To get long term project with good clients.

if it is not going to happen in one year, what would be your mentality towards this work.

find out your mental emotional state towards the present project.

if there is resentment, disappointment take the flower remedies gentian and willow.

Focus fully on the present project, without expecting anything.

chant TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE, when your work is not recognised or your input is ignored.

Be calm and composed in any situation, without blaming and complaining.

Thank your parents.

Thank the existing project and the people involved.

Thank the present client.

  1. Sir,
    One of my colleagues is facing challenges in her work.

    She was moved to a different department, she hardly knows anyone in the team. Its a new technology which she has not worked so far. She is learning but not so successful. Completing daily work itself is a herculean task. This job is mandatory for her financial stability.

    Pls suggest Remedies
    to learn and master any emerging technology
    (formal learning out of touch)
    To get support from team, superior
    To find or make time for learning as she is held up with household work as well.
    Thanks a lot for your divine guidance Sir.

  2. sai uma

    she moved into a new department- a new one where everyone is unknown.
    to handle this – take the flower remedies walnut aspen, so that the people in the team move with your without any discrimination.
    To get support From the superior, chant Together bring praise divine.

    Everyday morning before starting the work, thank the new job, thank the colleagues, thank the superiors for supporting you and teaching you. If you know reiki, fill up the department and people there daily with White light

    Learning aid:
    Any technology related waterviolet oak chestnutbud.

    To understand any subject well Mustard.

    Studying after a long time- that too new one – Elm will cover up any inadequacy.
    flower remedy Hornbeam can be taken for mental fatigue.

    Take calci.phos kaliphos and magphos – each 6x along with olive while doing household work for physical tiredness or exhaustion.

  3. Thank you Sir

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