosphere.
    Holly to align with your husband.
    Mustard to get child
    Sweetchestnut for Divine grace.
    2 pills each three times a dayh.

  39. Respected naran sir, I want to learn fluent spoken English.which no. Or switch word I chant.pl help.

  40. chhaya mehrotra,

  41. Respected Naran Sir,
    I really need your help for my miserable situation. On surface it looks good..i live in US and came to do medical residency (post graduate training) . I pass all my required exams and thought i was successful , but for the last 4 years i could not get residency training ..i dont know the reason why, maybe discrimination, maybe something else…nowadays doing petty odd jobs and the laughing stock of my family and in-laws
    please teach me the right switch words to turn my situation around and help me find a residency, my life is so purposeless now. thanks in anticipation,

    • andwhynotisay
      chant SWEET CHESTNUT CHESTNUT BUD WILD ROSE ROCK ROSE daily continuously for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. For 21 days.

  42. Respected Naram Sir,
    thank you SO MUCH for your reply. I will begin the chant immediately….
    Also I wanted to know for my daughter: she is in college to become an engineer (in second year now). Can you advise me on energy circles/written prescription for her as she will probably not remember to chant. I want for her academic super success and getting a job. She is going to work with a good company for 10 weeks in summer..I want that they should like her work so much they offer her a job.

  43. andwhynotisay
    Write WATERVIOLET HOLLY MIMULUS in a piece of paper and ask her to keep with her. Before going to the office, let her read this once or twice.
    write 398(for studies) in a piece of paper and keep it under her pillow

  44. Naran ji
    My son does not want to continue engineering interested in other field but my husband is pushing him to do so .my son feels pressurized.at one point his father is right because he wants to see him settled .when I listen to my son I feel he is also right in his point because his interest is in different field.now he shares his feelings with me if I will react in same manner he says me you are also like papa pushing me to do engineering.
    Please guide me.


  45. Saber a
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE over a glass of water and drink this water yourself. give this chanted water to your son and husband. do it daily

  46. sir,
    i am 20 years old and i am doing engineering as i entered the college everything was good, i was happy though i knew i was surrounded by fake friends and mean and selfish people i thought what do i have to do with them as everything was fine but after an year or so they actually ruined my social life. i didnt talk to anybody in college except a very few and went into depression and due to that my health deteriorated my blood pressure started remaining low all the time, got pimples all over my face, blood reports showed low protien and a weak liver.
    i thought if i start remaining happy it will all do. and also a brahmin suggested me to wear an emerald + a coral which actually helped me as i gradually started coming out of depression and also i learnt not to trust people as they can stab in my back but my health problems are still the same.
    low bp, weak liver, pimples, low protien
    the thing which is actually lowering my self confidence are my pimples
    please suggest something

  47. CHANT larch crab apple 100 times OVER A GLASS OF WATER AND DRINK THAT WATER.
    you will regain confidence

    • i want to take up gem remedies so that my health also improves plz suggest which ones to have
      i want to take blue sapphire in particular as i have some dental issues, headaches etc. can i take them? as i am wearing a red coral??

  48. tanu,
    you can take the pills

  49. Dear Sir NAranji NAmashkar
    Kindly suggest flower remedies for Sinus my daughter who is 26 who often get sinus and due to sinus fever comes .give me remedies so that her sinus problem does not come again.DIVINE-THANKS

  50. fltrrs,
    we have one remedy called sinus balance. you have to get it from the centre, by writing to yogashobana@yahoo.com

  51. can we write 2 or 3 angel numbers in a concentric circle? If yes then how? Do we have to make more concentric circle and write each angel number in each of them? Or should we draw entirely different circles.

  52. shuchi,
    one issue one number.

  53. dear Naranji
    Pranams, i’ve twins a girl and a boy studying in 10th std and is preparing for exams. both are average students however would like them to get more marks. they’re already preparing for exams. they need more concentration/ memory to achieve that. kindly suggest your valuable tips for this.

  54. jayapraveen
    chant SLOW CARE 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to children.
    write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  55. dear naran ji
    for the past 17 years we are suffering from finacial crises. ifn there is an inch of imrovement a mile of misfortune occurs. There is no money at all. please help us to overcome this situation .

