Angel to remove your obstacles


Use Angel No: 58 to remove the obstacles in your life.

It is the number of Lord Hanuman, the ARCHETYPAL UNIVERSAL IMAGE of OBSTACLE REMOVER.

If you have any regression in life, it will remove it.

If somebody is giving obstructions – say somebody from your family – those obstructions are removed by this angel number.

If you have a knee pain, then you will have problems in walking. 58 will help you to walk better as it removes any type of obstacles.

Bad left knee pain


I was suffering from a bad left knee pain while travelling abroad. You suggested to me keeping a paper with no: 58 written on it, under pillow while sleeping.


Within 2 days of chanting my knee was back to normal. Hope this might also help people with similar problems. Thank you ever so much for this and a lot many things.

I also call upon animal spirit Wolf a lot of times. It has never failed me.

Again thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of animal spirits, Mudra healing, mantras, Bach flowers and switch words……..there’s lots to learn everyday from your site…..May God bless you……


Thank you.  Best of luck


HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA: is a mantra for the knee problem.

CHANGE DIVINE ORDER: change to divine order – health

His sister has to get married first


My friend’s daughter is in love with a boy and wants to get married soon. But, the boy’s elder sister too is in the age of getting married. So his parents like their daughter to get married first. Then they will allow him to marry with my friend’s daughter.


  1. Write the name of the boy’s sister. Circle it draw another circle around the first circle. In the gap write “SWEET CHESTNUT SCLERANTHUS WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM”.
  2. Daily read this.
  3. For the lovers, ask them to chant 58 (to remove all the obstacles)


SWEET CHESTNUT: need’s divine intervention to get married

SCLERANTHUS: to happen at the right time

WALNUT: is for any transition

OAK: for the effort to be rewarded

HORNBEAM: to complete this successfully.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAranji
    Making circle with Name and remedy“SWEET CHESTNUT SCLERANTHUS WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM”. will bring DIVINE HUSband for the Boys’s Sister of her choice?And Chanting of Numbers too for anyone who thinks have any thing to clear obstacles?Kindly reply.THANKS

  2. snm
    you can try that for the marriage.
    what is the obstacle to be cleared?

  3. Naran sir,

    i am in love with a guy for 4 years. My parents are searching a guy for me and they are against love marriage. The person whom i love wants to buy a house before revealing love to our parents since he is from normal family. he is trying hard to buy a house because of financial issues it is getting delayed. he is a hard worker but still he couldnt up in life. Please suggest me some chanting to help him to buy a house and getting married without any obstacles and with our parent blessings. Moreover he wont believe these things i need to do on behalf of him. So please help me.

  4. khushbu,

  5. Dear Sir,Because of stray dogs barking almost all night,we are finding it difficult to get proper sleep.Can you please suggest switchwords so that the barking becomes less.Thank you.

  6. Dear Sir NArani NAmashkar
    Sir Above you have given Mantra ““HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”.for Left Knee pain can this mantra be chanted for any part of body pain or there are different mantras?
    like back pain,stomach ache,ear pain,eyes pain any any other part of body pain.?Kindly reply Thanks

  7. ftrrs,
    for knee pain only

  8. my younger sis wants to get a job abroad in us or australia.She is hard working and intelligent but she is jobless for past 8 mths.All her collegues nd friends are working on assignment abroad but i feel sad why she is not getting any onsite job.Please suggest switch words which i can chant on her behalf so that she will be able to get project work in us or australia.Please need your help.t

  9. Gomathi
    chant QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX as many times as possible. It is for her highest good, it will happen.

  10. Should i chant my sister’s name also along with QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX.

  11. Gomathi
    think about your sister and then start chanting.

  12. Sir
    please advice me with divine words so that i can choose my career.I am confused within two fields aerospace engineering and medicine.I am good in studies but in october i have to apply for university mentioning my option of subjects but totally confused and tired of thinking.if i choose medicine then i want to be a surgeon.
    please guide me.


  13. micheal

  14. Naran sir,
    i am in love with a guy for 2.5 years.

    We fought hard to get parents approval and both parents said yes in this year begining and we were waiting for his elder brother to get married.Now after his brother got married , his parents said No for this marriage and I do not have any clue on how to proceed. Can u pls advice me with some divine words to remove any obstacles and get married with our parent blessings. Moreover he wont believe these things i need to do on behalf of him. So please help me

  15. I want to thank u frm bottom of my heart.You are really doing wonderful work.I regularly follow your blog and get to learn so many things everyday which i can use for my progress and for those around me.god bless u.

  16. Dear Naran ji,
    We have migrated to Canada, however the citizenship process is very slow, we have given the citizenship test last year. We would like to get the letter of oath ceremony received ASAP for me husband and kids. Once that is done we can plan our future move.

    Additionally my husband needs a good job, which is in line with his experience and need it ASAP too.

    Appreciate your help.

  17. Rajii,
    chant GORSE SCLERANTHUS CLEMATIS FIND Letter of oath ceremony now.

  18. Hi Naran,
    I m in love with a guy for the last 2 yrs and both of us have planned to marry after 2 yrs onec we get settled in our career. Recently my parents have started looking for a match for me n they ve got some good proposals too and now they r forcing me to mary. Though they also have met my boyfrnd n like him but they are not reaready for marriage. They are forcing me to marry the guy of their choice without gving a thought for my choice. But I want to marry my boyfriend only . In career also I m facing lots of problems i was assured for a promotion and salary hike this year . but till now they have not confirmed anything yet.. Request you to help me and show me a proper solution for both my problems..


  19. Richa,

  20. Respected Naran Sir

    I need to find a job urgently but I am confused what type of job to apply for that will suit me too as so far I have not performed very well in my jobs. Every time I get close and do an interview I feel full of fear that I am not good enough. Due to hesitation / timidity and not giving the right image I don’t get the job. There is some resistance/block deep within me to finding and accepting a job.Please advise how I can clear my past experience and release fears and feelings of inadequacy.
    Thank you very much

  21. PRABHA,
    CHANT larch mimulus gentian pine as many times as possible

  22. Dear Sir NAranji Which flowers essences are used in rescue remedies.what are the different combinations of rescue remedies??
    What are the rescue remedies for healing? is it supposed to used ihave oraly?if yes what are the dosage. For healing eyes Mimmulus helps i like to know what are the dosage used for eye problem.few days back i see black black bubbles floating in front of my left eyes and something small small floating water bubbles type in day light.And during darkness there comes something like torch blinking off and on near my eyes.I am afraid .I have checke with dr,.pressure is normail.Please give me some flower and swithchwords, numbers to heal my eyes.Thanks

  23. Fttrs,
    mimulus helps you over come specific fears. Rescue remedy is for healing panicks.
    You have to a combination of gem remedies, which i have named EYE TONE for your above said eye problems.

    contact and get the remedy.

    This will help all who are hooked on to computers, those who develop headaches because of reading for a long time and especially those software engineers who spend most of the time on computers. this can be taken by all who have crossed the age of 60 to help the Eyes.

  24. sir,
    me and my bf broke up last year though we love each other even now. it all happened because of his friends as they cropped up misunderstandings between us. and he isnt able to see that. and i know he doest have that much of courrage to tell me that he still loves me.
    i really want to get back together with him please suggest something.

  25. TANU,

  26. then please suggest me something that i forget him easily as i am trying to get over him but as we work at the same place its really difficult for me to see him everytime everywhere around me and that turns me off. and i am full of sad feelings
    or i get my real soulmate.

  27. tanu,
    i could understand your pangs of love. For your highest good only i suggested that. I honestly feel that you should lead a happy life. Can everybody be happy? One has to learn to be happy inspite of events. When we want something intently, and when we resist what is happening what we get is pain. Though we want pleasure, our resistance to any event and our incomplete understanding of the divine order,gives us pain only.
    Just observe what is going on in the mind.
    As and when any thought comes just say, Why not i release this? Yes i let go this thought ?
    Release everything – every feeling every thought – that prevents you to forget him. If any thought or feeling does not get released, find out the desire behind this feeling or thought.
    If there is a desire to possess him release that desire.
    If there is a desire to change him or the event release that desire. (Releasing technique as given above)
    if you can buy,chicory(to overcome the love pangs) walnut (to release resistance and break away ) willow(to overcome resentment and anger towards friends) Hornbeam (to move on)- flower remedies – put 6 pills of each in a bottle of water and keep on sipping that water from morning to evening. do this sipping for 15 days, put the pills once every day.

  28. Dear Naran ji, regarding your guidance point 24. “Rajji chant GORSE SCLERANTHUS CLEMATIS FIND Letter of oath ceremony now.” could I take these bach drops too, if yes, how many a day. thank you

  29. raji,
    take the drops and chant FIND Letter of oath ceremony now.

  30. I’ve been living in a long distance relationship. Me and my guy, we love each other very much. We cant wait to get married and I want him to visit me ASAP and marry me so that we both can go to his country and live together.
    Is there anything you do to help me?

  31. swta,

    • Respected Naranji,i want to know that is there any chant or process to send a msg to someone without calling the person?as whom i want to say my words is not receiving call but i need to express my emotion.please help me if there is any.Thanks.

  32. Please Naranji reply me,as its realy urgent.

  33. Hello sir,i am feeling great to see a site like this.its realy helping all.but sir i wanted to know that while anyone chanting any mantra,r they need to know the meaning as most of us hv no idea about such words.and here u hv suggested some1 to leave her Bf and also gave another1 chant for healing her relation.can u smell the emotion from msg that for whom love wl work and for whom better to leave it?Don’t mind sir just strike on mind thats why asking.Thanks Riti bose.

  34. Sir,i am chanting ur suggested mantra ‘scleranthus walnut find divine love thanks’…to heal my relationship,and surrender everything on lord shiva.besides this i am chanting bij mantras to clear my chakras in such orders..OM HUM NAMAHA,OM YAM NAMAHA,OM RAM NAMAHA,OM VAM NAMAHA,OM LAM NAMAHA.But sir what should i chant for the third eye chakra and the crown chakra and from where should i start it from muladhara or from crown??plz guide me sir soon as i don’t hv that much time to heal my relation.

    • Madhu,
      dont chant anything separately for the third eye and crown. unless your lower chakras are in order, your third eye and crown will not work. You need not work on them separately. when you cleanse energise harmonise lower chakras, the third eye will start its own work. I mean you will have higher perception.
      You will never have higher perception till you put your lower chakras in order. Work on them. Think and act as if you were always safe and secured.When you feel insecured, your basic chakra will be imbalanced. If you think you are not loved enough, or if you have a dissatisfactory love life your sex chakra is imbalanced.
      If you are controlled or trying to change or control others or events in life, not accepting the life events your solar plexus chakra is imbalnced.
      If you lack gratitude, your heart chakra is imbalanced.
      When any one of these chakras is imbalanced, your throat chakra is affected- your communication becomes poor and you cannot realise your inner potential. When throat chakra is closed or imbalanced, your spiritual progress cannot happen. Live life well.

  35. hi naranji,
    i have also same pblm as mentioned in qstn no:29

    I need to find a job urgently but I am confused what type of job to apply for that will suit me too as so far I have not performed very well in my jobs. Every time I get close and do an interview I feel full of fear that I am not good enough. Due to hesitation / timidity and not giving the right image I don’t get the job. There is some resistance/block deep within me to finding and accepting a job.Please advise how I can clear my past experience and release fears and feelings of inadequacy.
    Thank you very much
    can u pls suggest any remedy for me

    • bknair,
      Take the flower remedies LARCH PINE regularly two pills three times a day.
      Write Wildoat in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  36. Dear Naran Sir,

    As advised by you I started chanting “centaury willow pine change divine order” from the same day itself as many times as i could in a day and now my parents ve posponed their search for a suitable match for me for the time being , morever they themselves ve denied that marriage proposal for which they were forcing me.. But workwise i m still very stressed, still i ve not got any promotions n wat dissapoint sm emore is that the people who are not good are getting promoted and drawing more salary than me and i only get appreciation on mails but noting in real.. I tried speaking with my boss also regarding this but didn’t get a satisfactory ans.. I was expecting a promotion in Oct this year as they had promised but still not seeing any hope.. Please suggest what shud i do ??

  37. Dear Naranji,i hv studies soo many blogs of ur’s.its interesting.sir can we try to made our own swich words as always in all situations we can’t get u that sir when i ask or send a msg to someone and want a positive reply can i chant’REACH DIVINE POSITIVE ANSWER OR REPLY’.

  38. Thank u sir for guiding.its sometime bcome difficult to think that everything is fine.i am very positive about life’s other issues,bt act impatiane in bcoz sir i am tired overcome relations one after another.everytime feel that this time luck wl favour me bt failed.still Sir i wl try to do my best to get positive enery on me.

  39. Sir i need ur help .i love a boy frm past 5 yr.he loves me our problem is of intercaste mariage.our parents brothers are against us just bcoz of nw boys parent have seen another girl and are planing fr engagement boy forcefuly said yes as he always say dat without blesngs we cnt b inside he is waitng fr miracle to happen.pls sir tel me sumthng dats boy parents reject the other girl and acept our relation.otherwise he wl get engaged in next 20 days.pls help me in stopng d engagement or change his parents mind fr us.pls help

  40. Payal,
    chant SWEETCHESTNUT CERATO CENTAURY WALNUT MIMULUS as many times as possible

  41. Respected Naran sir,i want to marry a person of my own in a relation but its nt in that stage that i can place it to my family.problem is that almost every month people bring matrimony proposals for me and its became too touph to refuse them.please Sir suggest me a chant by which people stop to bring such proposals what we call’Ristey’without hurting anyone.

    • Rima,
      you have to ascertain if you have your choice. What prevents you from talking to your parents?

  42. Pranam sir,i living in a house as Paying guest from last year as we shifted in a distant place from my work place.agreement was for 1yr upto Dec.plz tell me any chant so that they agree to give me permision to live for another 1yr as i need it very much.thank u.

