Miracle Marriage

K Jaya

I have just come across your website and find it very interesting.

I notice that your reply to a question from a reader whether angel numbers can be used for marriage – you have asked to try the numbers. How exactly should one go about it?

May I know what specific number one has to recite for marriage? Is it 520? Does one have to recite it stating “marriage 520” or just the number alone? Also can one just write this number and if so, whether one should also write the word marriage next to it?

If you could give some idea as to how one should go about it, I would greatly appreciate it.


When one goes to a hopeless situation, 520 will work. Just chant 520. It is enough.


K Jaya

For chanting 520, does one say it as five hundred and twenty or five two zero? Please pardon my ignorance, but I’d rather confirm and recite the right way instead of just guessing.

Also how many times should one recite “VALLABAM, GAJAANANAM, EKADHANTHAM” for marriage?

I know this website is helping many people now and will continue to do so. And it’s all due to your selfless work. God willing, I hope I can attend your courses some day.


Whichever way is convenient, you can do.

Write it on a paper and go on looking at it.

In addition, to saying five hundred twenty, write 5 in green ink, two in orange and 0 in black.

Vallabam is a very powerful mantra.

For chanting mantras there is no time limit. Just chant and sink into the vibration. Enjoy the resonance. Reciting should be done with involvement. If you do so, each and every organ, and each and every cell will enjoy and chant along with you. Chant the mantra without expecting any result. Expectation will dampen our action. Chant with full faith and this faith will carry you to heights, as per the divine will and order. Just accept whatever comes.


Is it for every reason or just for marriage? Regarding every numbers suggested by you in Angels Number what are the colors for each numbers accordingly?


I will present this in a separate article.

The color suggested is for 5 2 and 0 – universal. But here green color will initiate communication. Orange is for joy and enthusiasm. Black is for creativity.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir!
    oflate iam becoming prone to accidents .what switch word should i use to be careful?

  2. alamelu,
    waterviolet impatiens

  3. Hello sir,my husband and I loved each other truly but due to some reasons (mainly in -laws) we got separated.he blamed me for everything and stopped contacting.he also adopted unfair means to make me surrender.after that he stopped contacting me.pls suggest a remedy that he get courage to try and solve things genuinely and not by threatenings.
    Thank you

    • collstar,

    • Hello sir,I followed ur advice of chanting chicory holly willow pine together change divine order for my problems with husband.he contacted me after chanting for 2-3 days .there is some improvement in his attitude but blaming tendency is still there.so problems are not getting solved.i m chanting 200-300 times daily

      • cool star,
        do the forgiving exercise. stop your blaming.
        chant the above over a glass of water and both of you take that water.

        • Thank u sir.i have started doing forgiving exercises.i can’t give him chanted water as we live separately.but can I chant by writing his name on left hand?
          Really looking forward to your reply .

          • Dear sir,
            I am doing chanting throughout the day and also forgiving exercise.he still goes to other people,holds me responsible for everything and pities himself continuously.even if I directly ask him to meet me he does not respond but he tells other people that he can’t live without me.should I do more of forgiving exercise .will that help.due to his approach of involving other people I am going through social turmoil in addition to trauma of separation.
            I trust your advices pls help

            • Sir as per your advice I m chanting chicory holly willow pine for myself and my husband.i also sometimes add please forgive together change divine order.he has stopped taking unfair means to get me back .but he is totally silent.i heard from friends that he is terribly missing me .sir is there anything more that I can do so that we can start a positive life? Which can make him more considerate towards my problems and needs
              Pls reply

              • coolstar,
                use the universe energy as the messenger. it has been published in one of the main pages

                • Sir I am taking help of universe energy to send my messages to my husband.i also learnt EFT and now I tap while chanting.this has removed my depression.i feel v.fresh whole day.
                  Sir there are some people who are gossiping a lot about my personal life and my marraige problems.i feel v.disturbed with this?can I chant anything to prevent people from gossiping about me.
                  Sir I have kaal serp yog.i think from age of 19 my problems are repeating every 3rd year.very similar problems have come.similar defamation,relation problems.what else should I do to make my life stable?
                  Thank you for all your help.

                  • Cool star
                    do EFT for gossiping also.
                    for repetition of problem, do tapping Even though my problems get repeated i accept totally.”
                    Then in the second session, make a statement of what you want.
                    Even though i accept myself totally i choose to be free from……

                    • Sir I am doing the chanting chicory holly willow pine together change divine order and also EFT for my marraige problems .there have been some positive signs but things are still not moving forward.he is silent.when I contacted him he remained silent then he involved other people to solve our relation matters.its a long time sir,I am following your advices regularly.should I add release resistance to above chant?although I want to save my marraige I am still unable to forgive him in my heart fully for making me suffer so much?is this the reason for this delay?