  56. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am going to apply for MBA Entrance Exam. (GMAT).
    Pls give me some advice to study well and score high.It is really imporant for me.
    I am planning to go for the test next Month.


    • shiva,
      write 398 slow care in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      chant mustard pearl chestnutbud over a glass of water and drink it daily

  57. Dear naran sir,
    please help me..
    i belong to a poor family. I passed 12this year. Since i couldn’t pass medical entrance exam last year, i had to do drop 1year for self study as i don’t have money for coaching.
    This time i am going to give medical entrance,engineering entrance and also upsc railway engg(42seats).
    I wanted to get selected in these exams with high marks. Please help me what to do. I am preparing right now MYSELF. Please say me what to do. If i write the 398, then how should i do as the total number becomes 8-9exams. Should i make 8-9 different 398 papers with circles? What easy words should i chant and for how many times and when.
    Please help me any tips/technique of yours to crack these exams with good rank….
    (all the exams have negative marking for wrong answers and few seats are there)

  58. pranam sir,

    I need your help…
    I am a final year student… my exams are from next Wednesday.
    i did my preparations but i know its not enough as since this is the final year I want to score very good marks.
    the reason of my lack of preparations is my state of mind…….
    I keep on thinking about my future… means I visualize me as getting a good job…and everything set as i want in life….!!!
    it all started when someone told me that whatever you want just visualize them…. feel them like you have it and you will have that ….. so from there… i started visualizing… at first it felt very good… means due to family problems i used to be very depressed… but visualizing the good future i started feeling relived…
    but now… this thing has been really addictive…i used to do that when depressed and dejected…but now when i sit for study.. my mind automatically goes there… I dont study… my mind like to imagine and visualize my happy future…
    its like a automatic shifting of my mind… i know there is only me to blame for my situation but i feel like helpless…i am not able to control my mind… i know i need to study or else what result i’ll have to face….i know that but i am like helpless …….
    and now a days its getting even worse… its like there are two “me” … one wanting to study and the other not wanting…. every time there is duel going inside my mind…thoughts are very fast…. and I ma not able to control them…and then headache starts…and the result is such that i am not able to concentrate on my studies at all….
    By god’s grace and blessings till nw I dont have any backlogs … but this time i am nt sure of passing even……… please sir help me…. along with passing the exam i need to score very good marks..as this is the final year…..!!!

    please sir help me…. get out of this situation….

    i want to pass this exam with very good marks…… please help me..

    • sumi,
      This is the problem with all of us. instead of concentration on things on hand, we always think about future our wants and spoil the work on hand. Take the flower remedy scleranthus whitechestnut walnut Vervain, each three pills four times a day.
      write 398 pink Tourmalin in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      You take the remedies and start preparing the exam.
      if the remedies are not available, chant the above names 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water two times a day.

      • thank you sir….
        my exams have completed but not enough for scoring good marks…. kindly please tell me how can i ensure that i pass the exam and since its my mistake i was not able to control my mind
        i know i wont get to score what i wanted…..
        but still if there are any mantra or anything by which i can increase the the chances of passing the exams with good score then plz tell me…

        also about my mind … i didnt get the remedies but i chanted it on a glass of water…. it gave me relief to some exten… now there is no duel… going inside my mind.. but as soon i sit for the exam i cannot concentrate…. properly…. plz guide me in this regard also……
        thank you..

  59. Because of some reason during exam i was writtin very bad but if i get fail my parents wil never believe on me even we r poor in this situation they r paid lot of money for my engineering please suggest wat to do i thought to lev home and die.


  61. hello sir,
    I’m in U.S preparing for my medical licensing exam.My grasping power is kind of slow which i need to improve. I have my exam next month which is multiple choice pattern for 7 hrs .I really want to do very well and a get a high score .


    • Gowri,
      to improve the grasping power chant MUSTARD OAK DIAMOND 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      write slow care 28 times in a notebook. make a poster of slow care and paste it in front of your studying table.

