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  1. Greetings Sir,

    I came across your website today and found it very helpful for people seeking solutions to their problem.

    Problem:- Sir I have a visa interview on 25th October 2012. I have applied for a schengen visa. Kindly let me know if there is any sloka that i can recite/ number to be written on a paper to help me succesfully pass the visa interview.

    Sir I would really appreciate your response at the earliest as there are only couple of days left.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Leena Kumar

  2. leena kumar,

  3. Greetings and Blessings, my past 7 years relationship is over and since I met him I thought he was the one, but over everything we broke up in a terrible mistreating way. I don’t really know now if he is the one for me now, just because I was trying to deny that feeling so I won’t suffer anymore. I want to find love and marriage, I know every other thing in a way comes easy to me, but love is a thing that I’ve putting up a lot of attention to since I was a kid.

    Please I would like if you kindly send the angel’s numbers link to my email and help me with my previous explained problem.

    I’m really new at this so I don’t know how to do it or the steps, but I have a lot of faith.


    • Mar,
      chant gentian heather

      • Kind Sir:
        He is not talking to me at all, we don’t have any comunication. Sometimes I ask myself where is the love? I know his friends don’t like me because I’m a good woman and they are looking to have fun even they are over 30. American culture is very different, what can I do for him to start comunicating taking it serious and marry me happily. I don’t want to oblige nobody I think he is just cloudy. I’m trying acceptance but in this case my heart is divided from what I believe I should accept which is being apart, and what I believe I love wich is him.


  4. Dear Respected NAranji
    Namashkar !
    Sir Does how to elinimate bad habbits? what swp colour Ec helps person to leave wrong compony? To avoid such situation what must be done for person who is obseesed with some type of wrong people Though person does not acknoledge .?writing person name energy circle with switchwords.. and wrong compony outside HELPS ? what is best for such peson ?bach flowers ??
    kindly reply sir ..and any switchwords for Mother Earth which is going in transition period so many places earth quacks…DIVINE-BE

    • How to Elinimate leave bad habbits bad compony?? * correction of my question number 15>>

    • ftrrs
      give him the flower remedies Agrimony Cherryplum walnut centaury

      OM HOWM VAM JOOM SAHA is the mantra which can be chanted daily for 5 minutes. This will protect our mother earth. This chanting can stabilise upto 200 sq.mtrs.

      • Dear sir what are the dosage of pills or drop to be given to person you just replied (for bad company ) and how many days its pills or drops.kindly reply.thanks

  5. Hi – I want to start my own business but nothing seems to be clicking. What is the best option for me?

  6. Dear Respected NAranji
    Namashkar !
    my mobail has been lost.what can i do to get lost things.

  7. Dear sir i have lot of financial problem, pls suggest me a chant that can i get good job or good salary increament, from past 2 years i am working in a office but yearly they will give 1000RS/- increament only, pls suggest me a chant

  8. Please sir i beg u plz get my love plz . .plz i need ur help. . Nw dat person is in relationship with sum girl. .i dnt wanna lose him . Plz help me

    • Riya,
      if you are particular about not losing this person, you will lose him,
      chant QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART RELAX daily whenever this depressive thoughts haunt you

    • Sir plz help me. .i ws in relationship for 2yr. .in dat 2yr he never accept me as a gf. .he totally use me for money sake. .nw he is in relationship wit sum other girl. .plz help me . I dnt want to lose him. . Plz help me i want him with love n respest plz

  9. Sir I am in love with a person who also love me a lot. But another person who was ex of my sis is teasing and abusing my bf wothout reasons. That person lives in our lane about 15 houses far away. Whenever my bf came at my home he starts blowing horn loudly while passing away from our house. There are not any issue from my bfs side but he is disturbing us and impact is on my life. Me and my bf will got marry soon and I don’t want any problem from his side in my married life. Sir please suggest me so that he will never ever disturb or tease us. I am verymuch tense about this please help. He is married and now my sis also married but then what he want to do with me n my bf . Please help sir ….