  43. Dear Naran Sir,

    As advised by you I started chanting “centaury willow pine change divine order” from the same day itself as many times as i could in a day and now my parents ve posponed their search for a suitable match for me for the time being , morever they themselves ve denied that marriage proposal for which they were forcing me.. But workwise i m still very stressed, still i ve not got any promotions n wat dissapoint sm emore is that the people who are not good are getting promoted and drawing more salary than me and i only get appreciation on mails but noting in real.. I tried speaking with my boss also regarding this but didn’t get a satisfactory ans.. I was expecting a promotion in Oct this year as they had promised but still not seeing any hope and now they are posponing it till next year March…. Please suggest a solution for my problem Sir.. so that i can get a promotion this year only…

  44. Richa,
    Chant “centaury chicory willow pine change divine order”

  45. Respected naran sir,as u say i am chanting’i release my fears and negetive thoughts’to come out of my fears of loosing my love.i am trying nt to b obssesed.but as the time passing out and i am geting no changes, i lost my previous relationships both were wrong and they intentionaly cheated me,so somehow i accept that.but in present case he himself helped me to regain my faith on love and even on myself.then i don’t know how and why he moved away suddenly.(still he never done any wrong thing with me)..everytime person r different bt the incident r same with me.Sir i don’t know what u think about me but sir i realy love him and want his love for me again.but i also know that this craziness wl bring nothing for me.sir i know u hv an inner power,as u say some1’that u wl surely get job’,and some1’leave him’etc.Can u feel anything positive hope for me sir???plz tel me sir as its a festive season here and all r enjoying even i too trying to be happy bt missing my loved one.BLESS ME AND GUIDE ME SIR.oli

  46. Thank u NARANJI,Bt plz tell me na sir what u feel about my future?can i b happy?believe me sir i am nt egoistic in my love my previous affair i tried a lot to heal bt i failed..i accept it as may b he was nt right.but this time i realy want to win this person’s love again and nt to loose.i am doing the forgiving ex too so that if i done anything wrong he may forgive.divine hd given you that ability so plz tel me sir am i succeed this time

    • Hi Naran Sir,
      I started chanting “centaury chocory willow pine change divine order” as many times as i cud but still the same problem persists, even instead of getting solved the situation is getting more complicated.And a strage situation what i am facing these days that whatever work i do,people have started pulling out mistakes from it. Even if there won’t me any mistakes then also i use to get blame for doing the mistakes, i really feel depressed and demotivatstill i m not seeing any hopes for my promotion rather i feel now they are trying to believe me that i don’t deserve a promotion here.. i don’t know how to deal with it… plese help… please suggest me some switch words which wud either lead to get a promotion here or else help me find a dream job for me…. Plz help…

  47. hello
    my marraige is getting delayed dont know why.plz suggest me to get marriead asap.

  48. chinna,
    chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM YEKADHANTHAM as many times as possible

  49. Pranam Naranji,after a long time i am writing you as u told me to nt become obsessed.i tried to b relax bt sometimes win and smtime loose.sir i go through soo many of ur blogs,i need to know That can i chant ‘CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER(HIS NAME)HOLE.?plz guide me if the line is wrong.i want to attract him nt physicaly bt as a nice person as he felt love with me b4.Naranji please say divine to accept my prayer as u r close to divine than us.

  50. Dear sir,
    i want to live a happy life without worrying as i have many problems,basically of my past,i have had bad friends,but i always helped them as they were my friends,now after marriage,i have got new friends all of them are good,i don’t want any of my past friends telling anything about me to my new friends,as i have experienced,people talk rubbish behind my back,i had many friends and i was frank in behavior,but i never had bad intentions but people have rotten mentality,i came to know this latter ,also my past friends were never my true friends,i don’t want them to talk about me to anyone,i don’t know why i try to help everyone and end up being misunderstood,why this happens to me should i stop helping others and caring for them,even my in laws say bad things about me to everyone,no matter how good i be with them,they always praise my sis in law (she is married and a very selfish women,has not spoken to me once in 3 years,lots of ego and attitude,has used bad words for me )help me please,as i am very much disappointed with myself,i never had bad intentions,never try ed to hurt anyone then why people hurt it my past karma?


  51. naranji,

    can i chant 58 to buy a new home?
    any sw to get a job in usa for my husband?

  52. i am in love with a guy for 7 years.
    We fought hard to get parents approval and both parents said yes in begining and we were waiting for his elder sister to get married.Now after his sister got married lst year in may , his parents said No for this marriage and want him to get married else where ,he wishes to marry only me and so do I ,my parents are ready to go and speak to his parents and I do not have any clue on how to proceed . Can u pls advice me with some divine words and procedure to remove all obstacles in our way and get married to him with our parents blessings. Moreover he dosent believe these things and is out of station due to work i need to do on behalf of him so that it happens asap before december end. So please help me

  53. Also he is being forced constantly by his parents to leave me as they do not believe in love and inter-caste marriage and ask him to stop contacting me ,they dont allow him to talk to me or meet me at all and threaten him to seperate him from family if we get married,This family fight is recently creating disputes and distance and misunderstanding and frustration between us in our relationship , plz help me .we both love each other a lot and want to get this 7yrs relationship to be in a marriage before december end.

  54. Kittu,
    write 58 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
    chant TOGETHER CHANGE NOW as many times as possible

  55. I am ahindu girl. I love a Muslim boy named Iqbal Akter Sumon. He also loves me truly and deeply. But my family is strictly against this relationship. So, i am facing so many problems and conflicts regarding this affair, in fact, at present our communication has also been stopped. Plz do something so that we can be united together forever. I cannot live without him. If he leaves me, i will die.. Plz suggest me what can I do to over come this bad time?? How can I avoid the obstacles and marry him and have a happy conjugal life for ever after.. Plz help me.. I am so hurt and broken.. He is my life.. Plz do some thing for me..


  57. oli,
    520 when you lose hope and expecting a miracle to happen

  58. sir.. Sorry for my inconvenience.. According to ur advice I’ve started chanting ‘TOGETHER CHANGE NOW’.. But things haven’t change yet. How many times should I chant it for the best result?? Can I chant any time any where?? Or should I meditate in a special sitting position??
    Sir.. Can I chant 58 to remove obstacles?? My father is a very powerful position. He is creating many problems and threatening my lover. His life is in risk.. Plz advice me so that I can save my love from any danger. I want to communicate with him. I want to get married with him as soon as possible.. Plz sir.. Help me.. Plz bless me with ur divine words so that i can bind with my love forever and have eternal love.. I am so much upset and broken.. Save me from sinking, sir! What can I do?? I can do everything for my love…

  59. Naranji as per ur suggestion i am chanting ‘MUSTARD AGRIMONY CHANGE NOW’ for my case.but sir 2day again it delayed and no progress.i need court permission to repair a portion which shared both my and tenants side.and their lawyer r delaying for some paper work.i littlebit disappointed 2day.i want to win this case and wife’s sis Madhu told me to call wolf for those pepar formality.i am continuing the same,if need anything new or to add anything or call any animal spirit plz suggest me..please help me Asap Naranji.

    • ABCD
      call wolf as per madhu’s suggestion

      • Sir its not my suggestion,i am no one.but as i read in a blog that u hv suggested someone to call wolf for doing the paper formality for his job thats why i hv told my brother-in law for this.i know i fail to heal myself but for others i hv full faith sir.

  60. Sorry for 2 reason,1st i lost my previous blog so wrote here and 2ndly the chant was Mustard agrimony together be.

  61. Namaste sir,
    I always had a desire of loving somone truly
    who would also have the same for me. It happened last year when she really happen to come and become a part of my life. We are such a lover that struggle always to be together but alas that her parents always obstruct by breaking communication between us. She lives in bangladesh and me in australia we never even see of each other just messaging keeps us togeether that too has been snatched from us and she also gets beaten by her father for this. Please help me sir to get rescued off this misery. Realy need ur help sir. Cant stay without eachother.!:(

    • Sir at present i am doing a job far from my birth place kolkata.1st i need a chant for a better job in kolkata.2nd before 3yrs i mate a girl from different caste.she know about my feelings,we talked to each other.but she is little confuse about her feeling.she is also from a conservative family.her father trying to fix her marriage.i want her in my life,i want my future with her without any difficulty.need help,can’t even sleep well.

    • joy prakash,

  62. sir,i read all your comments and i’am really impressed with results all of them have got.
    Even i’am having a problem sir.
    My sisters husband is having an affair ,please tell me what mantras to to get back the love from him because now he finds only fault in every work she does.before he used love her a lot.


  63. sir.. I’m waiting.. When I found ur website and read details, I really found a ray of hope in complete darkness. U’ve already blessed me with divine words. May be I need more devotion and concentration. Honestly, I have complete trust on my love and ur words.
    But I need ur help. I can’t communicate with him. I don’t know even if he is in any danger! Plz do something so that I can talk to him as soon as possible.
    I’ve kept chanting ‘Together change now’ daily as many times as I can. I want to marry him as soon as possible. I don’t want to lose him at any cost. Plz help me to marry him and bind with him forever.
    At present, I badly need to contact with him. As I told U about my father, I am very worried about my lover. Plz sir.. Help me to be united with my true love..

  64. i am a christian girl and i am in love with a muslim boy, his family people doesnt have any issues regarding us getting married but my family doesnt like this . please give me some chant to overcome this issue.and getting a good job for my boy friend.

  65. minny,

  66. actually am from traditional hindu family from kerala .now i have problem
    my brother is going to convert pentacost religion. we tried to convince him.but he didnt
    please suggest me solution for this problem.early as possible…………
    waiting for your reply

    • Sir i read ur page where some mantras r writen.there r two mantra’RAVI KIRAN RUCHI KIRAN PARIPURANAN’ n’ RAMACHANDRAM PURUSOTTOMAN’,Its just to confirm that is that Paripuranan or nam and purusottoman or mam?as bcoz u said that mantras end with m,so i fl if any printing mistake or it is okay.

  67. Namastey Naranji,as per ur suggestion m chanting ‘Mustard agrimony together be’for my case with tenants.m caling wolf also.but it is delayed everytime.can i continue this,i need immediate positive result as money is going as water fr this case.

      • Pranam sir,i am chanting Willow agrimony mustard together be for my court case.i can’t say that everything going negetively but nothing in favour also.court has rejected to grant permision to repair one of my room from tenant’s side.there lawyer is also very is going like water.i am very disapointed,plz suggest something strong so that i can win this asap peacefuly.

  68. sir im not getting any reply from you plss help me sir im 29 yrs not yet married and working for 5000 complted my mba and give me switch word for my job growth and salary

  69. Namastey.. i am married for the last many years and was very disturbed and few years back i found a boy and we fell in love and did gandharva vivah. Now his parents have found a girl for him and he is engaged now but he still loves me very much and does nt want to get married. Suggest something so that his fiance herself break the engagement or his mother refused or break this relationship . But i dont want to harm anybody. I want that girl should get a good companion as her life partner and i get my love back.

    • Namastey.. i am married for the last many years and was very disturbed and few years back i found a boy and we fell in love and did gandharva vivah. Now his parents have found a girl for him and he is engaged now but he still loves me very much and does nt want to get married. Suggest something so that his fiance herself break the engagement or his mother refused or break this relationship . But i dont want to harm anybody. I want that girl should get a good companion as her life partner and i get my love back.

    • Meet,
      Without knowing we are carried away by temptation. Keep away from this boy’s life. Within a year, you will have problem which will be haunting throughout your life. chant CORAL CHANGE NOW continuusly and come out of this infatuation.

  70. dear sir, i wnt to love marriage, boy love me vry much and me to but problem is intercast, my family not allow me.wht to do please show me the way

  71. Dear Sir,

    There has been many obstacles coming my way in terms of marriage and job, even though marriage is my first priority. My parents and boys parents have both given their approval to our marriage but for some reason or the other, things are not moving further. Please tell me the chant so that this matter moves on.

    I just read in the posts written above about angel no. 58. So If I chant 58, will it remove obstacles of any kind??


  72. Niti

    • Dear Naran Sir

      I would really appreciate if u could just tell me how to chant this and its meaning. I have also read in ur posts about No. 58 and the mantra” Vallabham Gajananam Ekadantham “. Does it also help in removing obstacles of any kind ?? specially for marriage purpose??? Eagerly waiting for ur reply.


  73. Namastey,
    Im an only daughter to my parents and got married b4 10 years ie at 2002. My husband loving me too much but always irritating me with his words and cruelly behaving with me like beating and all and addicted to smoking and drinking. We dont have any kids still because of his problem. I got a good friend to share my mental worries at 2006. He was like a brother to me. While spending time with him I used to get rid of all my pains in life. Later he proposed me to get married after getting a divorce from my husband. But I refused it strongly not to give pains to my and to him and his family. I forced him to get another marriage. He refused it a lot and after all obeyed me and get married at 2010 and the departure caused deep mental worries to me. I went to a place far away from the newly wedded couples and tried to solve my tension by myself. I got another brotherly affection from another guy which is 8 years younger than me and a Muslim. He helped me to get rid of my old thoughts about the other guy and promised me that he will be with me until he get an age of 45. After that only he will get married. Also I warned him that later you to will give me the same mental situation like the previous guy did. He promised me deeply that he will be like a brother to me. But soon after 6 months he started proposing me. I was staying away from my husband for 2 years(we did it purposefully). I said him the same that we are a hindu and muslim, Im an only daughter, divorcing him , my age is more….all these problems to him. He never cared about it and warned me to stop talking. I too enjoyed the company with him. But me and my husband contacted thru phone. He too accepted it. But on dec 22-2012, me and my husband started living together in the same flat. he was also adviced me to live with my husb so that I can try for a baby from him evenif my husb cant give me. My husb will not get a doubt if he is with me..He may think that god gave him a baby. This was his suggestion. But after having living together, he got deeply disturbed while me and my husb staying in a room at night. He didnt even inform it to me. he behaved like normally. But was in an end of crying. At that time one of my friend (a muslim lady with same age of him)came to meet us. He purposefully followed her thru phone and now she started loving him. And asked him to marry her. He doesn’t wish it purposefully but for not hurting her he gave her the word that he will marry her. He is telling me this only after this much development within Jan 1st to 16th. I cant afford this. Im getting the same old situation….I need him to be with me at least for a 2 more years without thinking about any other lady. Please help me. I want he to forget her. Also she needs to get another good companion. After I get a baby i will myself find a good match to him and make his life secure. Please help me to save me and my life without harming any one. I love him deeply i cant afford any other girls loving him…..Advice me

  74. Dear,
    There has been many obstacles coming my way in terms of marriage and job, i am very much worried about my marriage. suffering lot. I just read in the posts written above about angel no. 58. So If I chant 58, will it remove obstacles of any kind??
    Please suggest me chant, to get married soon.