  62. Sir.
    I am planning to take an exam next year 2014. what will i chant to help me study and pass the exam with flying colors. Please help me sir

  63. Faye,
    chant gentian larch slow care

  64. sir

    i have 2 pass in the exams i had written 2 weeks before. please help me

  65. C.Maheswari
    chant gentian together divine

    • sir

      my husband’s father had died when my husband was 5 years old. my father-in-law has 3 younger brothers and a sister.
      my husband’s grand father had some properties. his properties are shared by their other sons only. they didn’t give anything to us. we are having rights but they are not ready to give. we are in need of it. please suggest me a solution sir

  66. i had given my nursing exam.. it is my second atempt . this time i want to clear the exam . my parents have lots of expectations from me. please sir suggest me

  67. muskan,
    chant gentian larch honeysuckle together divine

  68. I depend on my car as my main transport, what should i chant so that it doesn’t give so much problem on repair or service, no unnessary breakdown (i consistent sending for service) and show our gratitude.

    Thank you.

    Love thanks divine

  69. CJ,
    thank the car daily, even when it is under repair. When you send the car for service or repair, with what attitude or mental state, you are sending the car? Release that mental state and thank the car

  70. maheswari
    TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES CHICORY HOLLY ROCKWATER PINE WILLOW. put the pills in 200 ml water and take that water six or seven times in a day.

    • Sir thanks a lot….
      A number of my friends had borrowed money from me and they are giving it back to me..whenever i ask for money they only give reasons for their delay……So Plz help me to get my money back….A sum of 2lakhs is outstanding money…….

  71. Sir
    i am giving my bachelors 2nd year exams again. its a re-exam as i failed. this time i’ve prepared well but am afraid of being unsuccessful. should i write 398 in paper as mentioned above and chant the number or is there any specific way for me…please help me sir. i am in dire need of your help.

  72. Naran sir,
    I have an exam on 31st March.I am appearing for many times but yet not able to clear it. I was a briliant student but dont know now whats happenening with me, why I am nt able to clear this exam. Sir, I am very much depressed now. Please let me know what to do Sir.. I have to clear my exam this time. Please help me. Waiting for your reply.

  73. Rihaan
    chant gentian wildrose hornbeam

  74. namasthe,
    I am a female suffering from psoriasis, almost baldness, PCOs,,please suggest me some remedy to overcome the diseases also, my marriage is delayed.Whenever there is a proposal everything will be alright, but at the last moment either I say NO or they say NO..pls help me…I am fed up of my health and marriage issues and sometimes think of ending up my life..

  75. help seeker,
    take the flower remedies agrimony crab apple sclerlanthus impatiens

  76. I had a huge financial business loss 6 years ago. Now after 6 years also I’m in the same financial situation with NO money & HUGE debts.

    I started my business once again, but still not getting enough money to pay even routine expenses. I’m the only child of my parents and my business is the only source of money in the house. It’s hard to live the life. I do all the marketing & things for my business, but still not getting any clients.

    There are some good opportunities came to my way now. If I complete a Diploma course related to my business, it will help me to Re-establish my business, clear all my debts and make my parents & myself happy. But for that I need quick money to do that Diploma course.

    I have the source (my current business) to bring that much quick money.

    • abhishek
      take the flower remedies elm oak hornbeam

      • Pills or Liquid ? Need 3 remedies into 1 Remedy or want 3 separate remedies? What is the dosage, for how many days you want? and what is the frequency, How may pills or liquid to take per day ?

      • Dear Sir,

        I completed a month today (30 days ) of taking the elm-Oak-Hornbeam-Impatince ,etc flower & gem remedies suggested by you. I tried all the switchphrases, chanting all lalitha mantras, flower remedies chanting, etc I’m listening Abundance CD since 3 & half weeks. Still not got any money.

        I’m fade-up of not seeing any results in my money condition. Don’t understand what to do ? when will I get result from these flower/gem remedies and switchwords ?

        I’m not seeing any hopes and strongly feeling to give-up all these things. But I want money. I’m very confused. Everybody is getting results of your switchwods for money, business & other things, then why not me ?

        PLEASE HELP.

        • abhishek
          your hopeless state and “why me” thought will prevent you further from achieving what you want.
          Write Gorse willow in a paper and always keep it with you

  77. hello sir,
    with your blessings I have passed my exams .
    thank you so much sir…!!

    i need your help again sir… this is with regard to my friend…for the last two semester she is not getting good results… last semester she had a fracture just few days before the exam so she was not able to clear all her papers…. but this semester she did worked hard….
    but still she is not able to clear 1 paper out of 5… and the result of 4 papers are yet to come .

    what can she do so that she can clear the rest of the 4 papers whose results will be coming in next 7-8 days….???

    plzz guide…

    • tuli
      chant gentian together divine

      • sir she has failed again in one paper out of the 3…….. result of one paper is remaining…..
        she is applying for reassessment ….. plz tell me what can she do(angle numbers, bach flower remedy , switch word) so that she she get passed in the reassessment……
        this is very important regarding her career.. plzz help..!!!