    • aaaa,
      chant CENTAURY WILLOW RUBY as many times as possible

      • Sir today he had again teased me n my bf infront of my mthr sir me n my mthr don’t want fighting bcoz me and my mther are always alone at my home I am chanting centaruy willow ruby everytime in my heart sir tel me solution so that we can not have even a shadow of such a cruel person in our lives

      • Hello sir
        Sir I am chanting this mantra regularly but instead of this he is teasing me and now he has also started shouting infront of my house
        Iam and my mthr is in tension sir plz giv me solution. I can book FIR against him but I m nt doing this jst fr my mthrs sake. He has many approaches he can do anything. We are afraid of him. Sir plz do sometjing that he does nt tease us. Sir plz help us I beg of you……

      • aaaa,
        do you have two names? aaaa, anu ?
        if you are coming in two names website admin will send your queries to Trash

        • Hello sir, as per your advice I am daily doing forgiving exercises. And also chanting Centuary willow ruby. Butsir he is still chasing us and regularly blows horn on infront of our gate and lane.Actually the way to his home passes by our jouse. And there is no other way. Sir me and my bf just want to get rid of him.My bf is going to kill him but me n my mthr don’t want our life to spoil before start. Help me out from this hell like situation . I will b vry thankful to you divine sir.

          • Why not replying only me sir. I beg of u help me sir I don’t want fight. Sir either give me solution so that my bf can ignore and avoid him or thresh him out of my street my city my life. He is spoiling my love life. Sir please help
            Today he again repeat that and my bf came out of house but with God grace me my brothr stppd him to fight. Sir stop this issue here other than it will spoil my life. Help as soon as pssble sir …..

          • aaaa
            chant waterviolet holly crab apple

  10. Namaste sir from 3 days i am chanting ‘gorse larch find divine order count now done’ for salary increment my boss told that coming 5th he will think about this but he is going to bombay on 28th so he will tell his assistant to give salary he is a frod if boss told him to give 2000/- increment means he will give 1000/- only i am getting very confused pls tell me that shall i continue same chant? in 3 days of chanting some changes is ther in our boss atleast he understand that now a days no wil work below 10,000 salary. sir now pls u suggest me anything that i should get good increament atleast 2000, pls tell me sir what can i do now? right now iam getting only 7000 salary pls help me sir

  11. Dear sir, for over past 3 yrs I have been suffering from Meniere’s disease. I’m dizzy and throwing up everyday with ringing ears constantly. My doctor said there is no cure for the disease. My life is wrecked. I can hardly function from being dizzy and it’s caused a lot of anxiety.
    I’ve stumbled across switch words awhile back and have tried some. I felt I was improving but today feel as bad as ever.
    If you can be of any help I would be eternally grateful.Namaste

    • Mollyelm
      Take the flower remedies whitechestnut, scleranthus heather willow Rescue remedy. put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and have small sips from that water every one hour throughout the day. do this for a month

  12. Sir, I read about you ….you are great……actually i was looking for some god or angel who can help in my need that’s the time i came across this site. Looking for some prayers which will help…I need a finance manager job. In the past i was working in the finance area for 16 years..Last 2 years i am job less and looking for a Finance Manager job. Sir tell me some prayers which can help me in getting a Finance Manager job. Thank you so much even if you have read this email. Shreeja

  13. Namaskar
    Sir I came knw abt you from my sis. Sir my daughter is in 12th standard. She is very clevr. And lies.sir due to bad company she had vry bad habits. She spends too much money.due to hr bad habbits my husband irritates and fight with me.sir she is in her teenage and Ido not want her to spoil her life. I hav also caught her during talking with boys. She gets many expensive things n wen I ask she says this is frm my savings. plz help me to conrol her and to remove all her bad habits and company and to make her mind good.she always got angry too. And sir plz help me to bind my family with love and be my family happy.thanku sir.

    • H123
      Give her flower remedies AGRIMONY CRAB APPLE WALNUTput 5 pills each in drinking water and give her four or five times

  14. Dear Sir,
    My partner has left for work in another country after we’ve been living together for an amazing year. When she got there, she met people that were bad influences on her and she has somehow changed; we also had frequent fights because of my jealousy. But currently we are doing good again after she left those people. I just want us to have a beautiful and faithful relationship and for us to live together again as I am not sure how long her project is going to be in that country. Please give me switchwords for this and remove bad influences surrounding her. Thank you.