  75. I want a switchword for my broken relationship with my boyfriend to be restored back and he gets married to me. He doesn’t have the courage to go and tell his parent’s about me as I have had a traumatic past. He keeps breaking up and coming back. Please suggest something for him permanentely being in my life. I want a happy family.

  76. Sorry my last query seemed incoherent so writing back again. I was married at 15 and had a child by 16 and my marriage broke just after I had conceived. My child was taken away from me by my husband n inlaws. For last 5 yrs I am in a relationship with a guy(long distance) from my community but he doesn’t have the guts to go and tell his parent’s about me. In last five yrs we have broken up several times and come back together. In dec 2012 i.e last month he told me I was hoping for some magic but now even my dad is a heart patient. I cant risk his life so we have broken up for good. Is there a way we can come back together and get married without causing any harm to his parent’s. Financially also my career is not taking shape. What should I do…

    In reverence

  77. dear sir,
    please tell how to get my love back in my life, he loved me so much he was redy to marry me and crazy about me,but now he ignoring me,i love him so much he is my soul.wht to do tht he bcome as before

  78. rekha,
    chant rockwater scleranthus

  79. Dear Sir,

    Thank you Very much for your Valuable Reply. Sir, how many days i have to write 58 which colour of ink to be used to write any time is prescribed to write this 58 #, so within how many days i will get married and my problems will be solved sir. Plzzzz i will be waiting for your response.

  80. thank you very much sir, pls tell me which time and how i hv to do chant

  81. Respected naranji sir,
    I am in love with a guy since two years and he is confused whether to marry or not and my family members are seeing proposals for me.Please give me guidance to make his mind firm and avoid confusion for our marraige.

  82. dear sir my name is rajeshwari i am facing to much of problems in my life. my parents also hurting me lot even my marrage is getting delay without reason, not getting good praposals if came also they wont agree pls help me.

  83. Sir please help me to get back my love as my husband soon.. I really love him so much and want to marry him soon.. pleas help me .. last eight months i m in deep depression .. just feeling in my mind for suicide.. please help me to get back my love soon

  84. sir.. Plz help me.. Sumon called me after I chanted ‘together change now’ according to ur advice. But there are always obstacles in our way and our communication is stopped. Plz advice me so that I can maintain a happy relationship with him and have a regular communication.. Plz suggest me, sir.. We want to get married as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply..

  85. nabanita,
    chant together divine

  86. sir, I am in a relationship with a guy since 3 years. He is my soul. He also loves me like crazy. But at first, I didn’t tell him about my past ’cause I was afraid of losing him. Now he knows everything. He has forgave me because he can’t live without me. But now he doesn’t love me like before. Mentally he hurts me a lot, and the worst thing is he hurts himself. He can’t trust me and has become very suspicious. He is not caring and responsible at all. Sir, plz suggest me so that he regains faith in me and become loving, caring and responsible regarding me.. I love him truly and deeply. I don’t want to lose him.. Sir. i am waiting for ur reply..

    • laboaany,
      take the flower remedies chicory holly pine each three pills three times a day.
      These flower remedies may not cost you more than Rs.300/-

  87. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest me, what remedy to get good communication skill in English to get center of attraction and get good job and get married soon as per my choice. very much obstacles in my life. worried lot no words to express my problems, so much i am suffering. please get me some remedy to over come from all these problems.

  88. swapna
    if possible, chant AGRIMONY CHESTNUTBUD 100 times over a glass of water and give him. you will find the truth

  89. dear sir, your divine words really helped me so much, thank you very much sir, but i want stay my loving husband with whome i already got married in temple but my family not allowing with him as intercast problem i told you in last blog, i chanted WALNUT ROCKWATER TOGETHER CHANGE , wht i hv to do now

  90. Guruji i noticed that u always said that our concious mind always has a tendency to create that what we don’t want.then how we can stop it as we can’t stop thinking about our need or desire.and 1thing else if we think negetive then it often create,then why when we wish positíve it nt happen?

    • Rythm
      just say, i release this thought” as and when any thought arises.
      If you have a desire. Release that and work towards that. Dont think about the result while you are working towards the result. Accept whatever comes whether wanted or unwanted.

      When you have got what you desired, then PRAY for others – who are denied and/or whose desires were unfulfilled.
      When you have not got what you desired, THANK the DIVINE for giving to someone, who needed most.
      visit this link

  91. dear sir, your divine words really helped me so much, thank you very much sir, but i want stay my loving husband with whome i already got married in temple but my family not allowing with him as intercast problem i told you in last blog, i chanted WALNUT ROCKWATER TOGETHER DIVINE , wht i hv to do now

  92. dear sir, your divine words really helped me so much, thank you very much sir, but i want stay my loving husband with whome i already got married in temple but my family not allowing with him as intercast problem i told you in last blog, i chanted WALNUT ROCKWATER TOGETHER DIVINE , wht i hv to do now
    there is no ray of hope from my parents side

  93. Dear Sir,

    My mother is facing severe eye problem, medicines not working she is not getting sleep and very much disturbed. she feels some dust in her eyes. please suggest remedy for her eye problem soon. and more over in our family all member facing one or the other problems like health problem, financial problems, marriage problems, enemy problems no peace of mind at all. suggest us some quick remedy that we can come out of this problems and lead a happy healthy wealthy life. Awaiting for your reply sir.

    • sir, I saw a large giant python in my dream.. Could u plz tell me what does it mean..?? Actually I’m very disturbed and going through intense mental pain regarding my love life.. I just want to know if this python has any significance or any messege.. Sir, plz help me out with ur kind information….

    • rb,
      get the eye tone remedies from the centre. It may cost you Rs.100/- (for a container of 300 pills)

  94. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest me any remedy for Grey Hair Problem what is the remedy to get back the hair black think long and healthy hair back. I am very much suffering from grey hairs.

  95. Never Had thought about this kindda supporting work, Sir u r doing a great help to the sufferers…Really appreciable.
    Am writing this with great hope from you for the solution. I’m in relationship with a guy since last 8yrs. In between he has given me the idea as its not possible for us to get married cause his family won’t allow. Few days back he gave me the news as he is getting engaged, but since that time am feeling broken inside. Even I could feel that he too is not happy with this decision, as he said he is doing this just for his family’s sake. I don’t want to lose him. Sir, please guide am I right at my place when I still think of him? or should I let him move on? I want him to be happy but isn’t it possible for us to get married n live together? Please reply.

  96. Sir, plz suggest, what should I do? I really don’t want to lose him and seeking our parents’ permissions too, who are totally unaware of the fact… plz guide.

  97. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am desperately waiting for your reply, Please suggest me the switch words. He got to say yes to the girl, his mother has decided. He did it forcefully as he don’t want his mother to get hurt. He knows, I respect his care for his mother,and will not say anything against it. His engagement ceremony going to happen in another 3 days. He, too loves me a lot and suffering a lot cause of this situation. There should be a way to come out of this situation and stop this engagement. Sir, Please guide and bless me, so that both our families will accept our relationship. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. I am quite upset sir, plz help me.

    • V,
      Love should break all the hurdles, if it is true.
      chant together change now or listen to the cd Welcome change

      • Thanks a lot Sir, for your kind response. I have start chanting as u advised.
        Yesterday after meeting him, somewhere I felt that he is trying to get himself adjusted with whatever the situation he has got to accept & expecting same from me which really makes more upset and diverts the thinking in different directions.. It must be what you called “If it is true”. I just wish to overcome my negative feelings. Thanks for the switch words SIr. I know it will definitely help me..

  98. sir, after reading few problems of the people and their solutions from you , i am encouraged to seek remedial measure from you , though i have tried many remedies from several astrologers but i have not gained so far and lost all hope.

    sir , i am struggling to achieve my childhood dream of becoming an army officer though i come from three generations of army officers..
    in this pursuit i have also lagged behind among my peers who are well settled now..and i have no stable job , no money,no girlfriend.,i have resigned myself to late marriage ..pls help me to get my dream job and dream life partner. thanks

  99. Dear Sir,
    I can understand there are lot of facts happening in life, which we may feel are wrong, but that can be the Great Lords will, so should not be questioned too. In that case is my query of a kind that should not be answered? Am not sure. May be its a destiny which will decide about me. But how many times should I need to bend in front of my destiny, I am feeling really low with these incidents in my life. Earlier I had taken my step back, when it was about my career, now its about my life partner. Still I am not succeeded on any part of my life at age of 32!! I have failed over and over again…. I have always been good to people, so why should not I expect the same from my life. Bless me to remain positive. Thanks.

    • V,
      “how many times should I need to bend” is a statement which exposes your anger and resentment at destiny. A person if voluntarily bends and does the work will not complain.
      Take the flower remedies centaury willow Larch pine to overcome this feeling. three pills of each one after the other for three times a day.
      Dont say that i dont bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  100. I have been married for 15yrs. I have a 12 year old child. My husbands behaviour towards me has suddenly changed in last 2 years and he is insisting for Divorce. Please help to save my marriage.

    • kavita
      Take the flower remedies STAR OF BETHLEHEM HOLLY MIMULUS two pills each three times a day.
      Dont say that i dont bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

      • Thank you so much Naran ji for your prompt reply. I will buy this flower remedy suggested by you asap.

        I’m sorry I should have written my complete story earlier itself. Actually my hubby is insisting for divorce and has even sent me legal notices to agree for divorce by mutual consent. He left home 7 months back after a quarrel and has not come back since then. Recently he took up a job abroad and plans to settle down there itself. To safeguard myself from his future moves, I had to file a plea in the family court, requesting the court to send him back to me. Ours is a love marriage and we know each other for more than 20 years. His parents and everybody from my in-laws side are favouring me. Nobody wants our relationship to break.

        After knowing the complete story now, do you suggest any other remedy in addition to the flower remedy.

        I’ll remain indebted to you for my entire life, if you can save my marriage Sir.

  101. V,i absolutely can feel ur pain.i am also in the same boat.i tried a lot to reach my desire but now i raised my hand specialy in love.i talked to divine as a friend and told him everything,what else i can give it or nt is only on divine power.all d best and hope Sir wl also reply u soon.

  102. Dear Sir,

    Any remedy for Black magic, we feel that we are under the spell of Black Magic. nothing is working, everything going wrong, we lost our father we are suffering lot unable to withstand in the life everything getting delayed, marriage getting delayed, no proper jobs, health problem, financial problem, enemies problem. mentally and physically we suffering lot sir. please help us to overcome from this hell.

    • s,
      chant the below sloka over a glass of water 28 times and drink that water. give that water to your family. spray that also on the walls
      sarva vigna haram Devam
      sarva vigna vivarjitham
      Vandhey ham Gananayakam

  103. sir, my lover has become very suspicious now a days. He doesn’t trust me. Even if I am honest, he doesn’t believe me.. Sir, plz advice me how can I attain his faith and clarify the misunderstanding and distance between us.

  104. nabony,
    take the flower remedies chicory holly mimulus two pills three times a day.
    Dont say that i don’t know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  105. Thank you once again Sir. I did not understand your msg. Add Mustard where? Kindly clarify.

    Today I want to thank God for my problems. Its only because of these problems that I found your wonderful site. You are doing a very noble work by helping distressed souls like me. Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  106. sir, I am in a relationship with a guy who was drug addicted. But now he has stopped taking drugs regularly. But sometimes he just can’t resist. He is also a chain smoker. Sir, plz help me.. How can I keep him away from drinking and smoking..?? Plz suggest me some divine words. Can I chant on behalf of him?

  107. Hi there 🙂
    I have been working very hard to remove obstacles to my chosen career path, which is acting. The last six months, I have made great changes, but I feel like there things I cannot see that are preventing me from moving even further. I believe I am talented enough to make it happen, I feel like I just need more opportunities to show what I can do in order to make it happen. Can you be of some help? Thank you.

  108. hi
    I am in love with a boy from last 3.5 yr and we wants to get married soon. my parents are agree but his parents not…
    and also, the boy’s sister too is in the age of getting married. So he and his parents like their daughter to get married first. Then he will marry with me. we are waiting for his sisters marriage from last 3 yrs but his parents are not serious for this issue…
    now my parents are tired from waiting and want we get marry first and as soon as possible in this 3 months….
    pls tell me something to agree his parents for our marriage as soon as possible and blessed us for happy marriage life and all they give support for this marriage.. Boy and his parents will become ready for this marriage.. this marriage will becomes soon in this 3 months as my parents told us… bcoz my parents are so worried and want to see this marriage as soon as possible bcoz my age is increasing… pls help me…. pls….

  109. Dear Naran Sir

    This was my query on January 20th 2013..

    (There has been many obstacles coming my way in terms of marriage and job, even though marriage is my first priority. My parents and boys parents have both given their approval to our marriage but for some reason or the other, things are not moving further. Please tell me the chant so that this matter moves on.

    I just read in the posts written above about angel no. 58. So If I chant 58, will it remove obstacles of any kind??)