  78. tuli
    give her sweetchestnut gorse

    • she needs to chant this..???

      • sir by your blessing’s and the powerful bach flowers she has cleared the exam in reassessment…… its like a miracle as no other from her class had cleared in reassessment …. thanks a lot….
        still result of 1 paper is remaining ….. plz bless her..!!!

  79. Dear Sir,

    It’s 15-17 days now.
    I’m taking Elm-Oak-Hornbeam-Pink Tourmaline remedies pills.
    Drinking water with switchwords given by you.
    Chanting switch words by putting ‘willow-release-resistance’
    Created that Circle with my name.
    Doing Acceptance Mudra and Vitality Mudra for 20 minutes each everyday.
    Found some affirmations on internet and doing that also everyday.

    But still there are no results after 15 days. Am I doing anything wrong ? I do all the things in a day with full faith. At the end of the day I get disappointed. Next morning I again motivate myself, and do all the stuff with full trust. But still after 2 weeks now , instead of giving you some good success news, I’m asking you here for more suggestions.

    I’m not feeling impatient or desperate. But within last 15 days I was expected at least little improvement in my earnings. I don’t understand what’s going wrong. There are some emergency money requirements such as house rent, routine expenses, debts, etc. my last date of joining course also has gone. feeling like helpless & crying

    Is there something I can do ? PLEASE HELP.

  80. Dear Naran,
    You’re awesome. The best. Just finished my first exam and was super good. One more to go. Need your blessings for exam.

    My grandmother (91 years old) is having an eye disorders. Tears keep falling from eyes and eye-sight is fading day-by day. We’ve consulted a doctor. Doctor said it needs a bit of laser beam surgery to clear her eye sight. We will definitely do it but if there is any way for quick healing the eye sight. Any Mantra she should chant or any procedure for the eye sight problem.

    • ayush
      keep a picture of diamond under her pillow.
      chant gorse agrimony gentian 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to her daily

  81. Bhavya Mohan

    sir,pls suggest good mantra to activate my brain…i’m very good at studies but can’t pass competitive exams. and also i feel very lazy sometimes even when i want to study.pls help me

  82. bhavya mohan
    Take the flower remedies hornbeam scleranthus gentian larch each two pills three times a day

  83. pranam sir,
    I have given my Final Semester exams…. As this is the last sem I had a target for securing Distinction ………. I have written my exams…….. please suggest me something so that i fulfill my target and I dont get less marks…!!


  84. do u have to make different circles for different bach flowers in circle technique. e.g. if i’m using the comb willow + Rockwater+ walnut, then should i

    1. draw a circle write the name of the person then draw a circle around it write willow. draw one more circle write name of the person and then r.w. in the circle around it? three circles here

    just write name of the person and draw concentric circles around it n write names in the gap . here one point circle

    thank u for ur divine guidance.

  85. Dear sir, It’s near about 2 months now. I’m still there. Some inquiry showed up. But they didn’t buy anything from me. I’m hoping for good.
    I’m doing all the swtichwords with Drinking Water. Listening Abundance CD also since more than a month.

    Do I have to change any remedies or switchwords or something else ?
    Thanks !

    • abhishek
      what was given to you? what is the situation?
      anyhow visit this posting also

      • Dear Sir,
        due to business loss, I’m i debts since last 6 years. financial position is weak. I’m the only child of my parents. I’m doing the business. I want to EARN money to restart my business. Pay my debts. other routine expenses such as house rent, etc.There is one Diploma course, I want money foe fees of the course. After completing the course, it will help me in my business to earn money and fullfill my wishes.

