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NARAN’S writings and replies represent in the BLOG POSTINGS, is a combination of his own personal opinions and his professional experiences, AS A BACH FLOWER THERAPIST, but they do not reflect PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Interaction with him and his team,via the social media or mail,does not constitute a professional therapeutic relationship. For professional and customized advice, you should seek the services of a counselor. Naran balakumar and his team do not assume liability for any portion or content of material on the blog and accepts no liability for damage or injury resulting from your decision to interact with him and his team,in any manner,or from your decision to use his suggestion or buy and use his flower combination pills and audio MP3s.

Naran does not know kundalini awakening, Thrid-eye activation or astral travel.No question on those topics will be entertained.

  1. I just stumble across your website thru google and my wife left me and want her back with love in her mind and heart and sole for me she tells everybody that I am the love of her life and vice versa I see you have will he come back angel numbers do you have will she come back angel numbers/

  2. my name is ranee murugiah i have to pay lot of debut for children education what number i should said please help thank you

  3. how did i get your reply please help me

  4. My exam on head and I am not competed study .. I m very tensed and how can pass in exam please any solution give for I have pass in exam

  5. Dear Sir,
    My daughter will be writing NBDE part I and Part 2 in September and December 2014 kin USA. What is the number for this to get through the exam without difficulty.
    Pl guide.


  6. Sir,
    My bf is in trouble. He is in jail, he is innocent what i do to save.

  7. Namaste,
    Naran ji ,
    plese tell me how i can help my son to get residency in August 2019, in Long island N.Y. hospital.
    thank you.
    please help me…

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