  15. Hello sir,
    I came across your website while while surfing angel therapy and found it very intersting and m wondering if my problem can also be solved.

    Ques-I have not been able to conceive inspite of trying for 2years.Earlier me n my husband were fine but now now some prbm or the other is acting like a hindrance.i dont want to go for operation of my fibroids which are increasing in size n number n hubby has motility issue.can u please help?

  16. Sir please help me..My beloved getting angry on me and not talking with me last one month..i canot live without him…please help me that he shud call and talk me and getting merry him soon please

  17. please guruji tell we want to recover the things what we have lost all these days, may be relationships, love and affections, friendship, every thing.

    • MALAR,
      bUY THE WORKSHOP kit after the switch words symbols workshop is over after 25th may.

  18. hi sir, im in love with a guy and both of our parents have agreed for our marriage but our marriage is delayed because his parents are searching a guy for his younger girl n her marriage is not yet fixed. And his parents want to conduct their daughter’s marriage before ours..pleas give me solution

  19. shreeja ramesh

    Sir, my in-laws are doing black magic on me so that i and my husband divorce. From 9 yrs we are not getting child and every time we fight. Please help me Sir. I am in a very bad situation sir. How to come out of black magic and how to protect myself from this.Thank you Shreeja

    • shreeja ramesh
      When there is a quarrel or argument, dont think that somebody has done black magic.
      you have been fighting but remaining in the marriage. Release all your anger and resentment against anybody by chanting I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE yOU I THANK YOU

  20. Sir I want to open tuition centre at my mother’s home. Give me solution so that my work go well and I can earn money to support my family .thankyou sir.

  21. guruji i really love a guy . we were in relationship for 2ys bt he never agree that m his gf. .he used me for money sake. .guruji plz help me nw he is dating a girl . I want him back in my life plz guruji help me. I want my love back.

    • Sir its ok if u dnt want 2 answer me. . Theres no 1 wit me . Thank u . Sorry 2 disturb u.

      • Riya,
        it is better to forget him and divert your attention on good things in life
        “he used me for money sake…….. nw he is dating a girl”. why do you want such a person in your life?.

  22. Dear Naranji,
    My exams for college first year are over. Iam ging up to second year. But I fear I havn’t done well in my exams. There is about a month’s time before the results are out. Is there any way, any mantra or angel number which if chanted can change the results and ensure they are brilliant? Please Guruji, I really need your help and advise. Please help me.

  23. Ritaj gupta
    make a promise that you will study well for the rest of the period,without any distraction and commit to carry out. then pray to wolf to do what you want.

  24. nupur sharma

    Hello sir.
    My problem is that my love was forcefully engaged with sum1 else. He is compromising for his family. Pls gv me a solution to get him back.

    Thank u
    Nupur shama

  25. nupur sharma
    why can’t he compromise for your sake?

  26. Shreejaramesh

    Sir please tell me some mantra for protection from black magic. someone is doing some black magic on me . Some Kali mantra on me I badly need some words to chant pls help sir thank u so much

  27. Shreejaramesh
    chant TOGETHER WOLF TOUCH DIVINE LOVE. This will help you to experience, inspite of the surroundings. anything will be kept off.

  28. Sir, I love a guy, he also do same, I want our relation to b strongand long term .give some tips to do so. Thankyu

  29. Sir
    IS am feard as after 12th all have their different streams he is also going out of station for studies. Si I don’t want to lose my relationship with him. Plz help me

  30. PAAA
    this is not the period of love. concentrate of your studies

  31. Please suggest some remedies to overcome from obstacles in life and how we can improve financial situation

  32. Sir,
    i am suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.I can’t go out of home for any work.
    so there is daily quarrels between me and my mother.
    please give me solution.

  33. I need to obtain a new job within the next 30-45 days because my position will be outsourced to another location and state by this Fall. Please advise what I need to say & do to secure the perfect job within this allotted timeframe. Thank you in advance for your help.

  34. SONI

  35. Hi Naran,
    I am facing some serious memory problem from past 6 months,i am suffering from Hyperthyroid as well let me know how i can overcome these problems.These are really effecting my career.
    Thanks in advance .