        Before 2 months, you gave me switchwords TOGETHER-FIND-COUNT-DIVINE, then ADJUST-CHANGE-COUNT-TOGETHER. Also gave me flower remedies to Hornbeam, Elm, Oak, Impatience and Pink tourmaline to take 2 Pills 3 times a day for a month

        I did all of that. Put willow-release-resistance before switch phrases. Chanted it 100 times over glass of water. chanted these switchwords for more than 10,000 times. I didn’t lose hope. I found another switchword on your site MUSTARD-FIND-COUNT-DIVINE-NOW-ON. and now I’m chanting that.

        After chanting this switchword some customer inquiries showed up, but none of them buy anything yet after a month passed.I also done Acceptance Mudra and Money Mudra. Also listing your abundance CD since 1 & half month.

        What should I have to do now, to get money for the diploma course, house rent, EMI of loan, routine expense ?

  86. Sir I am having today one competitive exam Starts at 1315 to 1600 Hrs please suggest me any mantras to success , As i have tried many exam but not success please

  87. Dear Sir,

    This is Abhishek. It’s more than 3 & half months passed now. I’m doing all the things you advised (switchwords, abundance cd, flower remedy pills, animal guide photos, likihita japam, etc). But I’m still there with no money in hands.

    Is there anything I should change ? or what should I exactly do now to ACTUALLY Earn money, to become debt-free, to grow my business ? Please guide. Thanks.

  88. respected sir…
    im a science teacher in govt school. few students in my board 10th class are very weak and will not be able to clear the exam in my subject except if god himself write their paper.
    What should i chant for these students and how can i use circle technique for many students simultaneously.
    plz help.

    • Thinking about them chant the Ambika mantra.
      And chant separately, “SLOW CARE 398 TOGETHER DIVINE”

      Write in the inner circle your school or class name. And in the outer circle, “SLOW CARE 398 TOGETHER DIVINE”

      • thanks a lot for quick response…..
        In inner circle can i write details like “subject- science, class-IOth-b, session- 2013-14,exam- Ist semester, date- oct Ist week” and then in outer circle writing “SLOW CARE 398 TOGETHER DIVINE”
        Hope it works…thanks a lot again.

  89. Dear Guruji

    Chanting to energise water using ceramic cup, glass or plastic bottles which will absorb better energy and best.

    Hope i can get clear answer to do the effective way of chanting.


  90. Dear Naran sir,

    Your chants have always blessed me.Please suggest me some chant .. i am going thru a hell i reached US but have my comptetive exam in July on which my whole future depends or else i’l have to leave this country .This exam means a lot too me ..not just for my fiancial job but also to prove my parents and give them happiness.i have not been able to give them anything in life.this exam is where everyone’s hope is on .I really do’nt wanna disaapoint my parents.Please help me .


  91. sir,
    well i am good in my studies,but nowadays i can’t concentrate well,i dont feel to study.what can i do to get 85% above in my xams

  92. my mother has severe knee and back pain,,what can i do for her??

  93. i have rented a house in chennai for my girl education, but somehow i cant stay in that house, felt depressed and guilt and curse myself ffor relocated to chennai with fear. also its 3 floor, no lift, and the neighbours tv sound nuisance and i amnt able stay in that home. but i like that location (becos her coaching classes n college is nearby)and apartment and prefer if i get a home in 2nd floor of the same apartment becos my cousin is in the 2nd floor feel secured…… presently my mom is taking care of her….. but my mom and my daughter feel comfortable except the neighbours nuisance……. my girl is v disciplined accomataded and good in studies……… i want to be with her for the next one or 2 years till she finish her course successfully……….. please advice…..

  94. sir my daughter is going to appear for mbbs entrance exam, plz suggest some tips which will help her to get more than 60% in all her exams and help her to get admitted in any govt medical college in bangalore

  95. Sir. My name is viven and I need ur help…I have sat for my a-levels exam twice and I failed in both of them. I took 3 subjects. Law, bisnes studies and economics. I failed in biznes n economics…Im going to reseat the exams for the third time on this year Oct/Nov…I really need ur help..pls guide help me to pass the subjects..Show me ur guided…

  96. Dear sir,
    I am suffering for my job last six month.I am not getting good job till now.I am so worried what should i do to get good job

  97. Sir for 10 years of service in the govt but still i have no chance of promotion due to i have no eligibilities. I have wanted so long to pass the civil service exam, but still dont pass it. Sir help me what angel number for me and what word that im going to chant. Tnx ! And more power.