    You asked me to Chant “Sweetchestnut Gentian Walnut Hornbeam”… (what is its meaning? )

    I have replied to it 2-3 times but never got ure reply.. I hope this time you do…. Please …

    My query was how frequently I should chant this ??? Can I also buy drops for the same??? Can I chant Vallabham Gajananam Ekadantham for marriage ?

    I read it in many posts where u have asked Girls to chant this to get married asap… My family too is getting worried now…

    Please help me as I want things to get sorted out asap… I am eagerly waiting for ur reply Sir..

    I am also interested in attending ur workshop here in Delhi…

    Many thanks in advance…

  110. I got married in 1997 after marriage I have been suffering till today, I always get hurt bt husband is having court cases and we have not gud relation between wish was to stand myself btneither husband nor my mother support me.I trust a guy anil he always helped me in every situation bt now he is not talking to me. now I am fed uo from my life. whole day I cry in front of sai baba ji why me, plz sir ji show me a path and advice me where I m wrong or wat to do.

  111. Hi naran ji,
    Iam trying for settling in very good job with very good salary but things are getting delayed . I Believe god and confident that god will never let me down . Please suggest on how to overcome the delay in getting the desired job

  112. Kavita

    • Thank you so much Sir. I was thinking of asking you today if I can chant something to bring my husband back home soon. And here I have an answer from you even without asking. You indeed have divine powers !
      You suggested bach flower remedy STAR OF BETHLEHEM HOLY MIMULUS & MUSTARD. I am yet to buy these pills. But I have started chanting ROCKWATER I AM SORRY I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU just now.
      I love my husband very very much and I just cant think of a life without him.
      Thanks again Sir. God bless you.

    • Sir. I love my husband very much and I cannot live without him. It has already been more than 6 months that he has separated himself from me.
      In addition to the above, can I also chant ‘520 TOGETHER DIVINE’ ? As you have explained in your blogs that 520 is a number of miracles and TOGETHER DIVINE so that we can come back together. I am sorry for asking you for remedies like this on my own. But I just thought that this could work in my situation too, if it works for other people.

  113. Thanx sir ji thanx again and thanx sai baba ji too who showed me your blog.I am sure my future will b full of happiness with your and babaji blessings.

  114. sir, I am feeling dizzy for past 2/3 days. Whenever I get up, I feel dizzy and i fall off. Even if I am lying, dizziness attacks me. This happens so many times a day. I don’t know why. In fact, I take my meal properly. I am not weak at all. Could u plz suggest me how to get rid of this unwanted sickness?

  115. sir, my mom gets nightmare while sleeping and shouts with terrible fear. Plz suggest me how can i get her out of this.

  116. Respected naran ji..
    I am a hindu girl. I m in love with a boy since last 6 years.hez also a hindu bt from different caste n also hez financially weak but loves me truly and family is strictly against this relationship. So, i am facing so many problems and conflicts regarding this affair,my father n brother gives me threats to kill him if i take ny action against them…. Plz do something so that we can be united together forever. I cannot live without him. i told my parents dat m nt gonna marry ne1 else…they r ready to keep me in there house forever rather than making me marry him …my dad has put all restrictions on me i cnt go newher …i cnt meet him n dis way.. i will die.. my dad hez rite at his place n m rite at my place..hez worried abt my future due to financial issues of dat guy…n i also cnt hurt my dad.i cnt leave my dad fr my love nor cn i leave my love fr my dad..Plz suggest me what can I do to over come this bad time?? How can I avoid the obstacles and marry him and have a happy conjugal life for ever after.. Plz help me.. I am so hurt and broken.. plz suggest something so that my father agrees plz sir…i really need ur help.

  117. thank u so much sir. I will certainly try to get the pills ASAP.

    actually I want to thank u for improving my life in every way. U r doing a great job by helping distressed people in such an effective divine way. I asked for ur help regarding my love life. I want to convey my heart felt gratitude to u. It’s just about 2 months since I started chanting ur given switch words ‘TOGETHER CHANGE NOW’ & afterwards ‘TOGETHER DIVINE’. & now things r much better. My love whom I was going to loose, is still with me & problems r getting solved to a great extent. I almost gave up but u showed me the way to divine happiness..

    Sir, now I am asking for another aid from u. I want to get married with Sumon without any delay. But he thinks he is not ready and that he has some goals regarding his social and financial position. As I told u before, my father is a very powerful person & he won’t ever let me marry with him. So, Sumon will have to fight with my father to marry me and he thinks he is not worthy enough. But I don’t want to take any risk. I want to get married and be settled with him before any other problem strikes my

  118. sir, I am so sorry. I don’t know what’s the problem but every time I am trying to post my comment, it’s completely messed up! Sorry for my inconvenience sir. Hope u will make out what I was trying to say.

    The main theme is I want to get married with Sumon without delay. Plz advice me any divine remedy so that He gets completely prepared and we can get married without any obstacles..

  119. Thanx sir ji I will do as u guide me and sir ji I want my friend anil too attend your class.plz bless me.

  120. sir, I am in a relationship since 3 years. He was crazy about me. But since last 1 year, he has become very careless about me. Though he loves me a lot, but it seems like he has lost attraction and interest in me. It has created distance between us. He hardly calls me/mails me/meet me. He is too busy in his professional life. He hardly spends time with me. He keeps ignoring my call. In fact, keeps phone switched off. This hurts me a lot. I am so much attached with him, these things r affecting my life in every way. Sir, plz advice me so that I can get back the charm & joy in our relationship & can communicate with him whenever I want. It just kills me when I find his phone switched off! Sir, plz help me..

  121. Respected naran ji,
    I’ve received ur reply ……n m really really grateful to u for providing me ur help….i ve started started chanting the divine words with utmost faith….

    can u also give some solution n divine words for my boyfriend to chant from his side for my father’s approval……

    i wud also lyk to say sir that someone lyk u… really hard to find in dis century…..from all ur post’s i ve felt u r a combination of faith,trust,loyalty ,kindness…. u r sum1 who provides a quick helping hand to ease a hurt…
    may u alwayz b blessed with a happy, healthy n prosperous life…

  122. Respected Naran ji,

    i m in very difficult situation in love , i m in love with boy frm last 4 yr. in starting he was vry hapy with me n always care for me, aftr 1 and half yr he seem to lost interest in me i tried so much to b with him but he started ignoring me. thn i decided to go away frm him and i broke communication with him..the time was passing nr abt 3 mnth. thn suddnely on nite he made cal me , and started crying by saying tht i cnt live without you pls come back to my life..coz of love i accepted him back , we spent gud time for abt six mnth and again he got busy n started lost interest me again..and fade of al these i had breakup with him and broke all comunication with him..i nvr talk him abt 5 day he saw me with my close frnd.and he started to cal me bt i ignor his all cals than nxt day he text me tht he love me so much and accepted tht i m only his life and starting crying and bagging for my love. i said ok ..thn he himself purposed me for mary with me and he asked my lil sister tht he want mary with me.and we got angeged in temple he gave me ring.but when he asked my father to mary with me my father refused him (not complete refused ) thn he said to me he will get mary with me before god bcoz he cnt live without me..frm engagemnt to 4 months he loved me so much and cared me so much but frm last 1 month i fell his love dim..on day i asked him tht we both will request my father to get maried with each other. bt refused and said tht live it u find an another boy u will be more hapy. i said ok stoped to talk with he daily cals me minm.2 time and cnt liv without him i want him as bofre 4 months pls help me

  123. Dear Sir,
    As per your remedy i am writing SWEET CHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM 108 Times & # 58 (58 times) for marriage, when i started writing the first day 1 proposal came i was very happy but it dint match but after that nothing is happening always things getting delayed and i am ignored no fault on my side i am getting hurted. No progress in my life at all struggling like any thing. In my office also not getting appreciation / promotion all are ignoring me. no peace of mind at all. like this one or the other bad things happening in my life. i should get marry to a well placed kind hearted well educated person as per my choice within 1 month so what remedy i have to do sir to overcome from my problems. please suggest me some remedy.

  124. guruji, i am from dhaka, bangladesh. I came across ur site & got to know about the wonderful job u r doing for man kind. Could u plz suggest me some SW or mantra to heal my country? At present, our country is going through a very critical fase because of political critical situation. Strikes and fights r killing people. Daily life of general people is also hampered. There is panick and danger everywhere. If possible, plz suggest me if I can contribute even to a little extent to improve the situation of my beloved country.

    • rehan,
      Visualise a spring of violet flame engulfing the country, chant this as many times as possible.
      Thank the violet flame before and after chanting.

  125. sir a guy talked to me over a phone for marriage proposal with complete details i have checked even i had said to my family members about him but he is in US working so he is the one said first i love u and like to marry me so i continued and talked to him for three month in phone so he gave pressure want to marry soon so my parents and their parents fix the date to and came to see me in temple all went official.after a week i can see the changes in this way of talk dont know what had happen he had stop communicating for past one month even this parents saying they dont know about this what i have to do ?

  126. plz sir reply my query
    m goin thru a vry hard tym
    plz sugest sumthng so dat my father removes all bad feelings from his heart for my bf n agrees fr our marriage happily…plz naran ji

  127. dear sir, pls as i told you before i m in love with a boy. he loved me a lot but he dont talk with me and dosnt care for me , he say dosnt love me now as before , sir i’l die without him i cnt bear his words pls sir want my love back pls pls sir help me

    • neha
      take the flower remedies chicory, (Not to die without him) gentian(not to feel depressed over failure)cherry plum(to bring sanity in one thoughts)
      each two pills four times a day.

  128. Dear Naran ji,

    I have benefitted by your guidance on letter of Oath ceremony (above point number 24) , we did get our letters and all was completed within 2 months of starting to chant. Thank you very much.
    I would highly appreciate switch words guidance on. At age 26 I had purchased my own 2 bedroom apartment in Bangalore which was fully paid up, I had managed that putting my salary of 3 years towards the payments, did not spend even a single rupee during that period on anything, thanks to my parents, however, after I got married, I agreed to my husband’s decision to sell it (although with criteria that we will put the same money for buying something in Mumbai), however, with intervention of my father-in-law and non-cooperation of my husband that entire sale money just got used up in various things. Similarly, I had a saving of Rs3.5 lakhs in cash which my husband asked to put in a business with a friend of his again that business never happened and the entire money was lost. A few years later I had managed to save some few lakhs again my husband asked me to transfer it into a specific scheme and eventually i lost 50% of my initial deposit. I understand that there is some karmic reason for these recurrences and I have done forgiveness exercises, however, I still feel the pain of the loss and would very much like to have peace and closure of this matter because I do understand that what we focus on gets projected in our future and I am very tired of this repetitions. Please help. I live in Canada so attending your workshops is not a possibility so whatever help/guidance you can give will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  129. Rajii,
    Do some charity while saving the money.
    chant VENKADA RAMANA THIRUVENKADA RAMANA as many times as possible when you are in bed.
    This will stop the repetition of loss

  130. my relative having tennis elbow problem? Which mantra to be chanted? where we can download yur mantra from web? kindly reply

  131. lakshmi
    ask her to do the forgiving exercise for those with whom she is angry or not talking

  132. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please do suggest me something to chant for quick
    mortgage payment for our house as it is several
    years long process.DIVINE LORD,Please do
    suggest me something,that will help us to pay
    our huge mortgage sooner than the usual time [without
    having hard time for livelihood].Your suggestion will
    always take us to our desired goal !!!!!!!!!

  133. dear sir,
    he committed to marry me, and we make engagement in sep 2012 , this is impossible to live without him ,he cheated me, i want him back pls pls sir i heartly req you

  134. Dear Naranj,

    I have had a long distance relationship with a man for the past 2 years. I went to see him about a week ago and my stay over there was not a happy one because I asked him to have a commited relationship, he told me was not ready to have a relationship with me. Although later on he told me he needed some time and maybe we could continue seeing each other other and see where things lead to. I have very strong feelings for this man but I think I am just his sex toy. I would love to have a serious relationship with him but I am afraid I am not being taken seriously. What can I do to make him decide whether or not he wants to be with me ? Or if it’s time to leave him alone what can I do to avaid being obssessed about him. I am going literaly crazy. I can’t stop thinking about him. This relationship has become so toxic that I want out, if he’s not for me!!!

    Please help!!!!

    • sari,
      please take the flower remedies agrimony chicory walnut cherryplum hornbeam.
      in the night take the flower remedies agrimony and whitechestnut.

  135. Kavita
    chant adjust together change divine now

  136. We are in relation from last 8 years but still his one sis is unmarried and his parents are saying that after her marriage we will do yours. But my parents are agree and waiting. One of his sis is married to my cousin bro. They both are against our marriage. Please help I m 30+ and he is 37+ . Please help we can’t live without each other.

    • My bf sis is my real buas daughter in law. She had made all against 2008 I lost my only bro and after dat in2011 I lost my father also. Now me n my mom are alone and my mom remains tense about my marriage please help me so that we can got married in next few months pleade help

    • anu

      • Hello sirji
        Thanx for the mantra you have given me. Sir due to your blessings my bf had again talked to his mother for our marriage and his parents had agreed to do our marriage first and after thatof their daughter. Sir tommorrow they are going to match horoscope.sir bless us so tgat our horoscopes match and our marriage should be fixed as soon as possible.