                    • Cool star
                      WHEN you are unable to forgive him, cant you understand the resistance. Do forgive from the heart. it is the ego which is the wall in your life. If forgiving can change your life do it. If thanks can change your life do it. if loving can change your life do it.
                      Touch the hearts of all with these mantras of heart. FORGIVE
                      LOVE THANKS.
                      If you resist to do it, any chanting will never help you

  4. Dear Naran sir,
    I have a chronic anxiety problem which has decreased a lot after chanting om namah shivay but not completely gone.it hampers my daily work and sometimes relations too.what else should I do.
    Congratulations sir for doing such wonderful service to society

  5. rIYA,
    CHANT aspen walnut rescue remedy as many times as possible

    • Sir I also want to mention that I got great help with switch word “reach” which I read in your site during my entrance exam.it also helped me to find my misplaced certificates.i always benifit from Concede clear centre find divine love together whenever I have conflict with anyone.thank you so much!

  6. Hi Naran Sir,

    I happen to come across your website and found it helpfull.As mentioned in the blog im chanting 520 and Vallabam mantra for marriage.One of the family members have said that the boy will visit us this saturday 10th sep to see me in person.What should i chant Sir for the guy to accept me and culminate in marriage without rejection.Also have a doubt ,while chanting “Divine Order” to find groom do i mention marriage or think about marriage.Eagerly awaiting your reply Naran Sir.God Bless.

  7. kavitha,
    chant gentian beech walnut sweetchestnut 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. write them in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  8. hello,
    am a student..whenever i sit to study i was distracted..its not that i was lazy,but somehow couldnt concentrate how much ever i tried..as a result havent done well in my exams..pls help me pass this time..pls pls pls

  9. Dear Naran Sir,

    Im 30 yrs old female n m facing problem to get marriage proposals bcz of ma age n smtimes due to caste problem….in d beginning everything seems to b normal n den suddenly i get a negative response n things dont work out well….i need your help…please tell me d solution…i want ma marriage to b settled within dis month wid a good n a decent boy of ma choice…..all dis while i hv been getting proposals bt none of dem wer of ma choice n so i kept rejecting proposals……..please help me to solve ma prb

  10. Sir ,I have been chanting chicory holly willow pine together change divine order and also done forgiveness exercise with mudra.i have been chanting for 2 and a half months.finally things are changing.some close friends told me that my husband is realising his mistakes and repenting.he is gradually realising his family’s
    Part in all this.he has become very compassionate towards my suffering and is planning to approach me and start a positive life.thank you sir for all your advices.i will continue chanting till we again become united.

  11. hello sir,

    I am seeking your guidance again..I was in a relationship with a guy for around 6 years..he was a very genuine fellow..when i was with him..everything was good.. but parents started looking for guys for my marriage..i put forth my wish to get married to the guy to my parents..in a way i knew all along that it is difficult..coz he is not financially stable and there are caste issues..more than that my parents feel i will not be happy and love will fly out of air when it comes to adjustments in his family.I agree to it too.I am feeling really guilty for all this. Why am i responsible for hurting him? I am stuck..I love my parents ..i want to do whatever they say..I am not convinced if i can live with him..and he blames me for being so ‘money minded’ when I dont ‘mean’ to be like that..I am just looking at things practically..how will i keep him happy if i keep complaining about adjusting in his way of living? even if i get married to some other man..how will i say that i left someone becoz he was not financially stable? I feel really sick and selfish for doing all this.. i havent got a closure..i dont understand if my decision is right? I have hurt him so much.. it will never keep me happy in life..

    PLease suggest me the way forward..as you would to your daughter..

  12. Radhika,
    take the flower remedies pine honeysuckle two pills of each three times a day for a month.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I am not getting married, worried lot, please help me what remedy to get married soon to get a well educated, well settled a lovable person of my choice?


  14. dear sir,

    recently i hd gt a proposal ….he said ok….but wants to talk to me to knw me better….n den after few weeks he jst sent a hello message online tht’s it ……..he hv’nt shown mch interest in me till now….he sent a message sayin he wz bzy…..hw to mk him propose me within a month?……i want him to b truly interested in me wid true feelings

  15. Sir

    I am in love with a boy but his parents are not agreeing for our marriage.They neither say yes nor say no to my parents but just keep on delaying our marriage date.Whenever my parents talk about marriage they make one excuse or the other.Please help

  16. Dear Sir,

    As per your advice m chanting i am sorry please forgive me love thanks divine everyday….n after chanting i hv realised tht he is nt interested in me n so i also stopped showing him interest…..m chanting waterviolet together now done regularly so tht i may get a gd n a decent guy soon…..is it ok? o i hv to chant sm’thing else? please advice

  17. naranji i am writing this for one of my friend who is in love with a girl working in the same place and they both are living togehter for the last 1 year. but my friend is already married and has a kid who are staying in india. i want him to get out of this relation by himself and go back to his wife and children as early as possible. i advised him so many times to get of this current relationship but he is saying he cant because he is deeply love and emotionally attached to this girl and thinking of leaving her itself makes him feel as if he is going to die. please give me some switch words to chant so i can do it for himself to save his and his wife s married life for that kid. he is planning to go to india in 2 months to marry this new girl and i dont want him to do this because i know his wife and child they will be all alone. Please help me for this naranji.