  98. My boyfriend is need of a permanent govt job…he is trying a lot but he is not getting job anywhere.. Pls suggest me dat I would chant for him

  99. I completed my diploma before year but I had some backlogs pls suggest to clear all my subjects dis time

  100. Sir i am an computer engg. student currently in the 3rd year……i want to study and get good marks and also a good job after i pass out……but my concentration level is quite weak….i have strong ambition but i get distracted and then i feel lazy………Sir can you please suggest me some remedies to increase concentration and also retain that what i have studied during exams….
    thank you

  101. sir i have my SAT exam tommorow its mcq’s based of 5 hrs . im giving this exam 2nd time. i want to score the best . plz help me fast

  102. Dear Naran,

    I have been trying to pass very tough multiple choice exam for nearly 7 times now. I only have 1 more attempts left. I study very hard but when I look at the questions to the multiple choice answers I get confused. If I do not clear this before end of december, I will lose my job.

    I have already tried drawing concentric circles with “398 SCLERANTHUS” under my pillow 4 starting 4 days before my exam. I also chanted the Ambika mantra and chanted “SLOW CARE REACH” but still failing.

    I am desperate now.. Please help.

  103. Sir I am preparing for IAS exams. In my first attempt I dint clear. Nw in august i ve Prelims exam. I wish I shld get IAS this time. I feel tired wen I study& my studying rate is slow. I lack self confidence. Help me to get success. Suggest me mantra and angel numbers..:-)

  104. I have written a government exam. i want pass the exam and get teacher job. help me with chant.

  105. Dear sir,mera ph.D entereds exam ka paper h 22 fer ko me usme pass hona chahti h plz koi rasta dilhaye plzzzzz sir

  106. plz sir koi to marg dikhaye,me bahut pareshan h

  107. myself dr.Manjri Gupta not able to clear general medicine post graduate exame,please helpme

  108. parvathy mohan

    ji i want a job ,please advice me which mantra i have to chant

  109. parvathy mohan

    ji when i chant the mantra of ambika annaddi nidhana ,i passed the medical exam ,but even after getting the licence also im not getting a job,i m financially in a big trouble,please help me to get a good job ,pleaseeeee ji

  110. I found this very intetesting naran ji. Im desperate to get govt job. 2 times i have missed the chance in govt job. Wat to do. Tell me something which helps me getting the jobb. Please sir

  111. Dearsir,
    Pls do help my son who is doing his first year B.tech has not cleared his exams. He is very lethargic and never believe us. kindly direct me to get remedies for this.

  112. pratiksha Asthana

    Sir, i love a boy name mohit asthana he loves me too but his muma n sister don’t want our relationship so we broke up with a big fight now he sacred to ve ib relationship becoz in our past we both never understand each other but now i can understand all the things, he loves me but when he think our future he remember the past and i want to continue with him n don’t want to lose him plzz help me to get my love back in my life as my husband.

  113. I am studying inBA 4th semi to get 90% what I do?

  114. sir, iam unable to get good rank in eamcet i scored 93% in my inter bipc i completed my long term also i get head ache reading physics plz help me for this n also i feel discouraged when there are 10 more days left for exam i cant revise my brain deviates i cant revise what all i have studied i feel my life is ended its my biggest dream to become doctor plz help me soon ur suggestion is precious to me sometimes i cant recollect some things in exam hall but later i can recollect though i dont feel tensed plz hep me

    • Namaskar guruji…

      My name is swati. I m studying LLB and doing c.a at time but i m failing again and again…

      On 1st June i had my c.a in that i m having multiple choice question… I want pass that exam can plz help me guruji….

      On 16 the june i had LLB exams… Still i m not prepared for both exam…
      My family members want to clear both exam but i m not concetration on studies… I m getting bad things on my mind plz help me for both exams… I want pass all subjects….
      Plz guide me guruji…
      Thanking you…
      Waiting for ur reply…

  115. Harpreet Kaur

    Namaskar guruji,

    My name is Harpreet Kaur. I have IELTS Exam on 13th june 2015. I am preparing for Australia visa. I already gave this exam three time but fail to get required bands. I need your help. please suggest what to do because my career and hope of all family members depend on my result.

    Please reply me.

