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work life balance

How to have a work-life balance in a competitive and demanding IT job?
Every day working 12~16 hours. No leave or holidays. Absolutely no
personal life.

it is very difficult to bring in the balance, if every month you are highly dependent on the money you earn. If security is the value, you have opted, you have to slog like a slave. Software people ignore their health – it is a sort of self-denial. Most of the time, they just carry on with junk food, tea or coffee. physically, the body is not nourished,mentally stress has its effect on the body.

Flower remedies Vervain  Rockwater and Olive will find a way out to be healthy.

Working 12 hours cannot be a problem, provided you love the work you do. If you think that you are doing the work for the sake of money – “i cannot leave the job”, “otherwise, i will quit” these thoughts will further make you think that you are highly stressed.

the work life balance cannot happen.

To do the work smartly, get involved in the work  and find time, take the flower remedies waterviolet oak chestnutbud.

Put the pills in water and keep on sipping. The first combination,you can take while in the house and the second one in the office.

Chant why do i love the work i do. when you find time.

If during anytime, if there is too much tension, at the time, take Rescue Remedy. keep sipping the water once in 10 minutes.

When you go to sleep, ,thank the body for co-operating.

Say the organ name and say i am sorry please forgive me i love you i thank you. This will  relax


Q: Sir, I feel I am not given due respect or being considered as per my experience at work. They give such trivial tasks,it feels its beneath my designation. No praise or recognition.

Naran Sir: Chant “Siddha Siddhyo Samo Bhootva Kuru Karmani”. Remember you work for Divine.

After one week


Setting sun portrayed KRISHNA over wall.

When darkness enters, so the Krishna arises !

This little idol is at home, I see it daily. but after seeing its shadow on wall, that just touched something within.

Krishna is omnipresent, yet we are unable to see him. But when a light enters, He touches chords of your soul.

What a blissful realisation this shadow brought.

This idol of “Kaliyamardan” is a birthday gift by dear teacher Naran Sir.

Be tiny Bow concede Together Divine


A person cannot be without ego unless he sheds his identity.

There’s only one person who is without an ego.

He was Lord Krishna.He accepted to be the driver of the chariot.

Most of the people do not know the work of the driver especially when he drives the chariot. Arjuna has to sit above the Krishna. In the midst of war, he cannot shout to direct the chariot.

How did Arjuna convey this to Krishna?


Relief from constipation

Finger Position:Index finger touching the tip of the thumb.


If there is a constipation problem, be in this Mudra and chant “54 lakhs 84 thousand five forty eight“.

While in the rest room,

When there is a harassment, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When there is a harassment, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When there is too much pressure from others. Ex: Credit Card Loan, EMI. During the first week of every month, the pressure will increase. At that time, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When the person kindles your anger or argues with you, chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. When there is argument, we also tend to argue. That’s an inbuilt program. Anger will kindle another anger. When anybody indulges in argument, stop arguing first. For that CHANGE DIVINE ORDER will help.

We always want to prove that we are right. We think we are right. At that time, BE TINY LIMIT CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

When you have a tendency to argue, we always talk in high pitch. Both will shout, and both will not listen to the other person.

Instead of arguing, BE TINY. It means “Be Kind.”

Any emotion should be attacked by a good counter emotion.So, when a person argues, you have to be tiny so that you speak kindly.

LIMIT is a word which makes you to take control of the situation.


When you want money badly, start cleaning the house by chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER.

We don’t always clean the house. We always want the other person to clean house. Example: If your son’s room is unclean, you always criticize your son for not cleaning the house. Visit the room and chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. He will clean the room.

How to do social service to society?


Frame your own switch words

  1. Anything which has got a name can be used as a Switch word.

  2. There are Gem stones available.

  3. When the first person digs the gem stone and polishes it, how do the person frame certain qualities into it. He names it also.

  4. Example: Blue Sapphire is popular. You may not know the stone at all. The name is popular and it is in the social consciousness.

  5. How the whole world is formed?

Enjoy feeling the Power of Love


  1. Visualize the energy of love coming from above.
  2. Send it to all organs of the body with a smile as if you are inhaling the smell of a beautiful flower Rose or Jasmine.

How to draw energy from the universe

Beyond this Universe, the divine resides as Sath energy. That is full of divine power and love. From there anybody can draw the energy continuously.

How to go beyond the Universe? 7 is a good number to go beyond the universe. When you say 1 you reach the crown chakra. When you say 2 you reach Higher Self. 3456 is the key word to reach the divine energy.

  1. Say 1 (one), with the intention of shifting your attention to the crown chakra.
  2. Say 2 you will be reaching the Higher Self which is one foot away from the crown chakra. Higher self is the guiding self. Whatever decision we take it is actually taken by the Higher Self.
  3. Then say 3456 and take four breaths. When you say 3456 you are in the seventh world.
  4. Then intend that “I am in the Sath Loka or Sath energy field”.
  5. From the divine field you are drawing the energy. Intend you are drawing the pink energy and fills up all your organs. Open up all the organs to fill the pink energy.

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Miracle Money


Can you tell me the difference between “520″ and “COUNT”?


COUNT means bring money.

The angel number 520 gives you hope to count money.

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A definite career change

R Mohan

Dear Naran,

You asked me to keep the number 369 (written on a paper and kept inside the purse), without giving me the reason behind it.

For the first few days, I didn’t see any change. So I wrote “RELEASE RESISTANCE 369”. Then it started working like a magic.

Firstly, I noticed I was able to say a soft ‘NO’ without worry or anxiety from my side and not offending the opposite person in a rude voice.

Secondly, I noticed I am focused intently on my tasks – increasing my productivity.

Thirdly, I started enjoying listening to music.

Fourthly, I am sure, it will lift the career scale which was going down and lifting to heights I haven’t scaled before.

To give an example, I had been trying to work out an assignment with my friend for last three years and nothing materialized. Soon after keeping the 369 angel with me, I have found two opportunities for him – where I can play a role.

Of course, I started doing well in my existing mentor cum consulting role too.

Thanks a ton. May be you can highlight how 369 has made the difference. For now, I feel this will take care of my career.

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