        • Hello sir,
          Sir I have prblm in my right yr.there is ahole in my 1998 doctors adviced to operate.due to financial prblm my dad was nt able to do it. Aftr that many time my fathr trued to do my treatment but every time it delayed due to certain reasons. In 2009, finally I was admitted to operate but in operation theatre machine gt jam. I don’t knw every time wat happens. Nw my fathr and brthr are no more I am alone with my mthr. How will my treatment go on. I am afraid of my ear prblm. Is there any way to recover frm it. Any mantra…

        • Hello sir ,my bf parents are delaying matching of hiroscope unnecessarily. Sir they are trying to make this long due to that we are suffering a lot sir we are waiting from 2005. Sir when we will got marrued when we will have kids? After all what is the average age of common man. Sir do something that they will to our home with marriage proposal. My family has approached them many a time on phn and once they went to their home also. Sir frankly speaking they are trying to dominate me and my family. Sir I am vry araid and in tension and there my bf facing the prblm of blpod pressure due to tension. Sir now its upto to you. You know the solution. Guide us please……

          • anu

          • Hello sir
            I am so glad to tell you that you are really great. Now this is what I call MIRACLE. My bf’s family agreed and panditji has given 3dates for our marriage. I am really not believing this. Keep me blessed so that everything will go smoothly and without hurdle… thanks sir.

          • Hello sir with your blessing. I have told you later that three dates have came out for marriage.two are in july and one in jan next year. My parents are agree in july bcoz jan will b too late bcoz my mthr will b tension free as soon as possible. But they are giving silly reasons to b happen in jan. Sir giv me solutin so that they will agree to marry us in july. Thanks you divine.

          • Hello divune sir,
            Sir with your grace my marriage is fixed on 14july . But there is too hot on that days. Sir now we need money for marriage. Atleast 5 lakhs but there is only 1lakh and 50 thousand with us. Sir please give me some mantra to chant with which we can manage monet for our marriage. Give your grace my divine sir you are my only hope and thanx to divine God who had given me your address.
            Thanx sir.

  137. Hello sir
    Sir my job is govt but contractual. Earning only 3000 per month.,I want my job to be permanent and want finacial sufficient enough to support my wife and needs. Please show me the way.

  138. sir I love a boy last 6 years and we both want to marry soon..please help me that our marriage will happen without any obstacles

  139. Hello sirji,with your blessings my mthragreed to marry me first. You are really great sir now I just want that marriage should be fixed as soon as possble and without any hurdle .I am chanting your givn mantra regularly. Bless me financially also so that I can make my whole family happy.

  140. Sir plz help me . I ws in relationship for 2yr. Nw he is in relationship wit sum other girl. He totally used me for money sake . .i want him back plz help me to get him back with love n respect. .

  141. sir plz help marriage fixed with a guy before 3 mnths .yesterday it brokes up.starying he was very good.he is nt in india.we only had phone conversations.he has lot of complexes………..finally i said no to him….. nw i am relaxed .plze help me to get a new relation ship with a nice person who can understand me. i am 29yrs nw.

  142. Dear Naran Sir

    How are you? Can U suggest some mantra or remedy to get married as soon as possible? I wish to get married within 2-3 months… Even though I have been chanting “Vallabham Gajananam Ekhadantam”…


  143. Niti
    write ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW daily 51 times

  144. sir plz tel me any good satvik mantra to make my nishanth realize me that am good and to proplose me and to come first in my exams

  145. i want take gold medal in university exam plz tel me any mantra and also to achieve success in research

  146. actually am from traditional hindu family from kerala .now i have problem
    my brother is going to convert pentacost religion. we tried to convince him.but he didnt
    please suggest me solution for this problem.early as possible…………
    waiting for your reply

  147. jisha
    chant walnut change divine order

  148. Hi Naran Sir,
    I got a proposal from matrimony. We both like each other very much. Evrything went fine for some time. Our parents oked for the marriage. But marriage is getting delayed because hi sparents are obstructing for marriag elocation. We are from different states. They want us to do marriag ein their place and my parents are not willing to do it there. He is trying hard from his side to convince them but they are delaying it for silly reasons. They are looking matches for him. It is getting delayed. pls help me to make our marriage happen smoothly with both sides approval.

  149. sir plz give me suggestion

    • sir am very happy bcz after 6 and half years first time nishanth talked with me in my birthday its really amazing no one could believe this in my friends circle they all atonished thank you for your guidance in my life am greatfull to you forever

  150. Dear Respected Sir Naranji,Dear Madam Shobanaji!
    dear Sir/Madam Kindly help I want help for one of friend who has lost his Right eye vision it is damaged due to some operation fault 13 years back and now left eyes is getting some problem has catract…kindly give me Energy circle,english switchwords numbers any method to have eye sight compleatly healed…THANKS BE(can a lost eye sight regain its power?

  151. i have little pressure in both of my eyes, i could see some plant skeleton like structures in front of eyes. sir tell me please how to remove this.

  152. Namaskar sirji
    My priblem is that one of my neighbourer is just like my sis and my son also takes tuition from her. We have very healthy family relations. But suddenly due to certain reasons sone differences came inbetween us. And I also stopprd my son’s tuition from her. Sir please help me so that I can again send my son to her for studies and also the differences between us remove forever.due to this her mother is aldo annoyed from me sir I want my aunt’ love vack. Thanx sir.

    • samriti
      go in person and ask for forgiveness. dont hesitate or feel shy.
      beofre going chant together divine and go.
      Take the help of wolf also

      • Hello sir
        Sir my problem is solved before your answer you are really great sir thanku sir.
        Sir now my prblm is related with my hsbnd . Sir my husband is getting job of centre govt.but due to certain reasons his name is in waiting. Sir give me some mantra to chant on behalf of my husband so thst he can get that job without hurdle. Thanx sir.

  153. sir my boyfrind not talking me and meet me last one month.i cannot leave without him.please tell any mantra that he sud call me and meet me and we will get marry soon ..please sir

  154. Hello sir,

    I am in a great trouble. I love a guy a lot and he also loves me but is parents are against our marriage.He is a manlik and i am a non manlik. I beleve in mantras a lot. So, could you please suggest any mantra for me so as to convience his parents and remove obstacles from our marriage?

  155. sir plz give me any mantra to get propose by my nishanth in two days i beg you plz

  156. hi sir
    plse suggest me any mantra for my coming psc exam.exam is in july 20th.

  157. Dear Naran Sir,

    Can you please reply to my query as well?

  158. Sir yesterday I dreamt that my body is in a pit and my head is out of it and out of my head flames of fire coming out. Sor what does it mean. Everything is allright ? My marriage is ahead and there are so many tensipns related tp funds, I am chanting together count divine now and also calling squirrel. Sir please help.thanx divine.

  159. Hello sir
    Sir my husband is mes contractor. But work is not so good. Sir please give me some switch words so that he can get big conracts and eearn good amount of money to support family. Sir its urgent….help me plz.

  160. Dear sir,
    we are facing a lot of water problems, b’coz of one of our neighbour. what ever the water comes in the pipe line he has made something that we are not getting water in our pipe. he is very bad man that we cant complaint and fight against him about this. so sir please any remedy for this so that we too can get the water properly. please sir very urgent.

  161. Guruji,

    please suggest simple and powerful remedy for my problems. in my office in spite of my hardwork my boss is neglecting me and hurting me very badly in front of others i am unable to tolerate this and more over my marriage is not happening lots of problems and worry not able to overcome this problem. so please suggest me a good remedy so that he should change his mind and kind & soft towards me and feel guilty for what he is behaving and hurting me

    i should get marry at the earliest as per my choice. please it is very urgent guruji.

  162. Dear Naran Sir…

    I contacted you for the very first time in the month of January. Since then there is no change in the situation I am into. I am in relationship with a boy for almost 3 years now.. We both want to get married and our families are also happy with it. Boy’s name is Amit. Now the thing is, his parents live in a different city and they were supposed to either call my folks or come down at our place but they haven’t. When Amit asks them, they say they’ll come or at least call us but they actually don’t.He also tried his level best but failed. These things really upset me and makes me worried.

    We both then decided to get married ourselves but I don’t want our marriage to take place like this, hence quit the idea of it.. We feel its not the right way. We want both the families to bless us and be a part of it and this is what we have been waiting for.

    Please give me a mantras/switchwords/flower therapy or anything u can suggest so that they contact my family, initiate things and our marriage can easily get fixed. We want our marriage to take place before August or atleast date gets finalised between the families.

    Last time you asked me to write ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW 51 times daily. I am doing it on a regular basis.

    I really expect miracles to happen now. I need your blessings Sir. You have sorted many problems in other’s lives and it has fulfilled their wishes. You are truely and Angel. With this hope I want you to Help us too. I am writing this in complete faith and trust.


  163. Naran Sir. Request you to please devote some time for me, for my questions of 19th and 20th May. I am extremely sorry for troubling you again and again on this, but I’ve got so dependant on your remedies that I need your guidance regularly now.
    Thanks for all your help so far.

    • kAVITA,
      WHATyou wrote for “find” is not there. Read the postings carefully. . Instead of writing to me daily,cultivate the practice of reading all the blog postings. Just reading all the postings everyday makes you healed. continue what was given

  164. Dear Sir,
    Any simple and powerful quick remedy that any one can do.
    1. To increase desirable height.
    2. To lose weight.
    please i am very short compared to my friends so i feel it very much. please suggest me some remedy to increase desirable height.
    and also to lose weight. please sir.

  165. Dear Guruji,
    Please suggest some remedy to us. We are facing a lots of problems and in our house lots of lizards are their it always makes sounds whatever and whenever we speaks and in night also it make lots of noises and it comes down and walks on the floor. Very much disturbed how to get rid of this lizards from the house and in our compound in the pot one white Arka plant is growing is it good one or bad what we have to do? Outside the compound opposite to our building one big White Arka Plant is there we do poojas daily for that. No peace of mind lots of enemies and financial problems, health problems no medicines are working lots of tensions no peace of mind. And we wish to have our own house. All the works getting delayed no proper jobs, not getting marriages. Please guruji suggest some remedy to over come from these problems.

    • rose,
      as long as you think that lizards are problems, you will have problems.change your beleif.

  166. vanakam sir..I’m weny from Malaysia…I’m just 23…I love one guy name thurai raj 24..v love each other n our parents no bout our love. ..v lo each other since 5years. suddenly v got problem. .n he don’t wanna answer the call n Msj me…it’s really gave me pain..I can’t do anything without him…I wanna he back to me again…n I wanna his family members also accepted me as they daughter in law..please. .because y I gave my self to him..please understand…please. ..I wanna he back to me soon by next month..please. ..please. ..I wanna he think bout me n crazy bout me..y I’m tell got heart simply leave me after doing everything to me..pain sir..please help me..

  167. Dear Guruji

    please suggest a remedy to attract and get favour from my boss and my collegues now a days my boss hurt me lot. they are hurt me lot.

    and also to get married soon as per my choice without delay iam unable to withstand this problem. please sir.

    i dont know y he is hurting me like this no fault on my fault. no increment no appreciation also please guruji help me to solve this problem and lead a happy healthy wealtyy life

    • rs,
      chant as many times as possible
      Be(remain unaffected – ignore)
      crystal(have clarity)
      unplug (shed limitation)
      swing(courageously face the situation)
      dipole (understand that you have to co-exist with opposite people)
      together paint( Modify people and others)
      divine love (by expressing divine love)

  168. Hiteshi Vinod Prashar

    Namskar sirji
    Sir as I told yu earlier dat my is marriage is fixd. And I need finance. Sir fr finance prblm you suggestd me Together count divine now. Calld squirrel. And also chanting om hreem taha.but sir nthing hlpd. My savings are finishd now. And there are only 75000 witj me nd my mthr. Sir I dnt want my mthr to borrow money. Sir plz help sir plzzzzzzzz. Its vry irgent help me to arrange money. My marriage is on 14 july. Plzzzzzzz sir

  169. Hiteshi Vinod Prashar
    chant sweetchestnut clouds Together count divine now.

    • Thanku sir. I hav startd chanting these switch words right nw.
      Sir as marriage is coming near, I am worried abt my mther. She will b all alone aftr my marriage. Sir give me some solution so that she will nt be alone and me and my sisters will b tension free. Two days in a week I will come to my mther and two days my sisters. Rest days we will be tense. Give us solution sir. Thankyou.

      • ANU

        • Namaskaar sir
          IS have completed my marriage now. Sir you told me to do so. Now plz give me solution so that my mom can not live alone, she is a heart patient, yesterday she felt unconcious at home, any thing can b happnd to hr, sir plz giv solution, I want to conceive nd giv hr good news plz help sir, I know only u will answer me

  170. sir, i have written ca final exams. waiting for results. any mantra to have confidence and get positive results

  171. Dear Naran Sir
    My mom is suffering from severe eye problems as per your advice she is taking eye tone pills and also she is using the eye lubricants as per doctors advice but problem not solved. And also she doesn’t gets sleep also very much depressed. Please any switch words to solve her eye problems and any mantra or any angel # that she can keep it for this problem. Please give me remedy for this problem Sir.

    • SP
      IS SHe listening to eye vision cd?
      ask her to take the flower remedies MUSTARD MIMULUS WHITECHESTNUT RESCUE REMEDY SCLERANTHUS as a combination before going to bed.

  172. Namaste sirji
    There is a lot of fighting startd between me nd my going to b husband. On vry little issues and everyday. Even Together Divine is nt working nd nt evn ball of love. Help me sir I m in depressing situation. Already hv lot of tensions. Please help me sir.

  173. anu

  174. Dear Sir,

    Iam in love with my childhood friend and our parents also like this. But now his parents is opposing our marriage and trying to change his mind.Please give me a remedy.

  175. Namaskar sirji
    Sir how to tackle a person who asks fr bribe. Our electronic metr is damagd bcoz of which inspector in electricity deptt. demanding money frm us which is unfair. Sir how to deal wid dat prson. We r nt in favour of giving or taking bribe. Plz suggest me a solution fr dis.