  116. Sir , my sisters son Rohit has appeared for 12 class mpbpc in Bahrain but did not pass since 2years he is completely depressed he is going to write again in July 12th final exams can u help him to anyhow pass 12 th class domain this July sir he is not getting concentration while studying and forgetting answers no stability more anger pls urgently gives remedy sir very dejected

  117. rupanshi dhiman

    help me in pmt exam

  118. sir my name is vandana
    i have my exam on 20/6/2015 at 10:30 to 1:15(objective type) please help me.i have failed in many exams. i have studied well but m afraid. plz help me


  120. Sir, I’m Richa and I want to provide a good life for orphan or street children. In order to do so I’m trying to establish myself first. my plan was to start a boutique bt everything I planned was either postponed or totally messed up. After lot of problems I finally managed to start a shop with whatever stuff I was having then. Nw m nt able to sell a single piece for last 4 days. Also m not able to think how to reach to the desired destination i.e costomised garments manufacture who nt only working for herself bt providing jobs to others too and finally able to live my dream of giving ppl a life they’re worthy of.

  121. Sir , I want to get government job very soon which mantra and divine number I should use for it.plz sir suggest me.

  122. Dear Sir, I am a working professional and also trying to complete my professional exams, some of these exams I have taken many times but have always failed. My profession is actaurial science and these are tough papers, for the last 3 years I have always failed when I have written the exams.
    Can you suggest me some numbers or chants that will help me pass the exams.

  123. Plese help me sir reaply me sir

  124. Am engg student sir i want to get more marks means i need distingtion sir but what to do sir i cant get distingtion wt to do sir

  125. Sir please reaply me sir please

  126. Sir why not to reaply me sir reaply me help sir

  127. Hi
    I am worried for my upcoming competitive exam which I have attempted almost 4 times but fail to clear plz help me to clear dis December

  128. My son Shreyansh Nanda is intelligent and read books a lot of economics, bussiness studies higher and eloborated then his course books and lacks concentration and no interest in his school books n always tierd. He has his 12th board now so how as a mother i can help him so that he takes interest in his studies n score good marks.

  129. Anjana bhattacharyya

    Sir, I have given my semester exam .it is not so good.sir what I need to do to get good result in this exam??please reply??

  130. Sir I m studying in MSc zoology final yr. I was the graduation topper n gold medalist inmy BSc exams. But I m on the verge of loosing my 1st rank in MSc as I hav not scored enough in last 3 semesters to get 1st rank. I hsv only 1 semester left and need to score 90+ in 4 papers and 80+ in rest 3 papers to cover the marks. Plz suggest me something as my mif term tests wil start from feb nfinal srmester xams from april.

  131. How to chant 398

  132. How to chant 398 powerful.mantra

  133. dear sir,
    first of all thankyou as you are providing very easy remedies. I want your help iam going to appear in my govt exam next week and i am doing currently m.tech.plz suggest me what do so i can clear that exam.should i chant ambika mantra and write 398 on the piece of a paper.Plz help.

  134. Dear Sir, I write in gratitude for all the selfless support you are doing to the society…1. I have not had any growth /promotion in my career in the last 5 years, in spite of completing several certification and being fully eligible. Please guide what to do…2. My child is in 9 th now. She spends a lot of time with her book but her marks does not sync with her effort. How can I help her score well in the studies.

  135. Hello sir,,,,

    I want to pass in my CA final exams?? What to write in energy circle..,please guide

  136. Hi, do I have to chant 398 like ‘three nine eight’ or should I chant it as ‘three hundred and ninety eight’?

    Thank you

  137. Dear Sir,

    My sister is trying to clear one of her back papers. It has been 3 attempts but she is unable to clear the same. Also there is one professor of he’s who is trying to pull her down by making her fail in that particular subject.

    Requesting for your help.
    Thank you in advance

  138. Hey am Sukrati, I had given competitive exam for post graduation on 28/09/21, just a few days later the result is going to come, that’s why I am very much worried that how will my exam result come, because the exam went well, That’s why please tell me some solution so that my exam result will be very pleasant and I should take admission in reputed government university immediately, Already I am too late to take admission that’s why, it is very important to pass in this exam, this is the last chance for me.

  139. hello sir. m so much confused in my carrer and two of compettaive exams is also coming. sir please guide me to be selected in those exams.

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