  36. Dear Sir,
    Bad luck in business. Everything going wrong and losses increasing every month.
    Please help…

  37. sir im chanting agrimony impatients thanks devine order…still his sister didn’t get engage sir, she keep on rejecting d proposals or sometimes the kundli doesn’t match or sometimes parents won’t like…last month my parents had been to his house to talk about our marriage but his mother said, they want their daughters marriage to be conducted parents are worried as my age is also going as im born in 87, n I have a sister who is 3.5yrs younger to me…

  38. sir please tell me when and how I have to chant the manthra plz so that I get the good affect. . N which god to worship? Pleas

  39. I have my exam result for which exams were written 2 months ago. I really need something diff technique this time as only studying hard is tried by me many times. i have failed again n again as this is one of the toughest exams but now seriously i want to clear as it is 7th time. I need which angel i should pray or which angel number i should chant. please reply in one day as my result will be declared on 31st july 2013.

  40. Respected sir,
    Iam a mother of three kids already separated from may husband.he’s a very cruel man he doesn’t divorce nor go out of my life.he wants me to be a slave to him.i don’t want him in my life.i want to get married to another person who will love me and my kids.i have put my profile in the marriage portal good profiles are coming but some obstacle comes and then nothing materializes.right now my life is without money nor soul mate.its having no meaning.please advise how to make my exhusband go away and how can I make my financial position strong and get a good loving person for us.

  41. hi I am not getting good proposal to accept for my marriage. I am getting proposals but they all are unacceptable, could you plz advice me something to do as measures to get good proposal as I am more than 30 yrs old now, plz plzzzzzzzzzz help I want to marry this year only 2013


    Sir I saw your site today I am a single parent for my daughter who is 26 years old. No good marriage proposal she is getting. I am also financially having lot of problems. Could you please advice me something to do as measures to get good proposal for my daughter so she gets married before 2014. Do also help me to settle all of my financial problems. I have no one to guide me or help me.

  43. Hi, I came across your website while going through information on Bach Flower Remedies and found this really interesting. I have been going through problems with finding the right job that pays well, finding love and appreciation with family, friends and basically everyone around me. Would be great if you could help me with any remedy for this. I am also looking for a remedy or an angel number or cure to lose weight that I had gained after marriage. Would be absolutely grateful if you could help guide me. Thanks in advance.

  44. in my job, i want to show progress / results on what i am doing. sometime i feel blank and idle. my manager is keep on telling me that my progress is not well. how can i make them i am showing good progress. please help me regarding this.

  45. Dear Naran Sir,

    Please help me out i have to give my license exam in July and i am currently pursuing my MS as well.My license exam means a lot to me and my family as it shall only provide me with a job.I am in great financial debt with a lot of loans on me.I am currently in US and facing a lot of problems.Please let me know some mantra or number that shall improve my concentration and help me pass my exam.

    awaiting to hear from you soon sir.

  46. Dear Naran

    I am in love with a boy and want to get married,but facing many obstacles in marriage,reason being boys professional life and financial life is not going smooth so he is not able to focus on marriage..In any circumstances marraige is getting delayed too much..please suggest

  47. Dear earth Angel
    I need your help.
    We are 6 sisters and only one brother younger than all sisters. He is 30 year old. He is taking drugs and only care about his friend. We got him treatment but again his friends put him on drugs. He never sits with my parents. My dad is very religious man. And myself I am very spiritual, believe in unconditional love. I want to help my brother. I feel really bad when he gets in trouble. I feel bad when my father is checking his room every hour at night to see if he is home. My father pray to god day night. I want to change my brother for good. My father is 72 now he has spend his all life working hard. Now I want to see him happy. If I am lucky enough I will get your reply. Thanks for helping people. You are great.

  48. sir ..Good evening …on Saturday i am going write one competitive exam there any number of manthra to get pass in that exam and be settle in life

  49. Hello Sir,
    My sister born 1984 have problems in getting married. She is not getting proposals / proposals which are unacceptable.There were two incidents that happened in this year and she is fully depressed with this:
    Proposal 1: after fixing the marriage date,planning all the arrangements for marriage, the marriage brokedown in feb with silly reason.
    Proposal 2: Both the parites liked eachother and visited each others home. This happend in April first week. And till now the groom’s family has not updated how to proceed further for marriage.We called them twice and they said they are very busy so they couldnt update us.