  176. hello sir
    heard alot about you from my friends, sir im facing alot of problems as im in love with a guy since past 8 years , he also loves me alot my family has agreed regarding our marriage issues but his family is totally against it as our kundali is not matching, as i have kal sarp yog in my kundali sir what should i chant in oder to remove all these obsticles and his family agrees…i need your support sir hope you can understand my prob… hope to recieve your feed back soon

  177. Good evening sir,
    As suggestd by you am chanting Climb adjust together change divine, daily 200 times, for removing little fightings inbetween me nd my going to b husband. Sir 25 days are left fr our marriage but there is daily fght between us on phone. Sir I wanta loveable and harmonious relation between us. We get normal aftr 2 days. Ut I want that nobody can put fingr on our fightings as ours is love marriage. Whatevr you suggests me I chant with full gaih n nd nw I want these fights to far away frm my both families. So that there shud b peace and lve between us.

  178. ANU

    All the couples should understand each other,trust that both live to love each other, shed the ego which is the cause of all conflict,reach Harmony somehow,praising each other instead of finding fault, and understanding to communicate after listening.
    chant BOW PRAISE TOGETHER REACH DIVINE LOVE LISTEN BETWEEN is the mantra for your happy married life

  179. Namaskar sirji
    Really feeling glad fr your response. Every answer and solution suggested by youreally gives us msg and lesson. Thankyou sirji. Thanks a lot…

  180. sir really need your help …..i had posted my query on 18th june,but have not recieved any reply from your side…hope to recieve a reply from your side….im in a situation where every thing seems to be very dark…please sir help me out….ur next to god to me…

    • MINEE

      whether the horoscope matches or not all the couples should understand each other,trust that both live to love each other, shed the ego which is the cause of all conflict,reach Harmony somehow,praising each other instead of finding fault, and understanding to communicate after listening.
      chant BOW PRAISE TOGETHER REACH DIVINE LOVE LISTEN BETWEEN is the mantra for your happy married life

  181. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest me any switch words to get married soon , as per my choice i.e., a well settled kind hearted well educated with clean habit person. I’m very much worried marriage is getting delayed all my friends and younger to me got married but still I’m not yet married I’m unable to face them so much worried. so please help me sir.

  182. Namaskar sirji
    Sir I am again here with a same prblm. I hav compromisd a lot of times, undrstnd d situation still m nt satisfied. M vry much upst. Wsnt to b happy but still same prblm. 3 days passd my fiance nt talking wid me. M chanting the mantra bow praise togethr reach divine love listen between. Suggest me some solution . I m disturbing u a lot .I m feelung guilt fr that m sorry but please solve my life guruji I beg of u.

  183. Namaskar sir
    Sir all mishappenings are happening with me. I am already in tension and now 1 hr ago I lost my gold ear ring. I am chanting cerato rockwater chestnutbud reach now. Help sir.

  184. hi…i have been searching for guy for marriage since long…have also seen many guys. now that i have came across a guy through matrimony and really like him. he likes me too. we both to marry but caste issue is coming in between. pls suggest some mantra that i can do so that our parents agree and our marriage is solemnized without any obstacles.

    • nandi

      • thank you for reply naran sir. can you explain me the meaning of this mantra? the guy an i, we both like each other and have pure intention of settling…v both dont wish to search for any other matrimony prospects. will this mantra remove all obstacle and lead to our marriage happily?

        2 more help i want sir. 1) i have lost my cell phone and few of my things from home. i have been searching but could not find. pls suggest mantra so that i can find my all lost things.
        2) i want this guy to prosper in his profession with great heights, where he gets name fame prosperity. kindly suggest mantra for his success.

        • nandi
          if the meaning is not given, will you not chant ?

          • nothing like that sir. its out of curiosity i asked as i read many asking meaning in this post. all i want is to make things happen as i am above 30 and the guy too…now that we have found each other we dont wish to delay bcoz of age. sir if you can help with my other 2 points i would be grateful.

            • 2. chant CRYSTAL REACH NOW DIVINE

              • thank you sir for your reply. i have been chanting first switch word given by you and my parents met the guy and liked him. but still they want to me to look for other guys. i have been making them understand that when i have got that guy then why should i search for other options; and i really i dont know what is it that is obstructing and making our marriage delayed. as i told you we both are above 32+ and wish to settle in life now. should i continue chanting the same switch words so that we can atleast get engage in this month (to speed up things)?

  185. Hello sir
    Its an amazingggg experience I hav found my ear ring aftr chanting the mantra and from the place where I searchd 100 times. Thanx sir thanx divine.

  186. Hello sir
    Sir my problem is that my child is in teenage and out of my control. Sir I want to be her on the right path so that bad company can nit harm her. Sir she dnt listen to me nd my hsbnd . Plz giv switch words to handle her gently. Its on priority sir. I will b vry thankful to you.

  187. Namaskar sir,
    Sir this is a clear magic that my marriage is happening. Thirteen days left and I am totally depressd. No finance no peace of mind. Because of frustration both me and my fiance are fighting without issues. Sir I want to pass these thirteen days in peace and with happiness o. Without any tension . Please sir I have tried all your suggestd remedies . This time nothing workd. Help me out of this prblm.

  188. sir,
    i am suffering from migraine problem plz suggest me some switchwords that will help me

  189. sir please reply me as soon as possible.I am suffering very much from migraine

  190. sir
    please reply to my query,i had posted on 21st june …im into a lot of problem …hope to receive your feedback soon

  191. Sir,
    I am not doing well in business since 2 years. Please advise.

  192. Hello sir
    Sir I have a disc problem because of which I can nt sit or pik upthings from floor. Sir I have consulted many doctors. I have taken phsiotherapies also on daily terms. But nt fruitful. Sir help me in this matter. Because of this my family is suffering . Help me sir
    Thanks divine sir.

  193. sir why r you not answering my questions. please give reply to me

    • He usually asks people to meet him in person when they have migraine.

      Anyway, I spoke to him just now. He promised to write a blog on Migraine.

      You may choose to contact centre or wait for the blog until then.

      To add to the above, I remember he suggested to my friend to take the Bach Flower Remedies White chestnut (as migraine comes in specific times) and Rescue Remedy (as you will tend get panic around that time).

  194. Need your help sir

  195. My parents are searching for alliances and many matches continuously and always talking about marriage but i am in love with my bf. Please help me to stop them seeing matches for me and they themselves should postpound and think of my happiness. and agree for my love marriage.. Pls help Naran ji
    Too much of fights and fear troubling me when ever i reach home from office, they keep visiting astrologer and doing one or the other forcefully to make me get married. They should stop seeing matches and i shd be free from this problem and they should agree for me to study in usa am currently preparing for my exams and not able to focus on that too..please save me from this situation Ji. Thanks for your help.. Divine blessing is what i am looking.. i am already taking agrimony pine rescue remedy.. as per your assistance

  196. Or Is there any switch words to make them stop going against me ? and understand me ..

  197. sir….i m 34yrs old nd unmarried.i m suffering frm premature ovarian failure.i m nt getting said we cant do any thing. i wnt to get my periods naturally….nd i want get marry soon.pls help me so i can over come his obstacle in my life…..plzzzzzzzzzz help me

  198. Hello sir
    Sir tomorrow is my marriage nd there is a lot of heat in jammu. Plz help guests are restless here. Plz help

      • Hi sir.. yest full day trouble at home sir reg a alliance which my parents forced me to.. I was fully calling fox wolf violet flames help during the emergency situation. And now my parents hav postponed for a month now .. tat itself s big.. divine saved me.. centaury willow pine change divine orde. Works on me :-):-) but now struck in home sir tey said no job.. I want them to give me freedom n send me to office .. I want to be with my bf sir.. I don want to listen to others desire for me.. my parents are also not happy.. please tell me wat shd I say to make my parents agree to my love n give me freedom to go n work ..
        My taking agrimony pine rescue remedy and chanting mustard walnut holy together divine..
        I shd stay strong sir in my love and be positive I want divines blessing and also my parents shd forgive me and accept us ..

      • hello sir, sir my marriage is complete now and my in laws are also so nice nd good with me but my eldermost brother in law is not talking with me nd my husband due to which me n my husband is upset . sir I sm againg asking u to giv such solution so that my family my sisters my jusband nd brthr in laws be unite nd love each other. help me sir. I m vry much upset….

  199. sir i love a guy very much…but he don’t loves me…which sw i chant that he loves me…plz sir i really love him very much from last 3years….

  200. sir i wrote university exam pls give me any powerfull mantra that to get highest marks in all subjects which are going to valuation


  202. sir plz help me..i love a guy very much from last 3 year..but he does not love me….which sw i chant that he also love me…now i am chanting…concede clear centre find love together divine…and change divine love now… without any expectation ..sir plz tell me

  203. Dear Sir,
    I Love him for than my life and to want to marry him asap, He too loves me .He has filed for divorce and had one child where he needs the custody of his child.But his wife is harrasing him not giving him custody of the child and demand for all his property.I just want her wife to give him divorce immediately without any high demands ,she should get ready in whatever he gives and soon marry me .Kindly help me out

  204. Dear Sir,
    I Love someone for than my life and to want to marry him asap, He too loves me a lot .He has filed for divorce against his wife and had one child where he needs the custody of his child.But his wife is harrasing him by not giving him custody of the child and demand him for all his property.I just want her wife to give him divorce immediately without any high demands ,she should get ready in whatever he gives and he should soon marry me .Kindly help me out.

  205. Dear Naran Sir

    Please sir help Me .Plz plz plz
    I have already read some post of yours .You are helping others.Please sir tell me how Can I solve my problem within this year.Please sir.really need your help.

    I am in serious problem .I love a person last 7years. Both of us love each other.But after 2years of relation I came to know that he has already done registry marriage forcefully by his parents.He was not interested in that marriage. So they are living separetly. when the girl came to know that he need divorcee and he wants to restarts his life aging with me.she put him under mental torture and legal also so that he cant marry me.Plz help me.So that the girl should go from his life and both of us can live happily.

  206. i lov sum1 bt i hv to no job dts y her family is against our love… i love herr alot plz suggest me remedies to get her marry soon

  207. Namaskar sir ji,
    Sir plz answer to my query I hav send you emails also…..need your help sir…..

  208. I have a problem that I like someone but our family are against due to different issue I.e caste and kundli so what should we do to co convince our family

  209. Thankyou shobana mam. Thakyou so much for your early response

  210. Hllo its urgent sir, a lot of smell comes frm my dog. He is dangerous nd dnt let us touch his body . So we sprinkle water frm far away. Sir giv us such mantras so can he become healthy nd germ free.
    Thnx regards
    Mrinaal singh

  211. Sir I am in love with a boy whom I want to marry. Since caste difference is the biggest obstacle in our life for which my parents are not willing for our marriage . We both r earning person, we can’t liv withiut each othr on his side everyone is ready only my father is objecting. Plz giveme some switch words so that we can get blessings of our parents. Its urgent as my bf mothr is nt always well, plz help…..

  212. Sir its my humble request, plzzzzzzz response nd blesss

  213. Sir plz help

  214. Dear Naraji
    Many obstracles are coming in my marriage. Due to silly reasons i am being rejected and marriage is getting delayed. Kindly tell what are the remedies and what I should do to over come this? As I am not engaged yet.

  215. naran ji,
    i m going through bad phase of my life.i m preparing for bank exam bt m unable to succeed for many i m hopeless.plz suggest me some angel no. to get rid of depression and get enthu to prepare for my next bank exam.i got lots of obstacle while studying.sometimes negative thought sometimes health problem somtimes family help me to get job as soon as possible.

  216. Ms.Rebecca Thomas

    Dear Naranji,

    I Ms.Rebecca from Mumbai, i am in love with a marathi brahmin boy and we both love each other. but he says that he cant marry me as he has lots of problems in his family. I asked him many times but he never tells me exactly what problems are stopping him from marrying me. I am agree to adjust and support him in all conditions after marriage as a wife. Please Naranji, provide me some solution that whatever obstacles are stopping my partner to marry me Remove them and make him to ask for marriage with me. I am agreed to do anything for him… I want to marry him as soon as possible as my parents are searching other boy for me and i am not agreeing to marry other boy except him as i really love him lots. I want him to realize that he cant live without me and he and his family should come forward to ask me for marriage.

    please help me out i am very much stressed .

    Rebecca Thomas

  217. Sir please help hus s in dubai.hevs an it proffessional.he worked in chennai.but nw he resigned his job and went to dubai for better offer.but he ddnt get job yet.he is in frustrated mind please give some remedies

  218. hi i met a guy for matrimonial purpose. he was from usa. we liked each other but all of a sudden he went back without meeting me. and now he is not responding on my messages. i like him a lot and want to marry him. pls help.

  219. dear sir

    I just want to get rid of negative in my way of life of being successful. Take away all the bad luck that’s hindering my life. I need help to clear bad karma. Go away bad luck dark clouds around me give me a peace of mind more money. I honestly need your help

  220. Namaste sir

    I want to know what to do as their is a marriage proposal for my daughter. She met the boy and she liked him. Boys parents have agreed but have not yet told the boy that they would like this marriage to take place. The boy is a bit confused about arranged marriage. Boys parents have started doing some mantra so that the boy himself ask them to bring the proposal for my daughter. All janampatri is matched. They have asked me to see if I can do anything to make the boy interested in marrying my daughter. Please help

    • Thank you sir can you please tell me how to use 58 do I write and keep under my pillow and purse. Do I need to do any mantra chanting

  221. dear sir naran ji

    good evening..
    sir i got married since one month ago..
    our marriage is love cum arrange.
    sir my husband loves me i know but from his family his mother and sister are trying to seprate us by doing wrong things they both wants only to aquire money intead of loving us.
    they are trying to some black magics and all for that we often fall sick and some kind of misunderstandings takes place and like a kind of quarelling occurs. this i am not able to tell my husband as he will belive or not i don’t know.

    plz sir suggest us what should i do.
    plz sir i want to be happy with my husband and keep his family too happy..

  222. Hi,
    I was in a relationship with a girl for 5 years and we were about to marry but the girls parents are not agreeing for our marriage. Now there are lot of problems and the girls parents have forced girl not to talk with me, now she is not talking to me at all.

