Help my relative get a job


The angel number 398 and switch words helped my relative a lot in passing out a very tough exam. Everything was going systematically i.e. 1st phase/2nd phase.

But now the third phase i.e. interview date which was fixed by them has been postponed and has not been re-fixed yet. It has created some fear / confusion amongst the qualified people about future. How to come out from this situation? Could you please advice?


Chant “GENTIAN, SCLERANTHUS” for them.

Anita Vij

Sorry Sir, out of 6 shortlisted candidates, only 3 candidates have been called for interview on 14th Jan.2011. My relative along with other two candidates has missed the chance. They have qualified the two tests out of 80 candidates. I feel very sorry for them. Don’t understand what to do now.

Naran, your guidance/advises are still like boon/blessing to me.

Anita Vij

I’m writing after about three months. By divine grace, my relative has now been promoted after clearing all the departmental tests again.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir Dr.NAranji
    Sir I want to know what my sister should do for her Family’s peace and Harmony…her two sons are big enough to get Job but they are troubling her and everytime asking Money ..She is working…. She wants her both Son to get proper Right Job…and Have peace with in her family.Kindly guide me to tell her the remedies which can help her Find Divine help.
    Thanks a Lot ;

  2. Farida
    Ask her to chant violet flame change divine order

    • Thank you Sir.God Bless you.

      • Respected Sir Naranji
        Kindly reply how many times and when should my sister chant these words for peace and harmony”Violet Flame Change Divine order” and also i would like to know can anybody also chant these words for anybody,or behalf of ?I have so much to ask you Sir i find this Very Good to know All About your Site.

  3. she has to chant for most of the times. anybody also can chant for somebody. Before chanting just say within, “violet flame heal so and so”sand start chanting.

  4. Dear Sir

    Me and my husband want to move to dubai so he is applying for several jobs via email
    pls help us to find a good job for him there so we can live in peace please

    Kind Regards

  5. pls Sir Naran
    i am waiting for your answer he is already passed the first interview and he is waiting for the second one then the final answer, what we can do that he get the job and sign the contract??

    help us please sir, i am begging you Sir


  6. Dear Naran,

    I am very interested in learning more about numbers. Will you be writing more about this topic?

    Thank you.

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  7. vijayasaraswathi

    Dear Sir,

    Can I chant no.66 and 22 to get conceive. I have married before 10 years and not yet conceived. undergoing treatment also. please suggest some nos. to get conceive and I want to give birth to a boy baby in particular. please suggest some angel nos. for the same.


  8. vijayasaraswathi
    you cannot are a female or male?
    Hang a picture of Rabbit inyour bed room.

  9. vijayasaraswathi

    Dear Sir,

    I am a female. Yes, I will chant.


  10. sir i tried calling on ur response…can u please tell me when to contact u..i have even mailed u..please reply….can i please know ur consultation fee..i need some guidance very badly..waitin for ur reply

  11. Hi Naran Sir,

    Im totally confused about deciding my career path.Im BE graduate but not sure what next whether to move into software line or Hardware or some other path or a different field …..everyone is advising me to do what makes me feel happy which i donot know……..i seriously donot know sir……dont know in which field i would be able to shine and excel………if i did know i would have followed that path religiously….is there some way to find this out sir……what should i chant that will guide me to select the right path for my career at this juncture…..i dont want to make any hasty decision in this regards…..i really want to figure out the path that will make me successfull and not end up doing a wrong decision…….kindly help me Naran sir.

  12. kavitha,
    Take the flower remedies CERATO GENTIAN HONEYSUCKLE 2 pills of each three times a day. buy these from any homeopathy shop. dont touch the pills by hand

  13. hi,i am joshila want an angel number &how to do it procedure to get good job & beautiful wife for marriage

  14. joshila
    first try to get the job.

  15. Hi Naran G

    I have been very desperately trying to get a job from past 1 year.I am still working with my first company and now want to move ahead in my career.AI get calls frquently and the interviews go well but there is always some problem in the last stage due to which its not converted.Very recently I have got a verbal committment on a new job which I really like but no written commitment yet.Can you pls help with switchwords in my situation?

  16. Hi, I stumbled upon your site looking for specific angels to remove obstacles and circulate monies for nursing school and debt. Can you please give to me # angels to perform to clear up obstacles and change my finances? Also, I am from the states and not exactly sure how to perform the chanting and how to use the angel #’s. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Also, my mom is in dire need of a job. What #’s do you recommend? Thanks!


  17. lana
    write 69 daily 21 times

  18. I posted my problems but have no idea how can find the answers.

  19. Hi, mr Naran sir, my husband has got into problems with the law n police. He has been accused by a girl at his part time work place of molest. This happened in Dec last year. He didn’t tell me abt it. Now it has gone to court. Pls give me a remedy so the girl will with draw the case. My husband gets overfriendly with people. Have spoken to him many times. This is first time such thing has happen. Really desperate. Sleepless! Tq.

  20. Sir,I’ll appear for final exam.its starting from 20th September 2014 till 25th spetember and I’m very nervous…couldn’t stdy bacause of nervousness…my subjects are English (20Sept) journalism (22sept) history (25Sept) I’m finding journalism and history very tought… will greatful to you if you help me out. thanks you.

  21. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  22. hello naran ,
    m quite impressed with the angel no. technique. of healing.. wanted some remedies for my luck.. i hv been trying for competitive exam for so many years.. dis yr was my last attempt.. m dipressed as m again getting a feeling of failure dis tym as well in the one of the important exams.. kindly hlp in gettng the success in the same…

  23. My son MAYANK scored 80%in 10th board exams and I want him to score 100% in class11&12th CBSE as there is so much of competitions he is refusing to do any mantras so what can I do on his behalf

  24. Respected Sir,
    I have tried a lot in previous month to get a job in software company,but still not getting any job,pls help me..its urgent..i lost my all hope..

  25. Pls help me to get campus selection

  26. Hello Naran ji,
    I am without job for past 3 yrs. I was working as an IT project manager. I don’t know whether to be in software line only or move to another line. I need a good job at the earliest. Please help me and suggest a remedy.

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