    We are in full sad and depression mood.My parents are tensed and seeing some health issues due to this two incidents. We have no idea how to resolve the obstacles in my sister’s marriage.

    Please sir give us some remedies , Advices how to overcome the marriage obstacle and what is the reason for breakup in both the proposals.

    Thanks and Regards,

  50. I’m facing a lot of hindrances in my marriage from my family. I had a divorce 2 years back. This will be the 1st marriage for the person I want to marry. My family is picking up trivial points and making a huge issue out of it. I have been through a lot and i now want to settle down peacefully. Please help.

  51. shamboo sawant

    sir my sisterilaw is in love with wrong guy and he trapped her she is not listening to any one please help me by giving solution or as any lucky no

  52. Dear sir
    I want to have love marriage but dont know that the guy always comes for fixing marriage from outside and leaves wihout meeting happened 4 times..He comes from abroad..we didnt met..the marraige talks were planned over net but we both are interested..still dont know what happens..please help

  53. i recently gave an exam though it was good but I think I made few mistakes I have to get really good score it’s very imp what switch words should i Chant the result is after 4-5 days ! Please help !

  54. Sir I need ur help regarding my sons board exams he is to write this march 2015.

  55. sir,
    i am moving throgh a bad mental condition in my love life. i love someone and he has left me due to family issue.please help me how to bring him back and make things back to normal and we both life a happy married life together.we still love each other a lot

  56. HI, i am realising every time my marriage proposal proceed there is some issue and it stop. I love somebody and i think he loves me too. But he shows that he is too strong and will take the decision by his family. I want to get married with him. please advise me. how can he attract to me and marriage happens very smothly.

  57. Sir , i am married for the last four years and we don’t have any kids , when ever i ask my husband says let us settle first then we will have kids, but now i got to know he is in a relationship another lady and has one kid also . When is spoke to that lady she says she will not leave my husband , sir please show me some way to overcome this situation , i want her to go out from our life and i need a peaceful happy family life with my husband.

  58. Sir, I am married for the last 18 months. There is a lot of bickering, arguments, quarrel between me and my husband. Nowdays I feel the sole purpose of marrying me was money. Both, mother in law and my husband are insane and act crazy. They appear different and are different. Unable to understand them, the world has one theory and they have another theory. Adjustment with them is becoming difficult. Please suggest something.

  59. Sir,
    My mother is suffering from health issues from last feb 2015… Kindly suggest me how to help her out… Her BP is High with Sugar with other problems

  60. Can anyone help me with switch words for knee pain

  61. Hello! I am a dentist who has recently opened a clinic. I am not getting the desired flow of patients. Business and career is unsatisfactory. Please suggest a remedy so that my career and clinic is a resounding success. I really need to be financially stable.

  62. Hello sir,
    Please suggest me divine words to chant or numbers…
    I am in a relationship from 8 yrs and want to marry each other. But his parents are totally against the marriage bcoz astrologer told them that v are a total mis match our kundali dosent at all match… and he ll die if v marry each other or v ll hav divorce.. and they blackmail him emotionally… he is a really genuine guy he is not able to take any decision . V really want our parents to get ready for marriage please help…

  63. Hello Sir!!!

    I am in a relationship with a guy for last 6 years and we plan to get married and settle down
    Our families are apposing the match due to caste society and status.
    My Parents have started getting good proposals and force me to accept and get married.
    Please help me so that the guy rejects me or the proposal is rejected from the guy’s side and I can buy time to plan my life with my boyfriend.

  64. Hello Naran ,

    I am looking for a job . After 5 years I want to work again . I want a good salaried teachers job.I have lost hope of getting job . I have done graduation in commerce.I wish I can get a good job.
    Looking forward for your response

    Thank You

  65. Hello Naren

    I have given large amount to Friend and he agreed to pay some interest. Now he is not returning the amount I am badly stuck .. what is your advice

    V S Sudhaker

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