My daughter has to study well!!!

Mrs S.

I was reading your lectures on Bach flower remedy. I have one doubt.

When we use Bach flower remedy, do we need to take the flowers physically or we have to chant the names of flowers.

How can I learn flower remedy?

My daughter is having problem in studying maths.  How much ever explained she is not able to understand the question and she makes mistakes.  She is in 6th grade.


You can write their names or chant them. In addition, especially for chronic situations, if a problem has persisted for a long time, then it would be good if take them physically.

For your daughter, take a glass of water and chant MUSTARD for 100 times holding the water. Give that water to her. She will understand the subject. Do this daily.

Mustard is one of Bach Flower Remedies.

Write her name in a piece of paper. Draw a circle around it. Then draw a second circle around the first. Inside the gap between the circles write 398.When she sleeps keep the paper under her pillow.

When she studies, write SLOW CARE in a piece of paper and hang it in front of her.


Slow Care:  these are switch words. It will help you to study or do things with care. Remember here, wise people are slow in action and the quote “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.

398: is the number for wisdom. If the paper is kept under the pillow, then the energy of 398 goes into her head, while she was sleeping over the pillow.

Mustard: where there is darkness, it brings in light. Here ignorance is darkness and understanding is the light. “Unable to understand” is the key word for Mustard.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I have been reading your website for the past few days and I have got to say I am truly astonished at the results I have had via mudras and mantras. I am writing to request your help.

    I seem to invite jealous people into my life in abundance. As background I am a very forward moving and confident woman but nurturing and loyal if I do say so myself. I have been taken aback several times by the things so-called friends of mine have done. I’d like your thoughts for proactive that would help me correct whatever I am doing that attracts this. I would like to preserve long term supportive happy friendships! Most recently, I have also noticed that I, myself am becoming more and more suspicious and jealous of women who associate with my boyfriend. I know there is a lack of trust but really I have no reason to doubt him. I know this mentality and the behaviors that follow have the power to destroy my relationship. Please help!

    Thank you so much for all the work you are so generously providing. It is so much appreciated and no doubt has an incredible impact.

  2. Naran Sir,

    I eat raw rice every day at regular intervals. I am trying to stop eating raw rice but am not able to stop this habit.

    Please sugeest me bach remedies which have to be taken and for how many months should I take these remedies.

    • take the flower remedies WALNUT CHERRYPLUM SCELRANTHUS PINE – three pills of each three times daily for one month

  3. I have just come across your website and find it very interesting.
    I notice that your reply to a question from a reader whether angel numbers can be used for marriage – you have asked to try the numbers.

    How exactly should one go about it?

    May I know what specific number one has to recite for marriage? Is it 520?
    Does one have to recite it stating “marriage 520 or just the number alone?.
    Also can one just write this number and if so, whether one shld also write the word marriage next to it?

    If you could give some idea as to how one should go about it, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanking you.


  4. KJaya,
    When one goes to a hopeless situation, 520 will work. just chant 520. it is enough.

  5. Thank you Mr. Naran,

    For chanting 520, does one say it as five hundred and twenty or five two zero?..

    Please pardon my ignorance, but I’d rather confirm and recite the right way instead of just guessing.

    Also how many times should one recite VALLABAM, GAJAANANAM, EKADHANTHAM for marriage?

    Once again, thank you sir. I know this website is helping many people now and will continue to do so. And its all due to your selfless work.
    God willing, I hope I can attend your courses some day.


  6. Kjaya,
    Whiever way is convenient , you can do. write it on a paper and go on looking at it. in addition to saying five hundred twenty. Write 5 in green ink and two in orange and 0 in black.
    Vallabam is a very powerful mantra and for chanting mantras there is no time limit. just chant and sink into the vibration. Enjoy the resonance. Reciting should be done with involvement. If you do so, each and every organ each and every cell will enjoy and chant along with you. Chant the mantra without expecting any result. Expectation will dapen our action. Chant with full faith and this faith will carry you to heights, as per the divine will and order. just accept whatever comes.

  7. Need switchwords to remove stagnation and find the right direction be it further education or a satisfying job.Have not really worked in the past and over 20 years gap in educaton.

  8. Sona

  9. I have just come across your website and.i am 28 nw.delayed my good propsal coming .i am very much upset.plse suggest solution for me

  10. shamya,
    Be in chin mudhra and release all your present emotions and thoughts. chant i release my desire to get married.
    Be in the heart Mudhra and say, “i release the unknown past memories that prevent me from getting married” .
    Be in the Vital essence (hara) mudhra (Right hand thumb touching the tips of little finger and ring finger while the left hand thumb touch the tips of middle and ring fingers).and chant ” I release my resistance to marry and I love myself totally”.
    Be in the vitality mudra and chant ” TOGETHER LOVE BE NOW”
    Be in the pushan Mudra and chant “THANKS. release resistance CHANGE NOW.
    Be in each mudra for 12 minutes.

    • thank you sir
      chant how many times
      how many days
      i dont knw these mudras .but defenitly search for it in google
      one more thing i have to tell you
      today @7pm i lost my ear ring out of my house
      financial crisis always

  11. yesterday night i kept no.58 paper under my pillow i got ear ring today @7am. is it the magic of no 58?
    no chanting only no.58

    • Sir, my daughter is a student of class ten. She is good in studies but while solving sums in maths makes errors like copying question incorrectly or mix the digits or change signs. Please guide.

