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Angel to handle your debts

Use the Angel Number 58: to handle your debts easily.

Chant the “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM SUDARSHNAM” mantra to clear your chronic debts.

Miracle Marriage

K Jaya

I have just come across your website and find it very interesting.

I notice that your reply to a question from a reader whether angel numbers can be used for marriage – you have asked to try the numbers. How exactly should one go about it?

May I know what specific number one has to recite for marriage? Is it 520? Does one have to recite it stating “marriage 520” or just the number alone? Also can one just write this number and if so, whether one should also write the word marriage next to it?

If you could give some idea as to how one should go about it, I would greatly appreciate it.


When one goes to a hopeless situation, 520 will work. Just chant 520. It is enough.


K Jaya

For chanting 520, does one say it as five hundred and twenty or five two zero? Please pardon my ignorance, but I’d rather confirm and recite the right way instead of just guessing.

Also how many times should one recite “VALLABAM, GAJAANANAM, EKADHANTHAM” for marriage?

I know this website is helping many people now and will continue to do so. And it’s all due to your selfless work. God willing, I hope I can attend your courses some day.


Whichever way is convenient, you can do.

Write it on a paper and go on looking at it.

In addition, to saying five hundred twenty, write 5 in green ink, two in orange and 0 in black.

Vallabam is a very powerful mantra.

For chanting mantras there is no time limit. Just chant and sink into the vibration. Enjoy the resonance. Reciting should be done with involvement. If you do so, each and every organ, and each and every cell will enjoy and chant along with you. Chant the mantra without expecting any result. Expectation will dampen our action. Chant with full faith and this faith will carry you to heights, as per the divine will and order. Just accept whatever comes.


Is it for every reason or just for marriage? Regarding every numbers suggested by you in Angels Number what are the colors for each numbers accordingly?


I will present this in a separate article.

The color suggested is for 5 2 and 0 – universal. But here green color will initiate communication. Orange is for joy and enthusiasm. Black is for creativity.

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