    Is there any way that everything becomes fine, she start talking to me, we both get married n her parents agree for our marriage. Please suggest some solution.

  223. hello sir,
    can u please suggest me any switch words … my boyfriend is facing problems and is being cheated by people in his business .
    thank you

  224. Dear sir,
    Actually sir I want to get married and my parents are searching an appropriate guy for me from more than an year. Its really getting delayed sir, plz tell me some way to get married soon….plz rply sir.

  225. Hello Naran sir,

    we have so many obstacle in my daughter’s marriage, as whenever we try to talk to someone we cant take the matter forward, and people seem disinterested,she is born in march in first week and a beautiful and tall girl and well qualified.
    plz suggest something, so that we can find a nice groom for her.

  226. Dear Naran sir,
    My husband is having problems in his promotion despite all possible hard work. It is having effect on our life and relationship. Please tell us the remedy and also if it will be possible or not.

  227. dear sir,
    my son wants to go to Canada for further studies. we have already paid his collage fees.But due to some reasons,he can not open an account in the bank there.And so he will not get his visa .He has already missed his first term…..Please help……

  228. Pranam guruji, my marriage is getting delayed. Help me so that i get married within 1 month.

  229. Dear sir, my name is ashalatha frm bangalore please suggest me with mantra to solve my husband”s financial problem we are paying only interest not able to return the loans we have lost our jewellery car every thing for this reason and i dont know weather we get back our things or not please suggest me with powerful mantra or devine word.

    thanking u yours sincerely
    Ashalatha R babu

  230. after a long time I am asking u a question , sir my mthr lives alone at home, I was going there to giv tuitions and daily fr three hrs I was there . now I am sux mnth pregnant and now it will b diffucult fr me to go there daily but still I want to go there if pssible after two days fr one day. if I will nt go there all students will run away . plz help me to go there. othr than my mthr will alone fr whole day. plz help
    as soon as pssible as tomarw I am going to in laq home

  231. Hi sir

    I am appearing for competitive exams but not getting sucess….I need to clear this asap as i need a good government job as i am the sole bread earning of my family…
    I have lot of personal and financial problems also…
    Also i am in love with my friend but i am not able to marry him because of both families wont agree for this…
    i am very depressed and tensed in life..
    Please suggest me few mantras to get out of this frustation and get a good job and husband.

  232. Sir
    We were friends for 8 years and in a relation for 2 years. After lot of opposition from both families our marriage was fixed for early this year. But due to continuous fights and misunderstandings between both of us as well as both families our marriage got cancelled. I want us to be reunited at the earliest. His parents are now completely against me and are searching a bride for him. even he has become against me and blames me for everything. We talked twice in between but now all communication has been stopped. I want us to get married at the earliest. Please advice


  233. Namasthe Naranji,
    I am in love with a boy from last 3 yrs and we want to get married soon as we have crossed 30yrs. My parents agreed after a long quarrel, he has father, younger sister n brother. His sister too is in the age of getting married. So he and his father like their daughter to get married first. Then he will marry with me. we are waiting for his sisters marriage from last 3 yrs but his father is not serious for this issue…
    now my parents are tired form waiting and want we get marry first and as soon as possible in this june month as I have a younger brother who is 29yrs. He needs to get married. After a long conversation his father told that let may get over.
    Pls tell me something to agree by his father so that our marriage gets as soon as possible and bless us for happy marriage life and all they give support for this marriage.. Boy and his parents will become ready for this marriage.. this marriage will becomes soon in this 1 month as my parents told us… bcoz my parents are so worried and want to see this marriage as soon as possible bcoz my age is increasing… pls help me…. pls

  234. I’m in love with a guy who is elder to me. I can’t even imagine any other guy in my life. I want to get married to him. How to convince him to get into a relationship with me.? What things do i need to do?

  235. Hello sir, I’m deeply in love with a guy. He is 25 years old and i m 18 years old. He also likes me. Well, he is not getting committed because of our age difference and might have some other reasons,which i’m not aware of. I want him to get committed to me. i want him to fall for me more. We used to talk a lot before but now it’s only once in a month. I dnt things to get ruined more between us. How to make everything right? How to get into a relationship with him?? Please help me sir. please sir.

  236. Plz sir, give me mantra to get proposed by him as soon as possible. Please. I beg you sir.

  237. Hi, Naran Sir, my hubby has got into problems with polite and the court. A girl at his part time work place as a showman has accused him for molest. The case is in July. Pls give me a remedy so the girl must withdraw her case. This is the first time something like that has happen. Stressed! Maybe some angel numbers. I only know 58. Tks.

  238. Sorry, sir forgot to mention i’m from overseas. The police hv also taken bribe from him when she reported 6 months ago. Tq.

  239. I want to train my 2 year old for potty and toilet….had tried a lot but no response plz tel me the remedy

  240. I am 40 yrs old Christian girl. I am having marriage problem. I am not getting my life partner what type of I need

  241. sir am hvng memory problem plz i want excellent memory and intelligence plz suggest me bach flower remedy for this

  242. Hi Sir,

    I’m in love with a person who is from different caste. I’ve told my mother about this but she is against this. And my father will also be against this. Please help me out as neither i want to lose my parents nor the guy whom i’m in love with.

    please help…..

  243. Dear sir..
    I m in love with a guy,he also love me
    we both were trying to get parents aproval..but dont know what happen sudenly he said nw he dnt love me.. sir plz help me.i want him back and marry me. I really love him.

  244. Sir,
    I have a live in relationship with a girl for the past 6 years. Now I love another girl very much and feel that she is finally the one. My girlfriend has agreed to live on her own in one year’s time and I have agreed to provide for her rent and all other expenses till she is financially stable and gets a job. Now my present girlfriend wants to stay with me immediately and i don’t have the heart to ask my live in girlfriend to leave immediately .Please suggest some switchphrase to help solve this problem. I really want the situation resolved without hurting anybody.

  245. Advise me any mantra and how to use it for getting married to the one i love with blessings of family

  246. Dear Sir,

    My husband is actively looking for a overseas job.

    Kindly advice.


  247. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  248. Sir,
    I and my bf love each other a lot,and want to marry. All my family members are ready and have no problem except my dad. He is not ready to listen to me or anyone else and is creating many problems. We both cant live without each other. He has decided not to marry anyone else and so have I but my father will definitely force me for marriage with someone else. Plz help us out. We want to marry soon. Plz help.

  249. Hi guruji,
    I am in a relationship with a boy from past 9yrs. But we are facing multiple problems in our marriage. My family is against us bcz of intercaste and his family is against bcz i am manglik and he is not.we both love each other a lot and want to get married. Now both of the families have started looking out for marriages. Kindly help me so that we can get married


  250. Dear Sir,

    Me and my BF want to marry but my BF’s mother and family is against it. I cannot think of anybody else as my life partner and want to marry him only. They say its all destined, can my destiny be changed as as of now nothing seems to be positive.

    Pls help Sir.. I want to marry him ASAP.

  251. sir,i got marriage proposal.every one said ok to that proposal,except my mother in law,she said that she dont like me.i want her to accept me and i should get marry with him in next 6months.

  252. Hi Naranji, I have filed maintainance casefrim last 2n Half year. Im living with my parents since last 7 Years with my 2 Kids. From 11years of marriage my husbund and inlaws had done so many crimes with me. pThey cheated us. They r griddy also. They beated me so badly so many times. Had not given us any right of marriage. My mother in law father, and sister in laws, husband dont want to give me and my kids any finance. They r asking me for free divorce only. Im ready for divorce. But asking for 1 Time good maintainance and full costudy of children. Now they want to meet And take with them my kids. because they dont want to give me money. They r creating obstacles for me everytime. Thry r doing blackmagic also. So i n kids dont want to keep relation with them. Pl. Show us the way to get rid of it.

  253. I am students who preparing for Exaim of banking. I don’t want to spend more time like 1 and 2 year. plz help

  254. i have boyfriend we love each other but problems come in our marriage cause i am manglik & he is non manglik & my born 13/6/83 & he born 7/8/83 i am elder also and he is not my caste so these 3 problems come in his family to object age i am elder 2. me manglik 3.intercaste &i wish my family members will not against this marriage i want to marriage soon with my boyfriend pl help to remove all obstacle come in the path of our marriage.

  255. i have flat boobs i crossed 31 year i wanna average weight cause i have slim i wish my weight increase i wish my boobs increase upto 34 cup size and wish looks attractive & sexy figure pl help also want increase butt also looks sexy

  256. I want to marry a boy whom I have rejected one month before. But now I want to marry him. Please help. My parent’s now don’t want me to get married with him and that boy and his parents also not going to accept me now I think but I want to marry him . Please help.

  257. Hi
    I met this guy for arranged marriage he said yes and everything was in place but then he starts his studies and wants to get married after 2years how can I get him back and he agrees to get married this year

  258. I’m in love with a boy and we want to marry but there are many obstacles that we are facing..My parents are not sure as well as his parents keep changing their opinions..We want to marry as soon as possible plus there are financial problems also.. I need enough money to make arrangements for the marriage and life beyound even though I’m working but my salary is not suffient.. Please can you give me any mantra to chant which can solve my marriage as well as money problems.. Shall be eagerly waiting for your reply..thank you

  259. Hello sir,i read your blogs n i really need help me n my boyfriend are in a relationship last 4 years n nw v want to marry but boy’s parents are not agree because intercast n now my parents fix my marriage at other place next week plz tell me some chating so my marriage does not fix other place n me n my boyfriend marry with everyone’s blessing as soon as possible plz help me sir

  260. Namaste sir
    I luv a guy and we want to marry this year. But the problem is his elder sisters and mother are against our relationship. They are against my caste. some obstacles are coming from my family too. Sir plz plz suggest me something so that we get marry this year without any obstacles and with the blessings of our parents.. plz plz help me sir

  261. Dear Sir Naranji,

    I Have been in long distance relationship for 2years bt me n my bf hav had many misunderstandings, fights bcoz he doesn’t hav a job and worries becoz our parents wont accept our relationship. I kindly request you to suggest me a way were by my bf gets a job,misunderstandings btwn me n him gets cleared n mi9 n his family agree on relationship.

  262. me n my bf are in relationship for 4 years .he says he has talked to his mom bt they said they want their caste grl. he is also ignoring me now for this reason and saying be friends .please help me with a mantra that cn help me to make his n mine family agree for our relation and to make him feel love for me again . please help me

  263. please helpme am in need ……. please …… my bf mom has seen a grl for him …. n he nw broke with me today …. pls help me …. am writing with u with great hope plwase help me

  264. am feeling like dying please helpme please …….

  265. HI, this is chaitanya..i’m unmarried..i have relationship problem with my boyfriend..we loved so much since 5 yrs..he also loving me alot but he miss understand me for one issue i:e: i talk with one other boy for our jobs,but i told to that person about my family becoz my father is suffering from paralysis i have some family problems so my parants search the matches for me but i love my boyfriend(shiva kumar) very much so,please search a job for him.after that i will told our love matter to my this i told to that person after some days he talk with my boyfrnd(shiva) regarding a job issue..but that job is not confirmed..after a few days i went with my friends for shopping that person also came with us..he bought dresses to my friends but i dont know why he is doing like that and i bought one dress but he pay the money..but i said to him i dont want another money please take ur money back and i gave him money..that shopping matter not told to my boy friend because he feels about ,i hide that matter..after 2 days that person message me like i love you chaitanya,i want this type of girl who knows the family problems,but i know u love ur boyfrnd very much just i’m saying my feeling thats it he messaged me..that message saw by my college friend and she told to my boy friend..he went to attempt suicide..i said him number of times i dont love that person i love you only but he didn’t care that words..that unknown person also talk with my boyfrnd and said lie about me she also love me and we went for shopping also you dont know that matter?..he talk like that with my boyfriend..i cried alot i hide that matter becoz u hurt after i say that but i cant done any mistake with him please trust me i love u shiva..but he told me like i trust you alot but you cheat me..and change his number..i said to my boyfriend please meet me once infront ofme and talk with me you dont talk with me on phone come to me i will prove you with that person is pl aying dramas with my life and love.. since one year i’m waiting for my lover shiva..i can’t live with out him..he could n’t respond to my phone,messages,e-mails but im he will change and hw to trust me i’m not contact with that person,and my college friend.. my life is totally spoil but my parents love me and hopes about me..some times i want to die with this problems please suggest me i want shiva kumar in my life..please give a suggestion help me..all are happy at present except me..i want my love back please help me? my parents are looking matches for me because my father is suffering from paralysis he lost his job..i have 3 elder sisiters they got married.. i dont have any brothers to help my love..please naran ji help me how can he change and i want to meet and talk him once i cant imagine any one in my life..i want shiva kumar only..give some remedies to change our miss understandings and come with me with love and i want marry with him only please help me..he had 2 elder brothers they also not married he is the small son in his we want to settle in good job and he comeback with love and get marry with me infront of both parents permission ..please help me

  266. please naranji reply me how i get my love back please help me i’m waiting for him since one year please i cant live with out him please save my life..

  267. naranji please help me please give me a to come back my lover please help me

  268. pratiksha Asthana

    Pratiksha Asthana
    sir, I have 4 year’s relationship with a boy and he loves me a lot but from last year he start ignoring me bcoz his mother and sister don’t like me so he don’t force his family abd now we broke up but i want him back in my life as my husband plz help me..

  269. naranji please give solution to my problem please…sir i’m waiting here for ur position is very serious..i want my boyfrnd(shive kumar)in my life please sir help me..

  270. when you r give solution to me naranji after my death u r giving reply ha please naranji please help me give some remedi to my love

  271. namaste sir,
    I am facing so many problem in my life. Whatever i want to achive that always go away from my life. I got my interested job in MNC but i lost it in 4 to 5 month. I requested to my director also but no will help me to save my job. 3 years back one boy has proposed me for marry life that i accepted. After sometime some misunderstanding creates between us. For beginning he understand my words and my feeling and solve it. But this time he is go away from life. I dont want to lose him. I want he would be my life partner forever. Whatever i want to that always go away from my side and cant save my choice. Plz help me i think u can help me as soon as possible.