  18. minny,
    dont ask about others. why do you want to interfere in their life? Has the wife asked you to help? or does the person say, “i want to get out of this”
    If they come out, why do you judge others lives? dont poke your nose in anybody’s life. You are under misconception, that you are compassionate to help others. This is not the way.

  19. Dear Sir Naranji
    In Answer 301 in other blog which says blog is FULL….you have written “”chant BANGALADESH IS A COUNTRY OF VIOLET FIRE. IT IS THE PURITY OF GOD’S DESIRE.
    Visualise a spring of violet flame engulfing the country, chant this as many times as possible.
    Thank the violet flame before and after chanting.””Likewise if we want to do the same procedure statement for Family where everything lacks For good health wealth ,happiness,prosperity,love harmony how to affirm?Can we say Our Home is residence place of OF VIOLET FIRE. IT IS THE PURITY OF GOD’S DESIRE.
    Visualise a spring of violet flame engulfing the country, chant this as many times as possible.
    Thank the violet flame before and after chanting’ Kindly reply sir for benifit of ALL.

    • Farida,
      make it short it will be easy for you.
      my home is a home of violet fire; it is the purity ofGod’s desire.
      you can also say once before chanting, Violet flame i thank you for transmuting every unwanted energy into light and love

  20. Sir

    Please give a solution so that a person find their true soulmate and get married to him/her.

  21. AASHI,
    There is no soul mate.

  22. Respected sir,

    I am a married women (3 years of marriage).its a love marriage.we knew each other 6 months before marriage .my problem is that he is not physically attracted to me.we do not have intimacy between us.its the same since marriage .if i knew he has this problem i would have never married him i have asked him to go to dr many times but he refused,he says he loves me ,but why cant he see my pain,i tried talking to him about it.but in vain.since our marriage its like we get physically involved once a month or once in two months that too it seems he is not interested on top of that my in laws don’t behave properly with me(they don’t stay with us).is their any remedy so that he will get physically attracted to me and have normal physical life.please help me,it is very frustrating.i get a feeling of leaving him ,but i love him,but to stay together their should be some intimacy between husband and wife,i want him to understand what i am going through.he went to a dr 15 days back got medicines but is not taking them,he says he never gets this feelings and nothings come in his mind,so he cant do anything about it,please help.


  23. anushka
    write Rockwater holly hornbeam 51 times daily

  24. Dear Sir,
    Any remedy for ladies can do for removing Pitru Dosh and to please pitru’s to get blessing from them.
    We suffering lot nothing but hell no good things are happening all getting delaying, no marriages, no good carriers, financial problems, health problemsenemy problems no helping hands, feeling loneliness.please suggest some remedies to remove pitru dosha.

  25. Respected Sir,
    any quick remedy to get married soon as per my choice i.e, a well educated, well settled guy with kind hearted person, loving & caring with clean habits. my marriage is getting delayed very upset sir.

    to get a good job & highly paid job. please give me quick solution bcoz totally upset, dipressed cant explain my problem suffering the hell sir. unable to face the people.

    to get good health in my family all are suffering from healthy problems, financial problems, enemies problems. we are feeling lonliness please sir, suggest us some good & powerful remedy for this problems.

  26. dear sir,
    my marriage got fixed everything was ok.and mine is a second marriage.now suddenly the person (bridegroom) is not showing any interest.he is not picking up the phone when we call.if he picks up he says just wait dont be in hurry.my marriage date is june 12th.
    i do know what to do.pls help me sir.day by day i’m getting depressed out of this situation. i’m not able to explain my emotions to my parents too.pls help me sir.

  27. Helloji
    Sir I am married. I love my hubby truly. And he too. We are love married. Sir before my marriage a flirt guy flatterd m and ditchd me. That is over nw and was the worst part of my life wen I was in my teens. One of my ex’s frnd is now teasing my husband and torturing us. Sir I don’t want dat my hubby shuold knw abt my ex affair. Sir please tell me any soluion to save my marriage.

  28. madhura dole

    Hi I want know which no is lucky for having successful marriage and colors and lucky angels which will assist me in having married happily forever

  29. madhura
    chant gorse larch

  30. Dear sir,
    any remedy to get good job quickly that any one can do?
    and for good health?
    Please reply sir.

  31. Dear Sir,

    Me and my BF both want to marry each other asap. But due to intercaste his mom and family are against it and so the boy is emotionally blackmailed not to go for our marriage, please suggest some number to overcome this hurdle.

  32. Helloo sir,
    I completed one year of my marriage. But due to fights we are staying separate. I love him a lot and want to stop my divorce. From past 2 months he has not contacted me. He is also blaming me for everything. I love him a lot and want to save my marriage.please help me.

  33. Dear Naran,

    Good evening. Hope you are doing well!

    I met a guy through matrimony. We love each other and even agreed to marry. I also met his family and everything was going fine. However, due to some financial and personal problems, he refused to get married. Please help me with a suitable switch words which bring us together forever and helps in my early and happy marriage to him.

    Regards.. PK

  34. Uma Mageswari S

    Sir, I am searching daughter in law. But not able to find. Please what to chant and i can chant behalf of my son.

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