  12. guriji my son is preparing for inter 2nd year ,at the same time he is worried for exams not confident ,very restless and tention as a mother what can i do for him ,his exams are from march7th get good percentage what should i do guruji .kindly help.

  13. friend,
    give him the flower remedies mimulus larch rescue remedy

  14. now my sons 3 exams are over i chanted ambika mantra he is telling he did better in these exams. now another 3 exams are there he is finding it very diificult to study can u please suggest me some mantra so that i can chant on behalf of him. his results are on 28th march he is in 7th std

  15. anni,
    chant SLOW CARE over a glass of water and give him

  16. sir,
    i have no concentration to study.
    i like to improve my communication skill but not getting concentration
    so it decreases my confidence level…… so stick on my old job thats not goog job…..buti like to study a course for a new job.plse suggest me a switch word for ths

  17. Sir,

    I had written an email to you about my daughter and son. I am yet to receive a reply from your side. Will be grateful if you please help me. Thank you very much.

  18. from past three years i am writing C.A exams but, i am not passing by loosing little marks and my health is not at all good from past 5 years. will you please suggest me how to overcome my problems? please email to

  19. hello sir, help its urgent please sir please help

    i am a dropper applied for improvement exam need minimum 90%(more is required if possible) in board to come up with flying color in my jee since board exam score were also consider for all india ranking
    my exam are over and chances of getting 90% or more is less (according to my calculation) please help me suggest me some remedy and also I want to give my best for coming exams I also feel low sometimes and unable to concentrate on my studies please suggest remedy for lack of confidence i also got distract during studies and qualify competitive exam with flying color. I want to make my family proud of me .(since taking drop it was against my parents will they use to tease(tana) me that right now your 1st year was complete if you obey us) also help me to control my sleep, my sleep became enemy of mine i use to sleep 12 -14 hr during day which is not good and also my marks goes in negative in past test and exam (if sove 5 ques generally 4 goes in negative)
    I want to be a true devotee of maa saraswati i do not want her to accept me the way i am. wanted her help & support me to become belong to her.( maa ka kabil bana chati hu) with my hard work & your remedy. hope I will give you a good news till august if come up with flying colour. I also want to share with you I also want to teach children after joining good college also give me blessing to being a good, creative ,strict but not cruel teacher as sometime it is difficult to explain something to children don’t know I will teach for free or not want wanna give my best to them so that they become good citizen
    sorry for all this story actually need someone to talk and use to speak so so so so much hope you will not mind about this please mail me @

    • also tell me appropriate way to do it.since my father don’t believe in all such(chants and divine power) things he will not allow me to hangs paper on my room and also under my pillow is there any alternative method to write the no. in my personal diary or anywhere like that so that no one able to know about it . only i am able to do is chanting but i want its best outcome.

    • please also help if i have appeared for a competitive exam and waiting for result and also preparing for other exam i have to chant for result and for upcoming exam separately since i am applying for 4 more competitive exam i have to make as many circle for as many exam is it also applicable for my mock test please help

  20. Hello,
    My sis is doing CA from past many years, but not getting clear in th exams.
    Her name is Hetal
    Also suggest any remedies for getting married.
    Please do the needful ASAP………..

  21. Dear sir,
    I have read your article and would like to know about some remedies for my son. He is doing his first year He is very lethargic in his studies and secured low marks. He hadn’t cleared his papers.He never listens to my words and always be very harsh towards me and my husband. Kindly suggest some remedies for me.

  22. Sir am engg student i want to get distingtion in this sem means 5th sem and comming sems also sir please help me sir give me mantra for me sir beg u sir please sir help me sir am comming in poor family sir i want to get distingtion in every semister sir please sir help me sir
    My email id.
    Please send me sir iam waiting for your reaply sir please sir .
    Am msging u more times but from your side not reaply sir this time am confident sir u reaply for me please suggest me sir please

  23. Sonali Srivastava

    Hello sir…sir I am pursuing bcom, plz tell mantra to score 75% to 80% in graduation nd I want to do Mba from IIM A, plz tell mantra for it nd mantra to clear CAT with great percentile, nd I am very short in height, suggest mantra to increase it as well….plzzz sir…plzzzz

  24. Hi Naranji I am so happy to be connected to you.Want to discuss some of my problems

    • Having lots of financial problems.How to come out of it.Daughter is not so good in studies.Doesn’t listen to me.What to do……please help

  25. Sir do reply for my question.

  26. Sir, my daughter is a student of class ten. She is good in studies but while solving sums in maths makes errors like copying question incorrectly or mix the digits or change signs. Please guide.

  27. Hi can you please help me
    I desperately need help for finance and relationships

  28. Sir, my son is not concentrating for his academics and bit hyper too. How to get him relaxed and listen. please guide.

  29. splitupsyllabus

    Hello Sir
    I read your flower remedies If we have not these then what should we do.
    My son is in class 10th he can’t understand and memories the chapter it is very short time please get me some mantra and remedies except any medicine..

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