  272. Namastey pandit ji…I’m jobless and even after trying for the govt as well as pvt jobs I am getting nothing ..please tell me what should I do?

  273. Tina malhotra

    good afternoon
    this is Tina Malhotra ,i just went through your work really impressed by your ways of healing,by angel numbers,flower therapy……i truly believe in angels, i want to seek your help.
    my husband,rajiv suspects me ,has no faith n belief in me,restricts me ,is always questioning me,spks bad abt me infront of my parents n everybody because of this i have been black listed.he is tooooo much towards his family(elder brother,sister n father )i have my own business which i started abt 2 years back but i am unable to expand it because of the above said reasons.i am not even financially independent,cant take decisions ……I FEEL SUFFOCATED . i want my husband to trust me ,stop restricting me.i want respect in the society n my husband ,to expand n grow my business,establish and b financially independent. i love to travel abroad but just bcos of the above reasons n financial dependence ,it depends on my husbands will….even if he takes me n my son abroad he will make us realise every minute . i want to TRAVEL A LOT ,ITS MY PASSION……please HELP!!!!

  274. I need a person that is blocking my love and me from being together. I loved him as a teenager and now back in contact 34 years later but there is someone in the way. we still have many feelings for each other. I need this person to go away.I also need a new job in a new town and a place to live there. I am starting over. Main thing is that I need a certain person out of his life.

  275. Tejbir Kaur Gill

    Hello sir, in short my problem is I want a government job in kv school for this I have already fill the online application and working hard for this, to sit in written test and after that interview. In the mean while my parents want to get marry becausei am almost 27 but I want my career first please help me. And second thing is that I really want to marry with an indian army officer please help me, please sir. Thanks sir I hope u will reply soon.thanks a lot sir.

  276. Sir ,for past few years I am trying to get a good plot of land for residence. But it is not happening . Suggest me a powerful upay

  277. Hello naran sir,

    I am in big confusion. I have an elder brother, age 32,we are searching for alliance for his marriage for some or other reason it gets stopped. I am not sure if he likes some one but I feel he likes someone. We got a good match for him now but he is not completely agreeing for it.. Stil marriage is not fixed. I like a guy taught once my bro gets married then can talk about my marriage either of the way there is no happiness at home.. Please suggest me so that my bro gets a good and happy married life

  278. Sir.
    My bf is facing a problem regarding study and job he had done with his graduation but he has not get good percentage now he wants to do job or mba also and another thing is we have a good relationship but I want this bond more stronger so that nobody can come between us. Help me sir

  279. naranji please give solution to my problem please…sir i’m waiting here for ur position is very serious..i want my boyfrnd(shiva kumar)in my life please sir help me..


  281. respected naranji ,plz help me i struggled a lot my first marriage divorced and now after 10 years delayed i found one boy i have relation with him of 5 years around i really really by heart and soul want to marry him but he giving me excuse .i love him a lot even he too and care a lot but plz help me and him to get me marry as soon . i pray to god a lot ,plz guide me with my worse time so that i can marry at right time .plz plz help me ….

  282. Please help me.
    I have been married for three years and nothing seems to work husband is nice but only problem is his ego and anger in useless things.he gets worried for every small thing.and recently we brought a house but there is some problem in that too from my fathers side.everything seems broken now am really shattered I never expected my father to weigh money above me and my life.please help me..I don’t want any grudge in my husbands heart for my dad.please suggest me some sw so I can be happy and in peace and abundance forever.thanks

  283. Dear Naranji

    Please suggest me how to use the number 58, as i have gone through your blog. I am in deep troubles.

  284. srutha keerthi

    Respected Naran sir,
    We are from a traditional family from Andhra. My younger sister is in love with one boy of other caste. Our parents does not agree for the marriage. My sister is not willing to forget that boy and marry according to parents wish. Please suggest a solution for this.

  285. Dear sir,

    Pleae help me to find a guy, handsome, smart, loving, caring, well educated, well mannered and well principled guy should like and love me and get married to me.

    I am not able to find the right match. Most of the times the marrige talks come to final stage and are stopped.

    The guy who loved me also did the same at the last moment he changed his mind.

    I am not able to make any decision of my life i am in confused state please help me and suggest me to get married and lead a good life

    Please sir i request you to suggest me and help me.

    Thank you,

  286. M in love with a boy but his parents not agreeing for our marriage because of inter caste. PLS suggest me to make his n my parents to agree me to get marry with him as soon as possible. And also remove all obstacles.. pls help me

  287. Sir I want to get my boyfriend back pls help me

  288. Hi their is a problem coming in my sisters marriage and i m really worried about it as well as my family its usually happened that the thing is either getting fizzled out at the time of patri watching or at last minute …please suggest something so that these obstacles don’t come in future

  289. I like your all remedies sir ,thanks a lot for giving us or showing a good way to success in life.

  290. sir pleas help me for my love marriage

  291. My parents have been trying for a suitabl groom for my elder sister for about 4 yrs. But from nowhere we got positive response. Is there any solution?

  292. Dear sir I am in love with a guy for last 6 years.with lots of struggle we somehow managed to convinced our parents, but now our kundli are not matching so his parents have denied for our marriage, kindly give some solution, so that we can get happily married with our parents blessing and live happily afterwards

  293. Dear sir
    i m looking for a good job from last 3 yrs bt every time i fail..
    I need to find a job urgently but I am confused what type of job to apply for that will suit me too..
    I feel full of fear that I am not good enough. Due to hesitation and not giving the right image I don’t get the job. There is some resistance/block deep within me to finding and accepting a job.Please advise how I can clear my past experience and release fears and feelings of inadequacy.
    i hv done my post graduation with 1st class in 2012.. also i hv completed many courses.
    i m getting tired now …i apply everytime bt not shortlisted..
    pls help me to get the job and removing all types of obstacles in my carrier
    Thank you very much

  294. My name is mohit i love a girl but she doesnt love me plz tell me remedies to get her love

  295. I am facing problem in getting married.Dnt knw what to do.I read hanuman chalisa daily at night n write ram name also.Please suggest something to remove obstacle in getting married?

  296. sir i m geeta.sir i love someone.and i want to marry him.but before marry him i want he became settled.sir plz give me chants to make the marriage date postpone.plz help me sir.

  297. sir married for 5 yrs , but childless. what to do

  298. Rithambara .J.S

    Dear sir

    This is Rithambara , I am in a love with a person , more over we are living is each others heart, Me and My lover Mr.Umesh approched to our parents but they are not ready for love marriage but we both need parents blessing and we need to get marry happily in front of all the relatives so please our parents and relatives need to accept us soon and we neet to get marry happily , Please bless with us chant …

  299. I love my boyfriend we are too much love each other last 15th years, but now one 28th young girl comes between us and back up my relationship. How can I get back my boyfriend from his another girlfriend?

  300. Namaskar Sir..I want to marry a boy..problem is his family is not agreeing for marriage and they are unnecessary delaying it..boy doesn’t have much courage to against them..I have been waiting for past 9 years for him..every time some problem occurs and his family refuses and delay it. Give me a remedy and how to do it.

  301. Hello naranji
    Please let me know the remedy,my in laws family keep bringing my name in everything like fights etc and keep finding faults and jealous from to stop them to accusing me.
    Thanks & regards

  302. I am in love with a rich Muslim girl.both parents not support us. But we are going to Register marriage and then go to my freinds distance place.please tell which mantra I chant to successful it.

  303. My parents are not ready to accept my request for marriage with my boyfriend.
    His family is ready and we are together since past 9 years. I don’t want to marry anyone else. Please help me what to do and how to convince them?

  304. Sir I am in love with a guy called Sharath, he likes me a lot but due to issues with me even talking to other boys he has become very aggressive. He thinks am not serious about relationship with him and also because of my friends this has become even more worse. I am doing my PhD which demands more time is Lab and could not give him time whenever he calls on phone.Due to this long distance relationship cant meet him frequently as my boss and other seniors of me wont permit me. My college days everything was fine but now things have changed. Because he isnt much educated he feels insecure that i would change my mind to marry someone educated. He has gone today in seek of a girl for marriage today. Am feeling very bad, my situation has become worse, he talks really bad about me. I still like him a lot its difficult to imagine anyone else in his place.Please help me stop him and i would like to lead a good life with him please helpme.

  305. My elder sister’s marriage date has been fixed. But there exists so much mismatchment between two families. The members of groom’s family and also groom are dwmanding more and more although the demands were settled down before fixing marriage. our relatives are also showing unwillingness to attend marriage considering silly dispute

  306. Dear Naran sir,

    I am stuck in the huge Financial Debts, I am not able to come out of it, almost 80% of earnings are used t pay the loan, i tried my hand in some business with few friends and i got cheated, I tried my luck in agriculture i am under loss, and my marriage life is also not so good, my wife doesnt like my parents and my sisters,
    please help me sir.

  307. Hello sir, I have a good friend but after he talked with another girl he refuses to talk, call, msg and he is not even seeing. What ever he said to me. He is doing for her. She seperated me and my friend. its hurting me lot sir. He wants to avoid her and again talk to me as before. Please help sir. Am doing forgiveness exercises but till now i didnt get result.

  308. Hello sir, my brother’s wife filed 498a .she live with him onlu for 2.5 months. Then went to her father home. They blackmailed us for rupees.we had given 10lk as their demand. After that they filed case against my brother and parents. What to do to get out of this soon and safely.

  309. hello sir,i am Assistant Professor in one Engineering College.I want the job of good salary.please suggest me some remedy to get the job of high salary.

  310. Hello Sir,

    I am appearing for my UPSC exam in June 2017. In past also, I have appeared but couldn’t clear mainly due to lack of concentration. But now the situation has changed, as I am heading towards divoce now and want this job badly.
    Please guide me for the exam and to find some sensible man for resettlement who could loves me unconditionally.

    Please GUIDE sir…

    Dr. Nav

  311. Dear Sir,
    I’m in love with my cousin for past 3 years. My parents have started looking for marriage proposals. He is having an elder brother who has to get married but due to some dhoshas his marriage is getting delayed. Their parents are strictly against love marriage. But we want to get married with our parents blessings. He haven’t got properly settled so I’m ready to wait for him. Plese suggest me some chanting to overcome the obstacles and to get married to him.

  312. Dear Sir,
    One person is spreading bad rumors on our family and he is spreading news that we are not good. He is saying that he will not allow to get married . He calls the girls parents and spreads that they are not good. Please do not move further. Till he breaks relationship he calls. We got information from the same person when we called as bride brother. I don’t know what to do. Please help me in this regard. Since my brothers need to get married as soon as possible. Please provide solution.

  313. Sir,
    First marriage was failed and divorced by court. I searching girls alliance for second marriage. But delaying. Already my age is moving. Suitable alliance not found and delayed. While fixing, the alliance broken due to several ways. Financial problems such as debt burden is also creating problem for me. Sir, please suggest me for quick marriage and solve financial problems.. Please sir,

  314. sir
    i am suffering from crohn’s disease. kindly help

  315. Preya Gunjan

    i want to marry with my boyfriend but his parents are not agreeing. The have find other girl for his son please help asap i’m worried i request you to please help me. .

  316. Hi sir
    I read most of comments and feels so glad for rply u gave to all..!
    I have alot questions sir sorry to bother,
    1. I need to be peace and happywid satisfied lyf which am dreaming.
    2. I need to get marriage for my love of my lyf but somehw its an 8yrs of relationship but for his nonsense behaviour he made in 4yrs back by challenging to one spirit when he is in clge lyf, from that tym he is behaving so rude wid me, using bad wrds for me, beating, scolding, ruling me, but he dnt want leave me and i knw he loves me more so i need our love wants to be happy lyk i need we both hav to repsct eachothers emotions and feelings.
    3. Since he is most anger i need him to be calm only in me amd my parents matter, cz of his anger he is not getting job, if he got also he is leaving dat after 2 mnths, he is BE from mechanical stream and he hav gud knwldge also so he wants to get job based on his qualification or govt job so that he will get dare to come and ask my parents for our marriage.
    4.we dnt have dare to talk wid our parents about our love but our age is same 26 and he is not yet settled and he is not havng dare to come and talk so kindly he need to get a job wid gud package and happy job designation, so dat he will come and talk,
    5. I need to get a job which am dreaming and my needs within 2 mnths, cz presently am in notice period cz my process is getting closed so.
    6. Within 2 or 3 mnths i need to get a news as our parents accept our love, nd wen in a month i need him to come and talk wid my parents, wen he asked my parents as to accept him without making a harsh, cz 6yrs back wen we r in 20’s we talked and dat tym its becum to rude so we dnt want to repeat it as b4 so, wen we r talking wid our parents i need to accept so easily, and we all have to come out from fighting mood to haopy mood wid respecting all eachothers emotions and feelings
    I need to get marriage wid my parents supprt, i need happy, deserved marriage wid respecting eachother throughout the lyf, we both need a job as to lead the happy lyf which we need and dreaming., Our love life is lyk a hell so hvng fear and praying to make it as heaven love and married lyf so

    I dont knw is dis gud talk lyk dis or explanation may feel bouring sorry but am asking dat i need peacefull, happy, satisfied lyf wid healthy and wealthy as of now and in future tooo as a lover and wife of my love 🙏🏻 plzzzzzz

    • And am facing alopecia areta prblm frm 1 yrs and now am bald head as a girl. Bt i love my previous hair cz it was long silky shinny hair so i need my hair back tooo, i need my previous look, am missing my look frm 2 yrs, i need to get my health and persnlity as b4 wt i am , long hair wid slim look 😉 healthy lyf

  317. sir
    i am suffering from crohn’s disease. kindly help

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